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Draco Malfoy sat in his home office and watching his trusted owl Artemis taking the letter he had just penned to his parents informing them of the birth of their first Grandson. The letter was the first contact he had, had with them in nearly seven years; he hadn't spoken to them since he was 21 when he was disowned from the family for loving a 'Mudblood.'

At the age of 21, Draco Malfoy was no longer a 'Malfoy'. He was a disgrace to the family for falling in love with the famous Mudblood Hermione Granger. He was made to choose between his family or Hermione and he choose Hermione much to his father's displeasure. Luckily he had already been given his inheritance and his father couldn't take that away, even though he knew his father tried.

Draco moved out of the Manor and quit the Malfoy Holding's and moved in with Hermione in her small flat and they started life together.

They married just after Draco's 24th Birthday at Hogwarts Castle, it was a beautiful sunny day and the wedding was perfect. Lucius and Narcissa had both been invited to their son's wedding but they didn't turn up which hurt Draco more than he showed. His best friends were there and so was his Godfather Severus Snape. If they could accept Hermione then why couldn't his parents?

Soon after they married they moved into their first house, a five bedroom house in London close to the Ministry where they both worked. After Hermione's 26th Birthday she told Draco she wanted to start trying for children which Draco was happy to oblige. Hermione found out she was pregnant on the day of Draco's 27th Birthday and Draco said it was his 'best present ever.'

The next nine months were stressful and tiring. Hermione's pregnancy hadn't been easy on her. At 8 weeks pregnant she had a scare and thought she was miscarrying. At 28 weeks the baby had stopped moving for 24 hours scaring Hermione but after being scanned at the Hospital it showed the baby safe and well and just playing tricks on its parents. 'Typical Slytherin' Draco had said with a smirk when they say the baby on screen waving his arm at them as if to say hello.

Hermione finished work at 7 months pregnant due to high blood pressure and was put on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy much to her displeasure. The nursery had been painted and the crib had been put up all that was missing was their baby.

Hermione gave birth to their first son on the 26th May at 2:30am with Draco by her side the whole time. The birth of their son was a long and tiring experience but that was all forgotten when they held their newborn son. He weighed only 7 pounds and 4 ounces and had light blonde hair and baby blue eyes; a little carbon copy of his father.

After many arguments through the pregnancy they had a small list of baby names and had decided to choose the name of their child when he was born.

'Draco Junior, we can call him DJ.' Draco said as he watched his son nurse on his wife's breast.

'I am not calling him that. He needs a name Draco.' She said as she stroked her baby's head.

Draco looked at their son and then at Hermione. 'Wyatt Malfoy'

Hermione looked up at Draco and then looked at her son. 'Wyatt Draco Malfoy...it's perfect.' She said with a smile.

Hermione and Wyatt were discharged from Hospital the following day and they returned home for the first time as a family of three.

Draco walked out of his office and down the hallway to his son's nursery where he stood in the doorframe watching mother and child. His son was cuddled up on his wife's breast sleeping while Hermione's simply watched her newborn sleep with awe.

'He's perfect isn't he?' Hermione said breaking Draco from his trance of watching them.

'He is...just like you.' Draco said walking towards Hermione. 'How are you feeling?' He said softly as he pushed some of Hermione's hair away from her neck to press a kiss onto it.

'I feel fine. A little tired but who wouldn't be after only giving birth yesterday.' She said with a smile. 'Did you write to your parents?

Draco nodded and slowly lifted Wyatt from Hermione's chest and rested him against his and pressed a kiss to his son's head. 'I told them you gave birth to Wyatt and I put in a picture. I doubt they will reply but at least they know they have a Grandson.'

'They might Draco' Hermione said as she stood up carefully still in pain from giving birth.

Draco moved towards Hermione and took her hand 'Careful...why don't you go lay down while I change his nappy and then I'll bring him in' He said with a smile.

Hermione smiled at the thought of her husband changing a nappy. 'Thanks' She said as she kissed his cheek and walked out the nursery into their bedroom.

Draco walked over to the changing table and laid the tiny baby on the small blue mat. 'You're lucky to have a mother like that you know that. She loves you unconditionally like I do and I promise to be the best father to you possible. I won't be like my father; I'll love you whatever you chose in life.'

At Malfoy Manor Lucius and Narcissa were sat in the family Living room. Narcissa sat on the sofa as she usually did with a book while her husband sat in his arm chair by the sofa reading the daily newspapers.

'That's Draco's owl.' Narcissa said as she put her book down to pick up a cup of tea that Milly the house elf had brought for her.

Lucius got out of his chair and walked to the window. 'Maybe he's divorcing the Mudblood.' He said.

'Lucius.' Narcissa said in a warning tone.

Lucius took the letter from the owl and shooed him away and sat back down in his chair and opened the letter and began to read.

Dear Father & Mother,

I know we haven't spoken to nearly eight years but I thought I would inform you that as of today you have a Grandson.

In the early hours of this morning my wife and I became parents to a baby boy called Wyatt Draco Malfoy.

He arrived at 2:34am and weighs 7 pounds 4 ounces. He had blonde hair and blue eyes at the moment but will soon change.

Mother and Baby are now home and we have all settled in well as a family of three.

I have enclosed a picture of your Grandson.

I hope you are well.

Your Son


Lucius looked into the envelope and brought out a small picture of a tiny newborn asleep in a mosses basket dressed in all blue. Lucius looked at the picture and it reminded him of his own son when he was that small.

'Lucius...what did he say?' Narcissa said confused at what Draco had written.

'Draco and his...wife have welcomed a baby into their family Cissy. It seems we are Grandparents.' He said as he passed her the letter.

Narcissa quickly read over the letter and then snatched the picture out of Lucius's hand.

'Oh he's darling!' She said with tears in her eyes. 'He looks so much like Draco doesn't he?' Narcissa said with a smile. 'My baby boy's a father.' She said with tears running down her face.

'He's hardly a baby anymore.' Lucius said as he picked up his paper again.

'I want to see him Lucius.' Narcissa said looking at her husband.

'No Narcissa. He choose that Mudblood over us. We do not have a son.' Lucius said opening the paper.

'I have a son Lucius, we have a son. I gave birth to him; I have the marks to prove it. I don't care what you think Lucius. I am going to see my son and Grandson.' She said standing up with the letter and picture in her hand. 'He didn't choose, you made him.' She said as she stormed out of the living room leaving Lucius alone.

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