Tahu was sitting next to Turaga Vakama In the fire section of the court.
"So when do you think Turaga Duma will be here?"
"OK that's it you have asked that 9,309 times, I'm gonna hit you with my staff if you don't shut up!"
"Yes Turaga."
"Well if you ask me," said Gali "He asked you 9,310 times."
"Yeah, you tell em sister!" said Turaga Nokama.
"Nope it was 9,399 times." said Turaga Matau "Those fire-spitters always get it wrong"
"I for one will never," said Kopaka "Take place in these arguments."
"Why do they get the popcorn?" asked Onewa.
"Cause you guys are lazy arguing frea..." Phohatu stopped when Gali started glaring at him.
"So when do you think Turaga Duma wil...l...be...here?" Tahu stammered when Turaga Vakama Raised his staff.
"I warned you Tahu, I warned you." Turaga Vakama Hit him on the head with his staff.
"So, now we all know that Vakama only has 9,400 inches of patience." said Matau "Shut it Matau or you'll get what's coming to ya."
"Anyone want some Ice Scream." Asked Whenua "What's that?"
"nothin nothin."
Someone walked through the doors.
Lewa jumped up and said "I didn't do it you see it was this gas from a swamp an..."
Matau hit him on the head with his staff.
"Hey guys I got a translator box thingy so know I don't need an ugly matoran following me around."
"That's mean ya know Nuju."
"Who cares Nokama we can finally be together again."
"What the heck are you talking about?"
"Just kidding just kidding."
"Good Cause I wouldn't want to break that new machine of yours." Vakama said.
"Oh very funny now the fire-spitter is coming up with jokes while I'm stuck with the lame ones." Matau said.
"So how long till Makuta gets here?"
"What?" Nokama shouted "Are you mad!"
"Sorry meant Duma, this translator doesn't always work." Nuju said.
"So why are we even here?" asked Nuju.
"I didn't do it!" Lewa said suddenly "you see it was this gas from a swamp and a nuclear bomb that hit his roof and then it went boom and then bang then boom and bang again an..."
Matau hit him on the head again with his staff.
"Lewa burnt Tahu's house down." Gali said to Nuju.
"Isn't that Tahu's job so he can get a new house each weak?" Nuju said.
Every one put there hand over Nuju's translator and looked around.
"You don't know who could be listening and watching!" Vakama hissed to him.
"You mean they don't know about it?" Nuju asked.
They shook their heads, no.
"So jelly beans don't fly?" Matau said.
"What are you talking about!"
"Oh nothing nothing."
"Oh my darlen oh my darlen oh my darlen clementine you wer..." Vakama started singing then stammered of when he was hit.
Nokama hit him with a frying pan "Who's Clementine, Tell me or you'll get it good?"
"It was just a song!" He said.
A green light suddenly appeared above them.
"I knew it Jelly beans can fly see!" Matau pointed at some floating jelly beans.
They were all starting to float up.
"You do know we'll probably hit the ceiling." Kopaka said.
"Thanks genius for telling us something we didn't need to know!" Tahu shouted.
"Yeah Kopaka!" Lewa said.
Kopaka sent him a death glare.
"So Lewa would you like white roses or Green roses for your funeral?" Matau asked.
"Fine whatever you say."
"Oh and I want a sad girly rock'n'roll themed funeral with a green color scheme." Lewa said.
"Whatever you say." Matau said.
"I was just kidding!"
"To late it's permanent."
"I hate to break it to ya guys but we're about to hit the ceiling!" Gali Yelled.
They all closed there eyes except Matau because he was watching jelly beans fly.
"Wow we went right through it!" Matau said excitedly.
"Yeah," Nokama said in amazement "And Vakama is still alive!"
"Impossible!" Tahu said.
Vakama hit him on the head with a spoon.
"I don't have my staff" Vakama explained.
"OK that works" the other turaga all say at once except Matau because he was still watching the jelly beans fly.
"OK do all the turaga have spoons?" Nokama asked.
"I do."
"I do."
"I do."
"I do."
"I do."
"Good, Now I'm going to ask you all to watch these very carefully so when the toa try to steal them like they always do then we wack um on the heads every one understand?" Nokama said.
They nodded their heads.
"We don't try to steal their staffs do we?" Tahu whispered to Kopaka.
They all landed with a big 'thump' on a floor.
"Hello Aliens, Welcome to our space ship we are going to do..."
Another Alien punched the other one and continued "To let you have some fun."
"And see if your planet is worth visiting."
"Um...OK." Lewa said.
"They can talk, check that off the list." Said the first alien.
The second alien kicked the first one.
"Hey what was that for?" said the first alien.
The second alien started nodding it's head towards the Turaga and Toa Nuva.
"Oh..." the first alien said.
"Ok go in that room." Said the second alien.
They all walked into the room and were handed a bucket of water balloons.
"I wonder what we're supposed to do with these." Lewa asked.
Phohatu picked up a water balloon and threw it at Kopaka.
"So Phohatu white or brown roses for your funeral?" Onewa asked.
Kopaka threw a water balloon at Tahu and Phohatu.
Tahu threw a water balloon at Kopaka.
"OK that's it!" Gali said.
Gali picked up to water balloons and threw them at Tahu and Kopaka.
"There will be no more water balloon throwing around here, Every one under stand!" Gali said.
They all nodded there heads.
"OK good."
The door opened and the second alien walked in.
"Why are you no longer throwing balloons?" It asked.
"Because if we do, then we'll have to take Tahu and Kopaka out cold." Gali said.
"Hey!" They both said together.
"OK, you are going to have to stay in here all night until we can get the next fun room ready." The second alien said.
"What eva!" Nokama said "See in the next fun room then."
The alien walked out and the lights turned off.
All they had to do was wait.

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