Synopsis: Lelouch was grief stricken by Nunally's death. As Suzaku tried to help him, Lelouch sought comfort from someone he didn't want Suzaku to know. Suzaku was also keeping a secret from Lelouch. There's just things that not even best friends know.

Rated M for mature contents, but no lemons. Just some suggestive scenes.

AU: No geass. No Brittania. Just the ordinary world.

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Some Things Best Friend Shouldn't Know


The boy didn't budge. He seemed to be lost inside his own mind.

"Lelouch", Suzaku said once again, still in the same soft tone, but louder this time.

Lelouch jerked on his seat. But he managed to smile at Suzaku. He's smiling but his eyes couldn't lie.

It just broke Suzaku's heart.

"What is it, Suzaku?"

"It's already late. Let's go home."

Lelouch and Suzaku were doing some assignments for the Student Council. The others had gone home. The prez made a lame excuse and was the first to go home.


They both packed their bags and walked out of school.

Lelouch doesn't seem well. He's not over it yet.

Grief stricken by Nunally's death, Lelouch clearly hadn't let go of her yet. He lost a couple of kilos, making him look like a walking stick. He often looked like in daze. A couple of times the teachers caught him staring at nothing in the lessons.

Nobody laughed at him.

His grades were still at the top. He studied to make his mind busy. But sometimes he just lost concentration. And his mind would go to Nunally.

Suzaku grieved over Nunally's death as much as Lelouch does. He loved her like his own sister. Who wouldn't love her? Suzaku thought.

I know, I'll go to Lelouch's house to cook something special. I'll ask the Prez, Shirley, Rivalz-everyone-to come.


Suzaku stopped. He forgot that today he had a part time job.

A part time job that even Lelouch didn't know.