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All eyes flew to Skillet, her face void of any known expression aside from utter confusion. Her brow furrowed, her eyes grasping to understand the sight held in front of her... a daughter she did not know. The woman that stood in front of her was fashioned with a head of beautiful red hair... much unlike her white hair and Saedyn's black. Skillet took a step towards the girl, feeling the tremors as each part of her body shook, "You can't be my daughter... you must be mistaken."

Kai's shock turned to a soft smile as she reached out and placed a hand upon Skillet's cheek, "But I am..." a tear slid down the side of her own cheek as she took a step closer to her mother, "I never thought I would be able to see you... you were gone when I was still just a baby. All I've seen of you are pictures, but I know it's you, mother."

Skillet opened her mouth to protest, but Kai paid no attention, already busy rummaging through her pockets to find the photo she kept with her at all times. It was tattered, yes... worn with age, but the image that she handed to Skillet might as well have been a mirror. Skillet's eyes widened as she stared at herself, not so much older than she was now, cradling a little girl in her arms... a little red headed girl. "How is this possible..."

All other words were stifled from Skillet's lip as Kai flew into her arms, embracing her mother tightly after a lifetime without her. Skillet stared down at her newfound daughter, her arms slowly wrapping around her waist when her mind came back to reality. Reality... where she was being chased by a crazy sorceress, possessed the power of the stone and had a daughter she never even knew of. Sometimes she thought her dreams were more realistic than her own life.

"Kai?" Caius whispered, placing a hand upon her shoulder and jolting her back to reality. She turned to face him, her eyes still watery with tears, "I know what a shocking and amazing moment this is for you, but... There is the pressing matter that we have to bring these three to Lord Deycon."

"What, are you mad?" Kai shouted, whirling out of her mother's arms to face Caius. He held up his hands in defense, falling back a few paces, "Lord Deycon will kill them once he studies them! You're not going to turn my family into a load of dead lab rats!"

"With all due respect, Kai, we'll all be turned into dead lab rats if we don't take them there," Kai opened her mouth to shout again, but Caius silenced her with a wave of his hand, "Or have you not thought of that, yet? Kai, how long have we worked for him? Be serious! You think it will take him more than an hour to realize something is wrong?"

Kai stood silent for a moment, her gaze dropping to the ground and her brow furrowing in concentration. Caius was right... it was only a matter of time before Lord Deycon realized their whereabouts and exactly what they were up to. Hell, Lord Deycon had a tracking and communication device tagged to all of his elites... Kai's eyes flew to the device strapped to her wrist, realization hitting her like a brick wall. "Shit!" she unhooked the device as quickly as she could, knowing full and well of the alarm system as well as the fact that she could not risk to be tracked, "He knows already, Caius!"

"The communication devices... he heard everything just now..." Caius whispered, catching onto Kai's sudden fear. He quickly began to unhook his own device and the two red heads threw the wristbands to the ground... met with a screaming alarm. Skillet winced, shoving her hands over her ears in unison with the others. Caius gasped against the sound and grabbed Skillet by the waist, ushering her with him, "We have to get the hell out of here!"

Skillet could hardly think over the shrilling alarm, but nodded to Caius and followed his lead. The group of five raced across the landscape as fast as their legs could carry them, lacking in any known destination besides the arbitrary thought of 'away.' Skillet felt her lungs burn against the sudden and constant movement and yet she quickly found air again when beams of light began to flash behind her. "Damn it!" she heard Kai scream as she raced along side of them, "They're too fast! They shouldn't have been this fast!"

"He probably sent them before the alarm!" Caius screamed over the sirens and alarms. He could hear his own ragged breath match everyone else and peeled to the side behind a pile of refuse. They stumbled to the, their mouth gaping and grasping at any air that would oblige. "We're not safe here."

"No, ya think?" Suave spat, glaring at Caius... if it weren't for these two, they wouldn't be in this mess. They already had enough to worry about with Asadria tracking them down, but now they were being chased by police of a world they had just moments ago entered. "You couldn't have thought about that little wristwatch sooner? You wear the damn device every day and you forget that it records what you say?"

"Back off! We had no idea who the hell you were, let alone Kai's relatives! He probably sent his crew out here as soon as he got that shred of information!" Caius shouted back, staring down at Suave.

"And you just had to call the other two out, didn't you? You couldn't have just spoke with me? It's your fault we're even in this mess!" Suave shouted, jumping to his feet. The girls stood back, watching the two men scream as the sirens drew closer. Saedyn sighed, already concluding this one would be a losing battle...

"Like I made you come out in the first place... you're the one who revealed yourself! You didn't even have to come to this time anyway – we're just doing our job!" Caius yelled back, shoving Suave back against the wall of trash that stood behind him.

"Would you both just shut the hell up!" Kai screamed, grabbing Caius by the shoulders to hold him back. When the fires of their anger seemed to give way, she stepped to the side, glancing a peak at the approaching danger. "We have to find a way out of here as quickly and quietly as possible... the last thing we need is a brawl. Now if you are both ready to act like mature adults, we can begin figuring out some sort of plan."

"A plan?" Caius shouted with a laugh. Kai perked a brow at his raised tone, although she knew that anger was still boiling through him. Caius gestured wildly over his shoulder to the sounds of the foreboding sirens. "Kai, have you forgotten everything? Everything you've ever learned? Everything you've ever done?"

Kai took note of the emphasis he placed on the last word and winced, praying that her mother wouldn't notice... she did not need her to pry into her past "accomplishments." Caius continued on, furious and panicked, "We worked for them! It'll be a piece of cake to track down a group of travelers... we won't even know what hit us. We were one of them!"

"Exactly," Skillet whispered. Confused gazes flew to her at this simple comment. Kai stared at her mother knowingly, assured that she had caught onto the edge on the competition, "You are one of them. You know all their tricks and the roads they'll take to get to us."

"Yes, any and all roads available!" Caius continued on, dismissing this critical information, "And if there aren't any, they'll make some more!"

"Then take us somewhere else, Caius," Saedyn said, staring fearfully into the distance. They were close now... They had very little time to get away. "Somewhere safe. Somewhere they wouldn't expect."

"Damn it!" Caius screamed, "Don't you understand? How do you think we found you? Kai and I can hide away from all of this, sure... but you don't belong. You're not one of us! You're emitting frequencies that are tracked easily and instantly and no matter what you-..."

"Caius!" Kai grabbed the device around her belt and pointed into the air. Immediately, they were covered in a dark mist of purple that shielded them from view, "Frequency disrupter. It's worth a shot. Won't last long and we only have one other, but... The tunnels."

"The tunnels?" Caius muttered, confusion and understanding seeming to collide at once on his face, "The tunnels... they're hardly ever used. They're so old, but so... So powerful. Nothing can penetrate them."

"Not even a frequency. If we get them under there before they can find us, we can get them out of here. The tunnels are long and complex... enough to take us out of here and far away from this city." Kai looked at him through the mist and knew that she had uncovered the perfect plan.

"You're right..." Caius grabbed Skillet's wrist and began to run, "You grab one of the others... Have them follow. Stay as close to me as you can. I will use the last disrupter if I have to, but until then just move as quickly as you can. Do not lose sight of me."

"SURRENDER IN THE NAME OF LORD DEYCON!" The chilling voice rang out over the sirens. The fog was clearing, but they were already on the run. As they ran, they could hear the screeching of tires and the angry shouts of, "They're off the map! The travelers are off the map!"

"It's working..." Sauve muttered in amazement as he was pulled along by Kai. They could see the tunnels in the distance... they could taste the freedom that they would provide. It wouldn't be long now until they were on the run for more freedom.

But what would ever keep them hidden from Asadria?