(These characters such as Aya, Touya, Aki, Yuuhi and the basic story of the show Ceres, does not belong to me. I do not own them, but Yue Watase does. This is a story showing my love of the show and Yue Watase's work. Enjoy.)


Chapter 1 - Baby's On It's Way

Aya sat in her favorite lawn chair on the outskirts of her little cottage next to the sea. She and Touya moved their to start a new life, and a family. Aya rubbed her stomach softly and hummed a song from her days as a regular high school student, when her friends treated her and her brother to karoke. She hummed the Scarlet song as if she visioned herself back in the karoke room, arguing with her brother on having a boyfriend. "Aki.........." Aya whispered, feeling a cold tear flow down her eye. The day was hot and Aya could feel the sweat forming on her brow. The trees above her weren't giving much help to the sun's blaze as Aya began to break down in tears. She screamed Aki's name, holding her hands to her ears, as Aki's death repeated itself in her head. Aya then threw her arm in the air, her hand clenched in a fist. She then began to smash her fist down on her stomach towards her baby, Aya not even knowing. She went into these phases where she would just lose it, and be agressive without thinking. Aya screamed a bloodcurdling scream as she brought her fist towards her stomach, but her hand was soon stopped by a firm grip on her wrist.

"Aya.........." Slowly opening her eyes, Aya looked through to a watery scene of the ocean, and looked slowly to her right. Touya was kneeled to her side, holding firmly yet lovingly her wrist to keep her from hitting her stomach. Touya had his best light blue tunic blouse on, and a pair of dark blue jeans. He had his dark sunglasses on top of his head as his hair brushed across his eyes. "Touya........What......what was I just doing here?" Aya questioned, peering at her fist, as it was angled to where her child was beared. Aya sighed deeply and calmed herself down, as Touya sat next to her, holding her in his arms. He took in the smell of her hair and rubbed her arm slowly. "You were thinking of Aki again, weren't you?" Touya asked. Aya felt tears returning to her eyes, as she gripped Touya's sleeve tightly. "I just can't accept it......Aki's gone....just like that.......I can't accept it."

"No one's asking you to. It's hard to just let it go.....no one's expecting you to."

"But......I'm trying to hurt our baby........I go off without thinking. I could end up killing it."

"Aya, don't think of such things. It's too hot out here for you. Come into the cool house and relax. You could use some sleep....."

Aya smiled at Touya as he slowly brought his lips down to her. They shared a passionate kiss, as Touya helped Aya up and bring her slowly into the house. Their cottage was a cozy getaway from the big cities they once knew in Tokyo. Tokyo Bay was their new dwelling and it suited them qite well. Yuuhi and Suzumi weren't far away, so they were always able to visit. Aya's baby was three days overdue, and Touya paid exclusive attention to her since then.

Touya placed her on her bed softly, as Aya immedialty upon touching the pillow fell into a deep sleep. He brushed her hair back, which was still just above her shoulders, and lowered the shades in her room. "Sleep well, Aya." Touya whispered, closing the door softly behind him. As Touya did that, a sudden knock came at the door. Touya opened it to notice three familair faces. "I should've guessed."


"So......how is Aya doing?" Suzumi asked, sipping her tea. Touya had them sit in the livingroom. There he sat at the head of the room in his favorite armchair, as Suzumi, Yuhhi and Mrs. Q sat around him. He had tea served in the middle of the coffee table, as he handed them each a cup. "She's doing fine. She still seems to get into her abusive tantrums while thinking of Aki." Touya answered back, handing Mrs. Q her tea. "It was most difficult on her. Losing a brother in such a small time. But the worst is over. Ceres has returned to the heavens and now you may live a normal life." Suzumi assured Touya. Yuuhi was quiet as he watched his tea swirl slowly in his cup.

"It won't be normal for long." Yuuhi whsipered. Suzumi and the others brought their attention to the quiet Yuuhi. "Mr. Yuuhi, why do you say that?" Mrs. Q asked. "Touya knows what I mean......" Yuhhi then cried out. Yuuhi had jumped up from his seat, and dropped his cup of tea. The anger showed in his eyes, as his hands trembled. "No matter what anyone says, by the time your child turns two or three, you will no longer be here for Aya." Yuuhi yelled. Touya kept his eyes to the floor, knowing Yuuhi spoke the truth. "Yuuhi, you've said enough!" Suzumi yelled.

"I don't believe I have!" Yuuhi yelled back. He paced to the fireplace that stood in front of the livingroom. "Aya will be all alone with that baby.....because your no longer part of the hagoromo known as love, it's shorten your life."

"Even though that is true......there is no way I can prevent it." Touya answered back. "Yes, there is!" Yuuhi screamed. "Mr. Yuuhi, please, Miss Aya is resting." Mrs. Q replied. Suzumi raised herself from her seat on the couch and turned to Yuuhi. "Now is not the time. Yuuhi, now is when Touya may savor every moment of everyday he has left with Aya. Even though he has short time to live, as long as he could spend them with the one he loves that would satisfy him. You must understand."

"I can't! This is Aya! Her brother is dead! How do you think she'll be when her beloved leaves her alone! After everything she's been through, do you think she can deal with more heartache??"

"I know I can't." Aya whispered from her bedroom. Everyone sharply turned their heads to face Aya, who was standing in the doorway of her bedroom. Her head was resting on the door panel, her hadn resting on her stomach. She had heard everything they said, and even though she had a smile on her face, tears fell from her eyes. "I know....I couldn't handle the heartbreak. But with this child......I'm happy to be bearing Touya's child. I wouldn't have it any other way. I know Touya will soon leave me, but for now, as Suzumi said......I must cherish the time we have together. I act as though everyhting is going nromally, and I don't think twice of it."

"Aya........" Touya whispered. Yuuhi peered down, feeling bad for mouthing off the way he did. He only did it because he cared for them, and he wanted to make sure they were happy. He, above everyone else, worried most about Touya's death. Aya made her way towards them in the livingroom, as her legs trembled. Suzumi and Touya ran to her to help her across the room. "Aya! Hold on to us! Are you alright?" Suzumi questioned. "Is something wrong, Aya?" a worried Touya asked, gripping his hand with Aya's. Aya simply smiled, and laid on Touya's shoulder. "Touya........"

"Yes, Aya?"

"It's time. Our wait is over."

"Aya! You mean??"

"Yes, my love. My water just broke. Our baby is coming."