The dark is generous, and it is patient, and it always wins. It always wins because it is everywhere.

Matthew Stover, Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

The Light in the Darkness

It's dark when they arrive.

In a sense, that's a good thing. In the dark, the less chance they have of being spotted. In the dark, fewer humans will venture, as per instinct and sleep cycles. And as per that rationale, there will be less Chimera on the lookout for Earth's usurper species.

Weapons ready, glancing fearfully at each other and praying to a bearded man who hasn't existed for the past forty-five years, the defeated wait. Huddle in the dark. Hope that what's within the dark does not reach their light.

A false hope. For light is an illusion. It is not the fastest thing in the universe. For wherever light travels, the dark has always got there first. Just like the life which relies on light really. Life that thought this world was their own, only to find that Earth was no different to the law of the universe. The dark was there long before light. All that's left to do is for the dark to extinguish that which blights its dominance.

It therefore isn't long before the creatures of the dark arrive.

Light penetrates the darkness briefly, the usurper species sending it through the void to their targets. Targets that are without number. Light rips through the dark, only to fade into its entropy. Like all sources of light, it must die in the end. Even the stars themselves must burn out. But the source of light here fades long beforehand. No nova, no blaze of glory, not even a faint white glow to mark its passing. In the end, the dark overwhelms the light. In the end, peace and order return, as per the law of creation.

In the end, the dark always wins.


However Resistance 3 turns out, have to say that Insomniac made a pretty good trailer for it.