Chapter 8



That was the only thing running through my mind at the moment. I lost the ability to form complete sentences while listening to Jasper's story. As I listened to him relay the events of his existence, I was in awe of the strength of the man before me. His statement about others being afraid of his appearance once they saw his scars took my by surprise. Jasper had a powerful presence, one could tell by the way he carried himself that he was not one to be messed with, but as I looked at him I felt no fear. What I did feel was the desire to make him see how truly incredible he is.

When he first touched me I was surrounded in warmth and comfort. If I had to describe the feeling, I would say it felt like coming home from a stressful day and stepping into a nice hot shower. It just felt so comfortable, like his touch was meant for me and me alone. When he ripped off his shirt all I could think was I have never seen a man of any species as well put together than the one before me right now. When Peter handed me the flashlight to get a better look at Jasper's scars I raised my hand tentatively to touch them. The second my hand made contact with his skin, the feeling of warmth and comfort increased. As I viewed the scars all over Jasper's torso, I was astounded by the amount of strength, beauty, and power he possessed. Here was a man who was strong and courageous as a human, and became even more so as a vampire. His time with Maria, did not phase me, the way I look at it, if your 'parents' raised you to believe in one thing, you believed in it until you found out otherwise. Sure the things that Jasper did while with Maria were frightening, but not incomprehensible, and once he found a better way, a better life, he grabbed onto it with both hands and didn't let go. If that doesn't show the strength of his character then I have no idea what would.

As I ran my hands all over his arms, back, and chest, I almost wished I was a vampire so that every detail of every scar could be seared into my brain so I would never forget this moment. Each scar had its own story and I wanted to learn each and every one of them. I have a feeling it would be a better read than Pride and Prejudice or Withering Heights. As I came back around to his chest, I noticed a scar right above where his heart should be beating. I ran my fingers back and forth over the scar, as I did so I looked into Jasper's eyes and realized everything that I have been through has lead me to this moment with this man right here and I was exactly where I belonged. Still staring into his eyes I moved closer to him and lowered my head to his scar and ran my tongue over it as I wrapped my arms around Jasper's waist. I could feel a brief moment of shock come from Jasper which was quickly replaced by a warm and fuzzy feeling. Then Jasper slowly and cautiously wrapped his arms around me, and I felt like I was home. Right here in the arms of the most incredible person I have ever met. Although I do not understand the feelings that are surrounding me one thing is absolutely clear, Jasper is the one. I can tell him everything, why Edward was never able to read my mind, how Alice could never really get a read on me, and how but most importantly why I would block my emotions from him. I just hope when I tell him the full story of who I am he won't feel like he has been deceived. It was never my intention to deceive any of the Cullens, but when I found out that Edward was lying and that Alice and Edward were both trying to control me I knew that I did not belong with the Cullens for eternity. What I didn't know is that they would lead me to my destiny.


When Bella ran her tongue along the scar that was over my non beating heart I was floored, but when she wrapped her arms around me at first I was shocked, but then everything in my world righted itself. I wrapped my arms around her and was once again surrounded by the warmth and comfort of MY MATE!

We stayed wrapped in each other's arms for several minutes enjoying the absolute comfort and joy we found in the hug. I inhaled an unnecessary breath and slowly removed my arms from around Bella's waist and looked into her beautiful brown eyes, "hi," I said as I watched her eyes sparkle with joy, "hey" she said shyly. I placed my fingers under her chin and watched as she ran her tongue over her lips and slowly lowered my head to hers. I heard her breath hitch and stopped to make sure she was okay. Her eyes were filled with desire and she crushed her lips to mine. At that moment time could have stopped and the world could have fallen away, Bella and I were the only two people in the world and that was all that mattered. As Bella's warm tongue found its way to my bottom lip, I slowly opened my mouth to allow her tongue entrance, but was very careful of my teeth. I could feel Bella's surprise at my actions, and I remembered Edward would only allow Bella the most chaste of kisses, but Edward was a boy and I am a man. I would definitely show Bella that she is a beautiful and desirable woman, and I would never leave her unsatisfied. Slowly we broke the kiss and Bella looked up into my eyes her eyes hooded with desire as she breathed out, "wow." Peter and Char started to chuckle and all of a sudden Bella was flooded with embarrassment, I looked down at her and said, "you have nothing to be embarrassed about we both were lost in our own desire, and that was the best kiss of my existence." She then blushed a ridiculous shade of red, and I wrapped my arms around her pulling her close to me and again was amazed as she melted into my embrace. As I inhaled her scent it further filled me with warmth and all I could think is why it took me so long to realize that Bella was the one who was made for me.

Peter who was radiating a fuckton of mischief across the room yelled, "group hug," and came flying at me and Bella. I quickly wrapped my arm around Bella and placed her behind me and sent Peter a shitload of misery and he dropped to the ground like a rock just short of where Bella was once standing. "Do not test me Peter, run upon my mate again and you will lose a limb," I growled at him. Char was standing there wide eyed and in shock, but did not move and instead dropped her eyes to Peter who was sprawled out on the floor so as not to appear threatening. Peter shook his head back and forth at vampire speed comically jumped up and yelled, "what the fuck was that for Major, I was glad that you finally recognized Bella as your mate and I was welcoming her to the family." I raised myself to my full height, folded my arms across my chest, fixed my gaze on Peter, and hissed out at him, "you rushed my mate, my HUMAN mate and you expect me to let you crush her. I do not care what your intentions were, you should never rush upon her, and especially not after we just discovered our bond. You should have known the Major was introducing himself and stayed the fuck back." Peter looked up at me and realized that Jasper was back in control and started to chuckle, "whatever Jazz can I hug my sister now?" I sent Peter some irritation to let him know he pissed me off and a little bit of calm to let him know everything was okay before I said, "you need to ask her, she can speak for herself and decide whether or not she wants your paws anywhere near her."

I felt amazement, joy, and confusion coming from Bella so I turned to look at her and raised my eyebrows. She waved me off and turned towards Peter and said, "I have no idea where your hands have been Peter so why don't you keep them to yourself for right now." Both Bella and Char looked at Peter and started laughing, and Peter cursed under his breath, "crazy ass females." Bella didn't hear him but Char did and that earned him a smack on the back of his head. Peter looked over at Char in amusement and said, "what I was just sayin'…." He didn't get the chance to finish his statement as Char once again gave him the stinkeye.

Char turned her attention back to Bella and said, "welcome to the family Bella we are so glad the Major has found his better half." As Bella was about to respond her stomach rumbled very loud and everyone erupted in laughter. Char looked at me before walking over to Bella and said, "come on homey let's go into the kitchen and see about getting you something to eat, I went to the store today and bought all kinds of food for you."

Bella and Char left the room to go into the kitchen, leaving me and Peter standing there looking at each other. I just stood there staring at Peter not moving and not saying a word, Peter knows I want information and that now is the time to give it to me. He huffed at me, "what," no response, "what, I didn't really know," again no response but I did hit him with a jolt of annoyance, "fine, I suspected as much after I learned what happened in Phoenix and when you talked about her on the phone, but the moment I laid eyes on her and how she addressed the Cullens to make it clear that we were welcomed at her birthday party I just knew." Again I said nothing as I continued to stare at him and sent him an even bigger jolt of vexation which was enough to give a vampire the feeling of a headache. Peter took two steps back and threw his hands in the air and said, "alright alright no more rushing your mate." Just as I was about to let him off the hook, I heard Bella laughing in the kitchen. She was laughing so hard I thought she might pass out.

I made my way to the kitchen with Peter right behind me and found Bella doubled over in front of the open refrigerator. She looked up and noticed me while pointing to inside of it and said, "did you do this?" I looked at her curiously and made my way over to the open refrigerator and looked inside. What I saw was so funny I had to laugh and could not hold it in. I projected it out to everyone and we were all laughing, although Peter and Char had no idea why. Bella started pulling bags of groceries out of the refrigerator. Everything had been placed in there even the items that should have been in the cupboards like chips, cookies, and other kinds of snacks. After the laughter had subsided Bella again asked me, "did you do this?" I quickly threw my hands in the air and shook my head back and forth and said, "oh hell no, that shit ain't on me, I was with the Cullens too long to have done that stupid shit. Esme always kept human food around, not a whole lot mind you, but enough so I could know where things went." We got the kitchen situated and Bella was able to fix herself something to eat. She thanked Peter and Char for thinking about her enough to take care of her human needs even though they don't eat. Char replied, "don't mention it sugar we're family now and family takes care of each other." After that the conversation flowed while Bella was eating. It's wonderful that Bella is getting along with Peter and Char, who I have always considered family. I always viewed the Cullens as Alice family and while they made me feel welcomed, Carlisle, Esme and Edward never made me feel like family, and I always knew that I would never stay with them. Looking at the scene before me let's me know everything that I have gone through was worth it if in the end I could have Bella as my mate.


The Major has finally found his mate, and what a great match they will be. Right now we are enjoying the good times and getting to know Bella. She hasn't yet revealed how she is able to block Jasper's gift, but once she talks to Jasper he will understand and assure her that it is okay and we will be able to work with her gift even while she is human. I can already tell she will fit in perfectly with the family. Her and the Major together will be an unstoppable force which is a good thing, because when the Major finds out the truth about what Edward said to Bella and the truth behind the reason why James, Victoria and Laurent were really in forks, the shit is going to hit the fan.

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