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Chapter 2

It was time.

Rachel regained her focus by pushing back her sleeves and tightening up her hair. She rechecked her carefully structured strategy and mentally prepared herself for the upcoming match. A streak of determination pulsed through her veins as she took in a deep breath. The surrounding crowd seemed to disappear into distant white noise- the only sound heard was the coaching voice in her head. Her battling senses completely took over her emotional turmoil as she rose up her first pokeball and shakily released it to the plain battlefield below.

"Oh!" exclaimed the commentator, "the challenger has chosen the evolved form of Eevee- Umbreon!"

Keyla got into her pre-battle stance as her golden orbs flickered in the glare of the stadiums flood lights. A rush of pride towards her beloved Pokémon clashed with her inner demon of fear whilst the anticipation gripped relentlessly in her stomach. She stole a glance at her rival- an unreadable expression crossed his face for a split second until he too called out his first electric Pokémon.

The crowd audibly gasped in excitable disbelief as the creature materialized out on the field.

"The brand new Gym Leader has selected Jolteon- the stone evolution of Eevee! Well folks- this is already shaping up to be a battle you wouldn't want to miss!'"

Rachel was stunned for a moment. A sickening feeling stirred in her stomach as she wondered at what age and level that Eevee had evolved just to conform to his title as electric Gym Leader.

On the battle field, the two evolved forms glared menacingly at each other- as if daring each other to fight. Jolteon's sharp needle-like fur prickled threateningly as Umbreon's scarlet eyes glared towards her enemy.

The referee brandished his two flags and snapped them downwards. "Begin Battle!"

"Ok Keyla, use head butt!"

"Jolteon- dodge it and use double team!" The Gym leader spoke his command with a tone that took Rachel by surprise.

Smart move though, thought Rachel, despite herself. Umbreon's were known for their low speed stats, but what he didn't know was how much Rachel trained her Pokémon past the cold hard facts.

"Umbreon- just listen for the real Jolteon then hit 'em with a quick attack!"

"Um!" Barely five seconds passed before Umbreon's strong sense of hearing sought out her foe. Success! Umbreon had managed to send her electric cousin flying towards the edge of the battle field.

"Brilliant Keyla! Now- use agility to get close to Jolteon and use shadow ball!"

Keyla quickly disappeared and reappeared dangerously close to her opponent and pinned him down whilst powering up her dark attack.

"...Impressive use of speed from the challenger!"

"Thunderbolt Jolteon!" The Gym Leader commanded confidently, but without a smug tone she expected from him.

Before Rachel could react- a burst of electricity illuminated the already lighted field and Umbreon was jerked backwards; her attack dying in her jaws.


Damn. Rachel cursed at her own thoughtlessness- close contact with an electric Pokémon put her loyal partner at a huge disadvantage. On the opposing side, the blond-haired Gym Leader bellowed out his next offensive command.

"Jolteon- pinmissle!"

All too fast- the coursing electricity ceased and the electric foxes' fur stood up like needles. A threatening snarl cane over his face as he powered up the attack.

"Keyla!" Rachel cried desperately, "Leap into the air and use Dark Pulse!"

Keyla did not need telling twice- she sprung effortlessly into the air and produced the dark orb of energy. The glowing sphere tore across the air at breakneck-speed and struck Jolteon hard in his skull.

"Jolll!" groaned the electric Pokémon. The crowd's deafening cheers spurred Rachel on as she felt her faith in herself grow.

"Nicely done!" Rachel's new found confidence put her back on track. Her mind seemed to follow suit as inspiration struck! She decided to seize advantage of the hurt Pokémon.

"Keyla- whilst he's down hit him with shadow ball combined with psychic!"

" ambitious move by the challenger!" The commentator roared through the surround sound. The whole stadium seemed to radiate with excitement as they eagerly watched the battle below.

"Brreeeeeeeeee" Keyla summed up the energy to release both attacks- the shadow ball was propelled forward by the onslaught of psychic energy that exploded from the sleek midnight Pokémon.

"Jolteon light screen!" bellowed Pickett from behind his Pokémon. She couldn't help notice the concern in his tone. Astonished gasps tinged with awe filled the stadium as Umbreon's impressive combination attack bounced off the protective screen as easily as if it were merely child's play. Umbreon instinctively dived out the way as her own attack hurtled towards the protective glass and dissolved into soft smoke.

Keyla was showing signs of fatigue- her golden orbs were blinking much more regularly than usual, but a flicker of hope passed through Rachel when she saw Jolteon panting. She momentarily touched her necklace and rolled the tiny pokeball in-between her fingers. How did Jolteon form such a strong defence against a special att- that's it! Suddenly, a cartoon-like light bulb switched on in her mind's eye. An Umbreon's special defence is much higher than that of a Jolteon, whereas Umbreon in comparison lacks in special attack power!

"Keyla! Wait for my command!"

Umbreon looked round- utterly bewildered at this seemingly vulnerable instruction. Across the battle field- the Gym Leader looked faintly curious.

"Ok Jolteon- thunderbolt once more!"

"Keyla- counter shield!"

In a swift movement, Keyla rolled onto her back as dark violet whips shot out beneath her and prevented the yellow bolts from getting any closer to the midnight Pokémon. Jolteon struggled to keep up the torrent of electricity flowing relentlessly from his body, yet refused to give up. The crowd held a baited breath- the two contrasting forces smashed repeatedly, causing several showers of light to rain down upon the stadium. After what seemed like an age- the electricity weakened greatly and, to Rachel's relief and the crowd's simultaneous surprise, the purple vines overcame the bolts and caused a nasty collision with the electric Pokémon.

"Incredible!" The commentator was heavily drowned out by the shouts and screams from the around the stadium.

Rachel was overjoyed! "Oh my gosh! Keyla you are well cool! Seriously that was so so brilliant!" Rachel was so happy, and a rush of affection burned in her chest for her companion. Umbreon let out a sigh of relief and nodded over to her trusted trainer in acknowledgement of her efforts. Rachel felt elated at her first victory!

However- just as Rachel was about to call back her Keyla- Jolteon stirred.

"And another unbelievable turn of events! It seems that Jolteon is still able to battle!"

All her joy crashed down around her in that instant. How is that possible? It rendered her utterly speechless. Keyla down below let out a yelp of shock but nevertheless resumed her original battle stance. Except this time her golden orbs barely shone gold and her legs were struggling to keep her standing. Above, the challenger stared at her opponent, as if for the first time she truly saw him for who he was. It was then realisation and understanding perfectly clicked within her mind. It was then she understood why she felt so strongly before the match began. Watching Jolteon proved to Rachel that this person took his Pokémon seriously. Umbreon was very well trained because she made absolutely sure she was ready and willing to evolve. She didn't underestimate Jolteon's power since it takes Gym leaders of a certain strength to qualify, but this particular electric eeveelotion must had been valued, loved and properly evolved as an Eevee for it now to carry on battling. From her nasty experiences from silly disillusioned fan girls- no Jolteon they possessed had his Jolteon's level of power. She focused her attention back to her battle and inwardly decided to win this for her and Keyla.

"Keyla- I know you are growing tired but you can rest all you want afterwards!" She was struggling to be heard over the noise of the audience.

"A little quiet from the audience please" The commentator firmly asked.

After a moment, a hushed silence swept the stadium as the boy and girl waited for the last remainders of the dust to settle. He furrowed his eyebrows, and she bit her lip in concentration. He then snapped into action.

"Jolteon- Volt tackle!"

"Keyla, brace yourself!"

Jolteon suddenly burned with bright energy as it pounded fiercely towards Umbreon's still frame.

"Jol Jol Jol Jol Jol Jol Jooooooolte-"

"Keyla NOW!"

Keyla instantly bolted towards the brutal lightening attack. She ran so fast a silver trail formed behind her as a purple aura of protection surrounded Keyla moments before a collision. Rachel was so tense she could barely breathe and her knuckles turned ghostly white as she gripped to the railings.

Please let this work.


A blinding light covered the battle field as several yelps of pain were heard from the crowd and the two Pokémon disappeared from sight altogether. Rachel desperately sought out her little evolved Eevee through sheidling her eyes and frantically hoped and prayed Keyla was alright. A tense moment passed, and she just managed to spot the black silhouette, standing, but just.

"Keyla- literally just hold on for a tiny bit longer!" she moaned hopelessly through the fading light.

On the other side, Jolteon rose stiffly to his feet and glared weakly over at Umbreon.

Rachel winced inwardly at how much pain Keyla must be in right now. But she knew how tough she was- and she was actually surprisedat how strong Jolteon was too. She stole a glance over at Jolteon's master, and he was... smiling?

"Jolteon is unable to battle", roared the commentator, "the challenger and her Umbreon wins!"

The crowd gave a large cheer, bringing Rachel firmly back to thoughts of her midnight Pokémon. Rachel ballooned with sheer gratitude and love for Keyla as she cutely lay down, utterly exhausted. She called her back feeling relieved and thankful that her special combination of quick attack and protect pulled through. She tightly hugged the ball into her chest, mentally scanning a list of all the treats she will reward Keyla with. Rachel's confidence rose once again as she enjoyed her first victory of the evening! Even Pikachu seemed to have relaxed a bit more, but Rachel could still sense the anxiousness prevailing from her eyes.

"So, what will the Gym Leader Chris Pickett choose next?"


Up in the glass box in the centre focus of the battle field, a blonde haired girl irritably rolled back her eyes as the crowd outside cheered and booed at who they were supporting. She angrily exhaled at his first loss and secretly knew he should have listened to her, quite frankly, better strategy. She bent down to her lucky bag and lavishly stroked her prized Pokémon with vain hope that this would calm her shaky nerves.

"He needs to win this" she said to nobody in particular.

She soured at what could happen- she was clearly a strong opponent, and winning this battle means so much her, and to him to some extent. As she pondered the possibilities of this match, this girl that could jeopardise it all sent out her second Pokémon...