-1Banishment, Eternal Imprisonment or Death

Carlisle POV

I had been sitting in the throne room thiking for hours upon hours about what to do about Renata and Chelsea.

I hated the thought of killing them but I didn't feel very comfortable with the thought of them being on the property and certainly not roaming free out in the world.

Banishment was not the way to go. So now the choices were narrowed down to eternal imprisonment or death.

I am still very angry and I don't like making decisions that affect someone's life when I am angry. I needed to talk to Edward and Bella. They have been as betrayed as I have.

Edward POV

After Chelsea and Renata had been secured in the dungeon, I asked Bella to go hunting with me. I thought maybe if we ate we would calm down quicker.

"Do you feel better now?", Bella asked me after I had taken down my third animal.

"I feel somewhat better, love. I'm still angry about you being ganged up on by Chelsea and Renata. I am angry that they betrayed my father's trust as well and took advantage of his good nature.", I answered.

"Honestly, I'm more upset about that than anything else. What do you think he will decided to do?", she asked.

"I'm not really sure. He has never been a fan of killing and taking lives if he could avoid it. I have a feeling he is going to ask our opinion on it.", I told her.

"And if he does what will you say?", she asked.

"I will vote to eliminate them. We can't trust them enough to banish them and even though killing them seems so easy and much more merciful than they deserve, it is the most efficient option.", I explained.

We had each taken down three animals a piece and were now resting beneath a giant tree. I was sitting with my back to it while Bella sat leanin back against me.

"What is your opinion on it?", I asked as I combed my fingers through her thick, silky locks.

"While I agree that lives shouldn't be taken without necessity, it really seems the only way to make sure they don't cause anymore problems, so I guess, I will vote the same as you.", she replied.

We sat talking for awhile longer and then moved into a heavy make out session. Unfortunately, that's as far as we got thanks to my pixie sister showing up.

"Sorry to interrupt guys, but Carlisle is wanting to talk to the both of you back at the castle.", Alice informed me.

"I figured he'd do that. Well, my angel, I suppose we better get back.", I sighed loudly.

"Don't worry, baby, we can pickup where we left off later on after the drama is over with.", Bella said giggling.

Alice giggled too but I didn't see what was so funny. Those two were not the ones walking around with a steel rod, hard cock trying to bust out of their jeans.

Bella and I got up and began making our way back to the castle with Alice.

Chelsea POV

When you are awaiting your fate, time seems to pass so slowly. I can only imagine what kind of punishment I am going to suffer for the crime I have been accused of.

Oh why did Aro have to die? Why couldn't he just be satisfied with all that he had? Why did he have to go after the Cullens? Everything was great before he decided he just had to try and force Edward Alice and Jasper to join the Volturi. We had pretty much free rein to do as we pleased. Now I have no idea what is going to happen to me.

Renata POV

Damn, this waiting is getting to me. I wonder if I can use my powers on anyone else and get out of this mess?

"I wouldn't try it if I were you.", the short pixie looking girl said as he stood outside my cell.

"What are you a mind reader now too?", I spouted off at her.

"No, but you forget I can see possible futures as you think of ideas to try and get out of the mess you have made for yourself." she answered.

"What's going to happen if I do?", I asked her.

"You really think I'd tell you or that you deserve to know?", she asked smirking at me.

I thought I might be able to trick her into telling me at least what options were being considered but just as I was about to start Edward, Emmett and Jasper showed up. My time was up, I would know very soon what would become of me.

"You got around us once but it won't happen again. I would advise you to not push your luck. Your fate is still undecided as of yet and keep in mind, we all have a say in what happens to the two of you.", Edward warned.

Emmett stood on one side of the cell and Jasper on the other. Before I knew what was happening, I was sinking to the floor. I felt like I just wanted to sleep as I had as a human for days.

Jasper opened my cell and took me in his arms and began moving up the stairs with Alice following. I couldn't believe he was able to override my protective shield but a quarter of the way up the stairs we passed Bella and I knew she was using her power to help him.

I looked back at Chelsea she too had collapsed from the feeling that had come over us. Emmett had her in his arms brining her up the stairs. I knew fighting was useless now even if I could have.