It's basically about Skillet, a saiya-jin/sorceress and the darker side of her, battling for control over a powerful stone. Goten is involved for a while, Trunks will also be in the story along with Goku. Most of the characters are made by me, but any DBZ character I obviously don't own. Enjoy!


Skillet skipped gently along the sidewalk, humming softly to herself a sweet melody as her gaze wandered along the view of a lovely day. Her golden strands of hair swirled gently in the faint breeze that pushed past her, her violet eyes sparkling with sunlight. She was clothed in a pair of dark blue jeans and a powder blue shirt, navy sparkled flames dancing upon it. She had her traditional blue and black knuckle gloves on, her ebony boot pulled on over her feet.

She was a young woman, now almost nineteen and with powers that barely anyone else her age could ever dream of. She had friends, too... But why did she feel so lonely all the time? She kept to herself most of the time unless it meant talking to Goten, Trunks, or Suave... The few people closest to her.

She was heading off to Goku's house, Goten's father. She was hoping to catch Goten there before he ran off with Trunks for their regular sparring lessons. Goten was her best friend, even if he was younger than her. Trunks, Goten, and she were the closest group. She would do just about anything for them, anything to make them happy. She was almost positive they would do the same for her. They were the only ones that seemed to understand her, seemed to except her for what she was... Except for Suave.

A sorceress, that's what she was ever since she was a child. Her power was given to her by a dying sorceress, Manikia. She had been only three, not really given a choice and no actual way to defend herself against the intruding power. She had pushed back all the bad, though... Trying to let only the few goods of the magic surface. She wasn't just a sorceress, though...

An orphaned Saiya-jin... She had no idea how she made it to this planet. But she was a full blood Saiya-jin and after her ship crashed, she was left simply crying, all alone. That's when she met him... Suave, the Ultimate Kai. He had a certain obsession with the outside and he had been on one of his daily walks when her heard her cries. He took her in for a while before handing her off to Goku. She visited him every chance she got, though, and over time her began to train her. He was one of the others who understood her.

Otherwise, she was looked down upon for her powers and so, she kept them to herself. All she wanted was to have happiness in her life and with those people who hated her for what she was, she couldn't achieve full happiness. So, she kept them hidden, practicing only when she was alone or around someone who didn't mind. She was improving daily, her powers stronger than normal... To think what it would be if she held nothing back. She could only wish that one day, someone would completely understand.

"Understand what?" An unfamiliar voice whispered behind her. She felt a chill run over her spine as another presence stepped up behind her. She hadn't even noticed the extra ki until now, it was both dark and cold, oddly reminding her of something... Someone. She winced in pain as she felt her mind being invaded, reading around through her various thoughts. Mustering up a bit of strength, she pushed the force away from her mind and whirled around to face the intruder, anger flaming in her violet eyes.

She paused almost immediately, her eyes widening quickly as she felt her heart speed up. A man stood in front of her, only a year or so older than her, a dark presence floating around his form. His hair was a cold blue, navy streaked and a bit unruly so that long strands fell in front of his soft red eyes. He was tall and yet well built, causing his form to appearing both agile and alluring.

He was clothed in loose ebony pants, hiding most of her black boots. His tank-top was also black, drawn nicely across his chest enough to show his sculpted chest and abdomen. He had knuckle gloves clothing both his hand and a black trench coat covering most of his other clothing, dripping down close to his boots.

He allowed his gaze to roam her body shamelessly before bringing her gaze up to meet hers, an elegant smile tracing itself upon his lips. He slowly began to walk over to her, the smile transforming into a slightly humored grin, "Spectra, my dear."

"I didn't ask your name," Skillet answered coldly, taking a single step back as he attempted to close in on her. He paused for a moment, the grin turning into a dark smile as he shook his head slowly.

She winced for a long moment, cupping her hands over her head as she felt the force enter it once again. It was flipping through her memories... Her thoughts. She could hear laughter and talking, engulfed in her screams soon enough. When she came back to reality, he was laughing at her and she allowed her gaze to focus on him with a glare. He was toying with her mind.

"Ah, but you wanted to know," He said simply, slowly walking over to her. He gently ran his right hand through her hair, indulging in the soft flow of silk that ran between his fingers.

Skillet's gaze grew hazy as she tilted her head involuntary against his hand and she had to wonder for a moment if it was really him that was forcing all these things with her. Slowly, he drew her into his arms and roughly pushed her head against his chest when she didn't respond. She winced lightly and shut her eyes for a long moment as he continued to toy with the strands of her hair. Suddenly, she flinched at his touch, getting thrown back into reality and she shook her head enough to remove his hands, pushing herself out of his embrace.

"What do you want?" She asked, ice hanging from every word she spoke. She walked away from him before whirling around to face the man. She wanted to get as far away as possible, but something in her mind held her back from doing so.

"A lone sorceress..." He began slowly, drawing a gasp from Skillet. She stared at him, confusion crossing through her eyes but otherwise hidden. She watched as a smile lit his lips and knew that he already found he had caught her off guard.

"How did you..." Skillet started, but Spectra held up a single finger. She tried to scream in protest as the light streamed from his finger and wrapped itself around her neck. She felt the breath being pulled out of her as her voice was silenced. She brought her hand to her throat, glaring at the man.

"I'm a sorcerer of time and dimensions... I know many things. I know you're a Saiya-jin and I also know that you're adopted. I know you're alone," Spectra began softly as he drew close to her, "I can make the pain go away. I can give voice to your ultimate power. Come with me... I care."

She felt the hold over her voice slowly fade and she gave him a cruel look before laughing at him, "You care? You don't even know me! Goten and Trunks care! Suave cares! What would you know about caring?"

She gasped as Spectra cut off her voice once more, using his right hand to raise her up and float her over to him. He set her down and brought his hands to rest upon her shoulders, his gaze locking with hers in a comforting matter. He almost looked like he was beckoning something forth. Skillet soon discovered that he was... Her dark side.

She knew it was in there and it had often tried to escape her and now he was helping to pull it out. She struggled in his grasp, but his hold remained strong as she silently screamed for help. She saw swirls of black coming forth, feeling it lift up through her as a grin lit his lips. Then he brought forth the one thing she wasn't expecting... He memories.

The explosions rang through her ears as she watched the people scattered. Her father had dropped he when he was struck and she was left there crying. She was only a three year old child and she watched the sky light up in flames as a dying woman slowly crawled her way to her.

"Come here you," The woman whispered, grabbing her by the throat. She had felt power surge through her veins and shrieked in horror as the woman started to glow, transferring her powers onto the child. Shortly after doing so, the woman collapsed and a man slowly made his way toward her. He appeared only a dark figure, a tail wrapped around his waist and a glowing emerald resting around his neck.

"A Saiya-jin child?" She recalled him saying as he lifted her up and brought her to her new home. Suave...

"Lies... They fear you and your power," Spectra's voice was back in her mind again, but the images still flashed before her. The scared looks unhidden when the word 'Sorceress' had come up. Did they fear her powers?

Skillet felt her reserve breaking and she fell forward into Spectra's arms, the memories fading as she was pulled back to reality. She shut her eyes and allowed the tears to fall, pulling Spectra close. He allowed a faint smile to pass over his lips as he drew her close to him, gently playing with her hair.

"I'm so alone..." Skillet whispered softly. She felt herself slipping already, into something desired. Her dark side was pulling its way to the top and she was slowly being pushed further into herself. Powers beyond her light ones, but the ones deep within her began to slowly flow through her veins.

He moved her out of his arms and they locked gazes. Her gaze was slowly turning dark and he nodded slowly, placing his right hand upon her chest. She dropped her gaze down to his hand, watching as it began to glow. She was slipping further now and a smile lit her lips as a controlled look fell into her gaze.

She shut her eyes, yet the images were still there and she knew she had lost control. She was now locked in the darkness, watching all that happened from afar. The dark side took over as a violet and black swirling vortex opened up behind her, causing her hair to fade to black. She screamed loudly, knowing no one could hear it, she was locked in now.

Skillet looked to Spectra with the rim of her violet eyes glowing softly. He smiled at her and played with her hair a moment more, backing away soon after. The vortex slowly faded and Skillet smiled gently.

"I will see you soon, my dear," Spectra whispered softly. Skillet nodded slowly and watched as Spectra faded, everything slowly returning to normal.

She brought her eyes to a close for a moment, enjoying the feel of being free. Opening her eyes, a cold smile set itself upon her lips and she moved her gaze to meet the figure of Suave. He was straightening his white cloak, clothed in a black tank top and baggy pants, his silver eyes glowing softly. He brushed back his raven hair and smiled at her softly as he approached.

"Skillet," He said and held out his left hand to greet her. She looked down to it for a moment, taking it with her own and placing a false look of mirth in her eyes.

"Suave, I've missed you," She said, causing his smile to grow. He pulled her close and hugged her gently before releasing her, "I have to be on my way."

She pushed past him and started to head back towards her house, completely forgetting about visiting Goku. She had her own mission to accomplish and she could meet the others later.

"Suave, my target. Soon dead, but not yet..." Skillet whispered softly to herself.