The week after Lucius and Narcissa had visited Draco and his young family they offered him and Hermione to move. It was safer at the Manor and no one could hurt them there. Reluctantly they moved in. It took Hermione nearly three months to feel a little bit comfortable around Narcissa and a little longer with Lucius.

Six months later, Dolohov was found and taken to Azkaban where he would reside for the rest of his life. Draco and Hermione talked about whether to stay at Malfoy Manor or to just move back to their house in London. After many nights of talking and discussing they decided that Malfoy Manor was now their home. Wyatt had his Grandparents here and every Malfoy heir had been brought up here.

By the time Wyatt was one year, Hermione found out she was expecting again, a little girl. Layla Jane Malfoy was born nine months after Wyatt's birthday.

Layla was doted on by both her father and Grandfather who was very protective over his little flower.

Years previously, Lucius wanted nothing to do with his traitor son and his Mudblood now he doted on their children and even admired Hermione. She was his daughter in law who gave him beautiful and clever Grandchild and it didn't matter if they were half blood. He loved them.

Both Wyatt and Layla went to Hogwarts. Wyatt took after his mother and was in Gryffindor while Layla was a Slytherin like her father and Grandfather. Both passed with flying colours and received top marks in their NEWT's.

When Wyatt was 13 and Layla was 12, Hermione and Draco had a slight surprise when they discovered they would be expecting a baby. Ruby Leila Malfoy was born on Boxing Day and joins the Malfoy family perfectly.

The Malfoy children were brought up in their rightful home beside their parents and Grandparents who once upon a time would have never accepted them.

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