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Chapter Six - Another Celestial Tale

Time had passed since Suzumi's talk with Ceres. Two months in fact. At that time, Ari had grown up quite a bit. Like Touya, he had inherited a fast pace of aging. In just two months, he already had grown to his two year old stage. His hair grew in, showing his blonde streaks and tips of purple from Touya. He was incredibly active, and almost left Aya out of breath. Aya enjoyed having him grow up a little more each day, so that Touya may have the chance to see him grow happy. The chance, Aya thought, would not be possible. Ari couldn't really speak yet, but certain words were available, whether he mimicked them or they came from hearing them over. Aya had began to feel herself get stronger the past two months, and regain her figure. Aya hadn't heard from Ceres, and she preferred if it stayed that way.


"ARI!! What have I told you! Don't play with Mommy's clothes!!" Aya called out. Ari sat upon her bed, with one of Aya's bras on top his head and at least three other pairs of clothes, clutched in his hands. He started laughing as Aya took the clothes away and put them back into the drawers. She was getting ready to go out with Touya, while Suzumi, Yuuhi and Mrs. Q decided to stay and baby-sit. Aya had her hair up in a fancy updo and a cute black dress. She returned to her mirror and began putting on her earrings, while Ari watched with interest to his mother getting ready. Still with the bra on top of his head, Ari began giggling and laughing again. "Aya, are you ready to go?" Touya yelled out, as he entered their bedroom. "Just one more minute." she replied, fixing and touching up her makeup. Touya was dressed in a fancy dark blue dress shirt and black pants. He looked over at Ari, who cooed and reached for his dad to pick him up. "Daddy! Daddy!" Ari repeated through soft coos and laughter. Touya laughed silently, as he pulled the bra softly off Ari's head. "Well, this looks familiar." Touya joked, hanging it in front of him. "TOUYA!!!" Aya screamed, she quickly grabbed the bra from Touya, as her face blushed a soft pink and laughed. "Stop that! It's not my fault if he gets into my clothes and bras! And watch what you say around our son, Touya!" Aya replied sweetly, twitching Touya's nose. As Touya laughed and bent down to kiss Aya, Ari interrupted. "BRA! BRA! BRA! MOMMY BRA!!" Ari replied, laughing and cooing even more. Aya looked to her son as a teardrop fell aside her head. "Thank you for proving my point, Ari!" she replied, picking up Ari in her arms. A few seconds later, the doorbell rang as Touya made his way to get it. Aya stayed behind to finish up and keep Ari with her.

Touya opened the door to see only Mrs. Q and Suzumi at the door. Suzumi bowed to Touya, as did Mrs. Q. "Your just in time." Touya replied. "But....where's Yuuhi?" he asked, letting them step in. "It seems Mr. Yuuhi is practicing hitting people with wooden sticks." Mrs. Q replied, feeling quite sure of herself. Suzumi sighed heavily. "Mrs. Q, I told you, that's not it! Yuuhi had to go to his first meeting at his Kendo Team at his school. He'll be by here later this evening." Touya nodded his understanding, as Aya was heard walking in the living room. "Suzumi! Mrs. Q!! Your here!!" Aya embraced Mrs. Q and Suzumi warmly, and she handed Ari to Touya. "Thank you so much for babysitting tonight. It's been awhile since Touya and I have been out alone." Suzumi smiled sweetly, as she brushed a hair from Aya's cheek and rested her hand there. "Don't mention it. You look beautiful. Don't rush home tonight, okay. Take your time and enjoy." Suzumi whispered, as she walked over and took Ari from Touya's arms. "Now get out of here." Suzumi joked, as Ari laughed in her arms. Aya nodded a thank you, as did Touya, as they both walked out and waved goodbye. They both entered Touya's car, and rode off, as Suzumi and Mrs. Q watched them leave from the doorway.

"Mrs. Q?" "Yes, Miss Suzumi?" "Would you mind making some tea? Tonight is going to be a long one." Suzumi laughed. Mrs. Q laughed as well, as she walked in the kitchen to make some fresh tea. Suzumi walked over to the living room with Ari, and sat on the sofa next to the glowing flames of the fireplace. She bounced Ari on her knee, and watched him giggle. She smiled, seeing that Ari had a chance of growing up in love and peace. She ran her fingers through his hair, and kissed his forehead. She held him close and looked into the flames, as they dance upon the lightly lit living room walls. She sighed, and looked back to Ari. "Ari?" Suzumi replied. Ari looked up at Suzumi, eyes wide and curious as he smiled. "Would you like to hear a story?" Ari just squealed a yes, as Suzumi laughed and held him closer to her. "It's an old tale my mother told me. It's about a young celestial being. A boy of about eight years in age, yet was much older then he appeared. You might like it." With another bit of laughter and giggles form Ari, Suzumi began her story.


"Long ago, before Ceres's tale, there was an even greater legendary celestial being named Persian. He was more of a guardian legend of the heavens, and would watch over the world to help heal. That was his power. Healing and the power of that equal to Ceres. But he was thought of as special. You see, Ari, Persian was blind. Although his eyes were opened, they had a bluish and grayish glaze to them, yet you could never tell by his fighting ability. His hair was silver and spiked, yet pieces laid over his eyes. He was thin, and only wore a white vest and pants made of silk. He wore metallic armbands that were said to be part of his power. He was truly a good willed angel of the heavens, and related to Ceres. He is the uncle to Ceres, and our celestial ancestor. But to you, he is more like a brother. Why is he so legendary you ask?" "You see, not only had Persian help save the world more then its share before.....Persian was the protector of the celestial harem of angels, including Ceres. He was there watching over the maidens as they were washing themselves in the pool of water. He was their chaperone you could say, and he was responsible to take the angels safely back home. But since Ceres was left behind with her hagoromo taken, Persian was held responsible. He was punished and imprisoned in the secluded part of the underworld, and stays there, accepting his punishment. But still, he is known as the strongest and most loyal celestial being of all time. Now, it is said that he holds back the evil of hell with his great power and love for God. He proves his loyalty, even after his harsh punishment." Ari looked up at Suzumi with his eyes wide in interest and with deep thought. Suzumi laughed at Ari's expression as she rubbed his head sweetly. "Well, you probably don't understand much of the tale, but it seems to have affected you......just don't tell your Mom what I told you." she laughed, as Ari began giggling and flailing his arms around. Mrs. Q then came walking in with a tray of tea, as she looked over at Suzumi playing with Ari. She smiled sweetly, and placed the tray down on the coffee table, and took a seat next to Suzumi. "Why, Miss Suzumi, you look like a natural mother with little Ari there." she replied, taking her cup of tea. Suzumi smiled as she laid Ari closer to her to rest on her chest. "I've always wondered.....if things turned out differently...maybe I could've had a child with my beloved." Mrs. Q's smile faded, as she looked upon Suzumi with concerned vigil over her face. Suzumi sighed softly, as Ari looked upon her face with curious eyes before he softly dozed off to sleep. "Miss Suzumi...." Mrs. Q replied, but she was cut off short due to the hard knocking at the door. "You stay put with little Ari, Miss Suzumi, I'll get it."

Mrs. Q hurried to the door, and opened it to see none other then Yuuhi. He was out of breath, and dripping with sweat. His kendo bag was slung over his shoulder, and his gray sweat suit was wet with sweat. Mrs. Q almost jumped back in dismay at Yuuhi's appearance. "Why, Mr. Yuuhi!! What happened?" she cried out, as Yuuhi stomped in and walked into the living room. Mrs. Q shut the door quickly behind her, and followed Yuuhi into the kitchen. Suzumi stood up with Ari still in her arms sleeping, and looked worryingly towards Yuuhi. Yuuhi slumped down on the sofa, with his hands over his face, as Suzumi approached him. "Yuuhi....? What's wrong?" she asked, placing her hand upon his shoulder. Yuuhi screamed out and threw his hands in the air. "WHY DO I ATTRACT THESE PSYCHOPATHIC GIRLS??" Yuuhi screamed, sending Suzumi jumping back, as Mrs. Q became frightened herself. Ari woke up and broke into tears over Yuuhi's outburst, as Suzumi tried to calm him down. "YUUHI!! You idiot!" Suzumi replied, slapping him behind the head, and making him hurtle forward. Yuuhi whimpered a bit as he held his head. Suzumi scoffed angrily. "Here you were making em think something was seriously wrong! Now, I have to put Ari to bed!" she replied, stomping in anger towards Ari's bedroom.

Yuuhi rubbed the back of his head, and whimpered. Mrs. Q walked over to him and handed him a hot cup of tea. "Mr. Yuuhi, what ever is bothering you so?" Yuuhi sighed deeply, as he ran over to the large front window and looked back and forth furiously as if searching for someone. Mrs. Q looked at Yuuhi with confusion, as a sweat drop rolled off the side of his head. Yuuhi closed the curtains of the window and took a long sip of his tea. "THIS GIRL JUST WON'T GIVE UP!"

"What girl, Mr. Yuuhi? What are you talking about?"

Yuuhi returned to his seat, to try and calm his nerves. "This girl in my kendo class. Her name is Megumi Ketaka. She's really good, perhaps the best kendo fighter in class next to yours truly of course." he explained. As he was speaking, Suzumi returned from the bedroom and closed the door behind her. "Don't sound so conceited, Yuuhi." Suzumi replied, making her way to the living room to join them. "Is Ari ok?" Yuuhi asked. "He'll be fine. You just startled him...and for what is what I would like to know." she demanded, taking a seat across from the sofa in Touya's loveseat.

"Well, Megumi is attracted to me and she really likes me you know, but I really don't feel anything for her. This girl just won't take a hint!" Mrs. Q found it necessary for her to interrupt. "Oh, Mr. Yuuhi, I would figure that straight forward girls would be your thing!"

"MRS Q!! I'm no guy whore you know! I do have morals!" Yuuhi yelled out loud, as Mrs. Q giggled to herself. Suzumi clamed them down, and took another cup of tea. "Finish Yuuhi." she asked. "Well, she doesn't leave me alone! She's obsessive, and it doesn't bother her that I just want her as a friend. So, she was following me all the way home today, hugging me, tickling me and even asked if she could come inside. I immedialty hit the road and ran the rest of the way here. She's psychotic, I'm telling you!!" Yuuhi replied, finally calming down. Suzumi sighed that sigh she does when she's emotionally drained. "Yuuhi, your hopeless! Crying over a little girl obsession! You make something out of nothing."



Outside of Aya and Touya's house, Megumi was still outside. She stood behind the large bushes, with her arms crossed. She had short black hair that surrounded her face in curls, and she wore a school uniform from a local highschool. She had a special earring stud that lead a chain from her earlobe to a collar on her neck. She smiled wickedly, as her pale skin glimmered in the moonlight. Her hazel eyes twinkled as she laughed. "Dearest Yuuhi...you're so helpful. I know I can always depend on the man I love." She scanned the house, and started to walk away. She then stopped and looked over her shoulder back at the house. "Your time will come, Aya Mikage. Enjoy your family and friends while you can....you never know when he'll take them away. Now that I know where you are...it will only be that much quicker to have you under his every whim." Megumi blew a kissed and winked towards the house. "Thanks, Yuuhi. You will be awarded for your helpfulness. Until then, keep being beautiful."

TO BE CONTINUED.................

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