As Suzaku walked his way home, he thought about the night.


He feels something about C.C. Something he didn't know. It's different from the way he feels about Lelouch.

Yet, he didn't even know how he feels about him.

He tried to untangle the mixed emotions inside him. The effort failed. But he did figure out one thing: there is sadness in both Lelouch's and C.C.'s eyes.

Maybe that's what attracts him to C.C.?

Feeling tired, he shook off the thoughts.


"What's wrong?"

There's a hint of concern in C.C.'s voice.

Suzaku looked at her. It had been two weeks since they first met. She had been a regular costumer since then.

He smiled. "It's nothing."

"Aw, come on."

"Really, it's nothing. Thanks C.C."

Clearly C.C. didn't believe it, but she let it slide.

Suzaku feels guilty, but he just couldn't tell her. He had been worried about Lelouch.

Yesterday night, he saw him on his way home. Lelouch was walking on the area near the bar.

Of course Suzaku was worried. It's a dangerous area. Lelouch, who's physically weak, could've gotten robbed or beaten by some gangsters.



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