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Chapter 1 ~ An Unexpected Chance

Bella POV – March 2010

"Put. It. Down. Now." I emphasize each word slowly. "Johnny, put the paintbrush down and hand Hammy to me this instant!"

Hammy the hamster, how original.

I breathe in through my nose as I struggle to control my temper. This is not me: I am not this angry, impatient person. Well, not usually. I'm twenty-one years old and work at a daycare/kindergarten center, Funky Monkey. Normally I work in the office, helping out with admin or anything else personnel may need. Since Mrs. Lewis fell and sprained her ankle, I have been helping out by supervising her class of four year olds. Luckily, the sprain isn't bad and she should be back in two weeks at the most.

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