-1The End of an Era

Carlisle POV

It's hard to believe that the vampire world is now free from the oppressiveness and tyranny of the Volturi.

As I stand here with my family though and watch as the last vestiges of purple smoke ascend into the sky, I have to believe it's true. Am I happy to be free? Yes. Do I wish our freedom could have come with less lives lost? Most definitely.

There is nothing I can do about that though. It was out of my control as Aro and his guard made the decision to try once again overstep their bounds.

The Vampire world had finally gotten sick and tired of living in fear and decided to do something about it. Now here I am with my family and some other vampire friends watching the ending of an era literally go up in smoke.

Aro, Caius, Alec, Demetri, Felix, and Jane all gone. The others were smart and surrendered. Their own fate lies within the hands of the new ruler of our world.

As the last billows of smoke fade away, I along with my family go back to the castle and await the meeting that will take place. There it will be decided who will become the next ruler of our world. It is my hope that whoever it is will learn from has taken place and not make the same mistakes.

It is truly a shame to see what greed can cost you when you let it rule you.

Esme POV

I felt bad to see the way Carlisle shoulders slumped we walked back to the castle. He was truly saddened at losing what once was his friends. I think he was more saddened at the fact that those friends used that bond against us.

While I am sad for Carlisle and because the loss of so many lives was needless, I am thrilled to know we have nothing more to fear and can live without the threat of impending death hanging over our heads every moment.