Disclaimer: All characters from DBZ belongs to Toriyama ;)


The TV speaker turned to the last player, a young man with mid-long black hair, while the ads were ending.

"Warning, this is your latest chance. You are risking a lot! Actually, no one every reached your level", he said to the young man, "You can still stop here and get your 500.000 $"

"uh... I stay", the young man replied calmly with a nice smile.

An "APPLAUD" signed appeared and the Audience acted as if they cheered up the decision of the young man.

"OK, this young man is really strong-minded, I like that", the TV speaker added with a broad and charming smile to the camera. His teeth were so white that they were probably fake. "I'm going to ask you the last question. Are you ready?", he added.

"Yeah", the young man replied, moving a black lock of hair from his face in a smooth gesture.

"Thank you", the TV speaker retorted with a smile that was supposed to display relief. "Another answer would have make me feel really bad. So, the question is..."

He marked a pause while the orchestra was making some dramatic hit. The TV speaker 'morphed' his face into a worried expression. "Ah, I think that one is really hard... Okie, what are all the words starting with the letter 'A' in the Larousse Dictionary 1994."

The young man took a deep breath during which he looked like he was gathering his thoughts, the atmosphere tensed. Then he started "A, aa, AAA, ab, aback, abandon, abashed, abate, abattoir, abbey, ..."

A few seconds afterwards...

"..., axis, axle, axe, age, azabe, and... I hesitate... hmm... azzore!"

"SPLEEEEEEEEEENDIIIIIIIIIIID !!!!!", the TV Speaker yelled in his microphone. This time, his awe was not fake. "The jury made me a sign that it was right!"

He turned to the young man, "You just won 5.000.000$ !!! So, happy?"

The young man simply replied, "uh, yes... I'd like to say "hello" to my sister"

"Of course, it's natural", the TV speaker replied, wiping his forehead of the sweat resulting from the previous tension of the show.

A few days later...

"Honestly, Cyborg17, don't you think you did a little bit too much, there?", Cyborg18 turned her brother, scowling.

"No", he replied with his usual calm and firm tone, "humans have just to create games less stupid. And anyway, with all the money I got, I'll sure be able to produce the new Terminator 4 movie, it's already that!", he added with a grin.



How that "I need a life" ? ;D