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Tahu woke up when he was hit by a water Balloon.
"Lewa if you don't cut that out I will KILL YOU!" Tahu said.
"OK, OK." Lewa said.
"It's bad enough you burnt my house down, I'm supposed to do that ya kno..." Tahu stopped dead in his sentence as he remembered that Turaga Duma was here to and he was wide awake.
All the toa stared at Tahu.
"Your supposed to do it eh?" Turaga Duma said.
"Busted." Kopaka hissed.
"Shut up!" Tahu hissed back.
Kopaka smiled and started spelling the word busted with his hands.
"Good thing I brought that chain saw with me!" Tahu said and turned it on looking evilly at Kopaka.
"I'll put you in the room!" Kopaka said.
"Your making the thing up about the room." Lewa said.
"Nope." Kopaka said.
"Well I believe him." Gali said dreamily.
"Oh, Brother." Lewa said rolling his eyes.
The door opened and the aliens walked in.
"Who requested the flieing jelly beans?" The second alien said.
"Oh, Oh me!" Matau said.
"Put these on." The second alien said holding out girl scout clothes.
"YOU ARE JOKING!" Lewa said.
"WHY WOULD I JOKE!" The second alien said.
"Good point why would you." Lewa said "OK Vakama put the uniform on and I'll get the camera."
Vakama glared at Lewa and hit him on the head with the level up collection of Spoons that were made of gold with there name's engraved in platnuim.
"Will he be alright for the next fun room?" The second alien asked.
"Yeah in about two hours." Vakama said.
"Oh and here's a makeup set." The second alien said and handed it to Vakama who handed it to Nokama who handed it to Gali.
"Your supposed to be ready in twenty minutes for the bake sale." The first alien said.
Lewa popped up and said "Bake sale, I'm great at bake sales!"
"OK, We'll see you toa later." The aliens said.
Lewa grabbed an outfit and put it on, "Now I need Makeup!" Lewa said and grabbed the makeup set from Gali's hands.
Lewa put the make-up on.
"How do I look?" Lewa asked in a girly voice.
Matau's eye twitched and he fell to the floor.
"I guess I look absolutely lovely!" Lewa said.
"I didn't know the circus was in town." Pohatu said.
"Oh shut it Pohatu." Lewa said "Right guys!"
"Wrong..." Tahu said backing away slowly.
Gali put her uniform on and the make-up.
"OK, I'll do ever ones make-up if they like." Lewa said.
"No I'm to young to die at a bake sale." Pohatu said.
"Oh ha ha ha." Lewa said.
"I don't want to wear make-up." Matau said.
"I for one think the uniforms are just cute!" Kopaka said then looked around.
All the other Toa were staring at him with there mouths wide open.
"Close your mouths you might catch flys." Turaga Duma said walking by in his girl scout uniform and make-up.
"Well we might as well put our uniforms and make-up on." Tahu said already putting his on.
"I'll never put those THINGS on." Matau said when the rest had there uniforms on.
"Oh really?" Lewa said.
"Yep!" Matau said.
"Let's get' em guys!" Lewa said.
In an instant they had the uniform on Matau.
"Hold him down so we can get the make-up on!" Lewa said holding Matau down.
Pohatu brought the make-up over and gave it to Gali who put it on Matau.
"There!" Lewa said.
Matau glared at them all.
"3...2...1..." Lewa said.
The door to the room opened and the second alien walked in.
"Time for the bake sale." The second alien said.
"Ohhh!" Lewa said with shiny eyes.
The second alien stared at Lewa.
"What, Wait let me guess I look like the most beautiful alien you ever saw." Lewa said.
The second alien shook his head.
"Your gonna come with me to the bake sale." The Second alien said.
"OK, Oh and what's your name." Lewa asked.
"Jelbie." The second alien said.
"OK." Lewa said.
The Toa Nuva, Metru and Turaga Duma walked out the door to the bake sale.
"I'm gonna sell the what are we selling again?" Lewa asked.
"Goo Cookies." Jelbie said.
"Well I'm gonna sell the most goo cookies." Lewa said.
They arrived at the bake sale and were showed into a kitchen.
Matau was starting to sneak away.
"Matau!" Lewa yelled.
Matau stared at Lewa.
"Wha...what?" Lewa asked nervously.
"I just took a picture of you!" Matau said evilly "And when we get back I'm gonna show it to all the toa!"
"That's a little evil even for you." Vakama said.
"Who cares!" Nokama said "Can I see the picture?"
"No photographs till the end of the fun." Jelbie said.
"So wheres the recipe?" Kopaka asked.
"What recipe?" Jelbie asked.
"There's no recipe!" Lewa shouted "Oh then how are we supposed to make the cookies?"
"Um...Be creative?" Jelbie said and ran away.
"Last time I made cookies I blew up Tahu's house." Lewa said.
"So that's how it happened!" Turaga Duma said "Cookies blew up the house!"
"Um...I guess." Lewa said.
"OK so I guess to make cookies I need, two cups of Acid, one table spoon of Lava, three cups of poison, one teaspoon of explosive gas and one cup of flour." Kopaka said.
Every one stared at him.
"What this is Tahu's recipe!" Kopaka said.
"All organic, found at your local farmers market." Tahu said.
Lewa pulled the Cookies out of the oven.
"Um...what recipe did you use?" Gali asked staring at the cookies.
"Oh Kopaka's/Tahu's...Why?" Lewa said.
Dark purple smoke rose above the cookies shaped as a skull.
"You will DIE!" the cookies said.
"Oh...that's why." Lewa said.
Jelbie walked by and took the cookies to a stand.
"Every one!" Jelbie said "This is your stand."
"But The cookies!" Lewa said.
"I know they smell delish!" Jelbie said.
"Oh well your funeral." Lewa said and shrugged.
A female Alien walked over to the stand.
"I'll take one." the alien said.
"Ok here you go kind alien." Kopaka said and gave her a cookie.
The alien took a bite of it.
"These or the best cookies I've ever had!" the alien said "They make me feel young again!"
The alien turned into to a baby alien.
"Wow...Really young." Lewa said and walked away whistling.
Jelbie walked into the room.
"Come on nothing to see here!" Jelbie said pushing the Toa and Turaga Duma out the door.
"OK...the next fun room is..." Jelbie said looking at a board with a list of fun rooms on it.
"What's the next one?" Lewa asked.
"Um...let's skip that one." Jelbie said.
"What one?" Lewa asked.
"Oh the one where we put you in Acid, Lava, Gun powder and light it, and make you drink posion." Jelbie said.
Lewa started walking away.
"Now your going to be on a dodge ball team." Jelbie said.
Lewa ran back over to the Toa.
"I'm Great at dodge ball!" Lewa said.
"Let's see the short one is the coach." Jelbie said pointing at Turaga Duma.
"Short who are you calling short!" Turaga Duma said.
"You six are the..." Jelbie said pointing at the Toa Metru.
"We'll be the Toa Metru team." Vakama said.
"OK...And you will be the..." Jelbie said looking at the toa Nuva.
"I...We will be the Toa Nuva Team." Lewa said.
"Good so there's the room." Jelbie said pointing to a door.
The Toa and Turaga Duma walked into the room.
"Well I can't be the coach." Turaga Duma said "I'm allergic to work."
Gali rolled her eyes.
Lewa walked over to a dodge ball.
"These aren't Dodge balls..." Lewa said picking one up "These are Water balloons."
Turaga Duma walked over to him and picked one up.
Turaga Duma threw one at Vakama.
"Hey!" Vakama yelled.
Peanut butter covered Vakama.
"OK there filled with Peanut Butter." Lewa said.
"We Might as well play." Lewa said shrugging.
"I'll be the Toa Metru's Team leader!" Nokama said raising her hand.
"OK...It's a done deal!" Turaga Duma said.
"Yes!" Nokama said.
"Lewa you can be the Toa Nuva's team Leader." Turaga Duma said.
Lewa started dancing around.
"OK...Metru team over to the left side." Turaga Duma said.
The Toa Metru walked over to to the left side of the room.
"And Nuva Team over to the right side of the room." Turaga Duma said.
"OK get ready!...Ready, Set, GO!" Turaga Duma said.
Lewa threw a Dodge Ball/ Water Balloon filled with peanut butter at Nokama.
"Everyone focus fire on...Kopaka and Lewa!" Nokama said And Picked a water balloon up and threw it at Lewa.
"HA!...Revenge is mine!" Nokama said.
"Oh no you don't once my team falls it will only be you and me and you will fall with your team mates." Lewa said.
"You do Know we're right next to you?" Gali said.
"No but you will fall to because your a girl you won't last a second on the Dodge Ball field!" Lewa said.
"Hey Nokama!...Lewa says because we're Girls we won't last a second here!" Gali said.
"Hey...That's not what I said!" Lewa said.
"As Team leader I order all of you...Except Vakama...To quit!" Nokama said.
"Good this was boring any way." Nuju said dropping a water balloon on the floor.
"Great who do think has to clean this up!" a Alien Janitor said moping the floor.
"Your gonna go down...there are more Toa on my team!" Lewa said.
Gali walked over to Nokama.
"Two Toa on your team must quit to even the odds." Turaga Duma said.
"Um...the Black one and the brown one have to quit." Turaga Duma said.
They walked away whistling.
"OK sister...and Vakama... throw like you've never thrown before!" Nokama said.
Nokama threw two water balloons at a time at Lewa.
Lewa dodged them and threw one at Nokama.
Nokama narrowed her eyes.
"Everyone focus fire on Lewa!" Nokama said.
*two seconds later*
Lewa narrowed his eyes with peanut butter dripping down his face.
Jelbie and Jolbie walked into the room.
"Why is he covered in peanut butter?" Jelbie asked.
"Because that's what the dodge balls were filled with." Lewa said.
"Uh...but I thought you said that, uh they were filled with pepper." Jolbie said.
" I said that we should be moving on to the third fun room." Jelbie said.
The Toa and Turaga Duma walked out of the room.
"So what is the third room?" Lewa asked wiping peanut butter off of himself.
"Here's a towel, the third fun room is...Well you don't want to know it's kinda creepy." Jelbie said.
"Come on what is it?" Lewa asked.
"It's... it's... it's a Dramatic love secne room." Jelbie said.
"So that means only four toa go in." Lewa said.
"Yep and the girls have to choose who go in with them." Jelbie said.
"So what will we do I mean me Matau and the others...not Vakama or Tahu... I mean I don't like sitting around here bored." Lewa said
"How do you know who the girls will choose?" Jolbie asked.
"Cause every girl toa chooses a Fire toa." Lewa said.
"Um...who said I like Tahu?" Gali asked.
"It's just what happens." Lewa said grinning.
"No actually I was going to choose Kopaka." Gali said.
"OK...this is what you have to do." Jelbie said "Catch a girl as she falls, Kiss a girl and eat food by a candle lit table for two."
"I think I'm gonna puke." Lewa said.
"Oh then get away from me." Tahu said.
"OK there's the room." Jelbie said pointing to a room.
Nokama pushed Vakama into the room.
"No please!...I honestly don't know why I'm fighting because I've always wanted to go on a date with Nokama...No Please!" Vakama said.
"Come on Kopaka." Gali said while walking into the room.
Kopaka shrugged and walked into the room.
"So what do we get to do?" Lewa asked.
"Wanna play chess?" Jelbie asked.
"No.." Lewa said.
"How about a game where Kings battle other kingdoms and pawns take knights!...I think it was something like that." Jelbie asked.
"Sure, where is it?" Lewa asked.
"It's over there." Jelbie said pointing.
"What about me?" Turaga Duma asked "I don't want to play Chess."
"How did you know it was Chess?" Jelbie asked.
"CHESS!" Lewa yelled.
"I've heard the speech before." Turaga Duma said.
"Darn." Jelbie said.
Lewa narrowed his eyes.

*Dramatic Love Secne Room.*

"Catch me Kopaka!" Gali said falling.
Kopaka started whistling.
Gali fell to the floor.
"Kopaka!" Nokama said hitting him on the head with the platinum spoon with the words 'Property of Nokama, DA SPOON OF DOOM!' engraved in it.
"Kopaka you know what these are?" Nokama asked holding out her hands.
"Um...Hands." Kopaka said.
"That's right and you were supposed to catch Gali with them!" Nokama said.
"REALLY?" Kopaka asked "I didn't know you could do that with hands!"
"OK Vakama your going to catch me right?" Nokama said walking up to the stand.
"Duh!" Vakama said.
"OK here I come." Nokama said.
Vakama held his hands out and caught her.
"My hero!" Nokama said girlishly and kissed Vakama.
Kopaka's face turned green.
"Kopaka you still have to catch me." Gali said angrily.
"OK." Kopaka said shrugging.
Gali walked up to the stand and fell.
Kopaka caught her.
"Wow that was easy." Kopaka said.
"Where's the staples button when you need it." Gali said.
The door opened and Turaga Duma walked in.
"I was just wonderin..." Turaga Duma started to say then stammered off as he saw he was in the Dramatic Love Room.
Turaga Duma ran out with his face green.
"OK now you have to kiss me so we can have a Romantic candle lit dinner for two." Gali said Dreamily.
Kopaka kissed her then dropped her as he saw Lewa had been watching the whole time.
"WOW!" Lewa said "This was better then chess."
Kopaka sent Lewa a death glare.
"I have become immune to your death glares Kopaka." Lewa said.
Kopaka sent Lewa a girly death glare.
"OK that was creepy," Lewa said "I don't think I'm immune to that one...yet."
Lewa left the room and closed the door.
"Kopaka!" Nokama yelled at him and hit him on the head with the platinum spoon with the words 'Property of Nokama, DA SPOON OF DOOM!' engraved in it.
"You did it again!" Nokama said "You dropped Gali!"
"Yeah but Lewa wa..." Kopaka started to say.
"I don't care!" Nokama said "If you like someone who you had just caught because she was falling, you do not drop her!"
"Oh so for instance if I caught Lewa because he was falling I could drop him because I don't like him?" Kopaka asked.
"Yeah." Nokama said.
"Or Turaga Duma because he's getting on my nerves." Kopaka said.
"Yeah...wait WHATY!" Nokama yelled.
"Um...what does whaty mean?" Kopaka asked.
"Oh nothin I just made it up." Nokama said.
"Why would you drop Turaga Duma, he is an elder!" Nokama said.
"I know but he has secret stashes of frying pans, spoons, rolling pins, hair pins, and alot more...and he picks on Toa with them." Kopaka said.
"Oh that's not good..." Nokama said "I'm a Toa."
"Well I'm sorry but I'm hungry and there is food waiting rigt over there." Gali said getting up.
"Oh yeah." Kopaka said.
The toa walked over to there tables which had Goo Cookies piled on a plate.
"I'm not eating those." Gali said.
"Oh well we might as well leave this room." Kopaka said walking to the door.
"Oh well." Gali said.
The toa walked over to the door opened it and walked out.
"Hey look there back!" Lewa said.
Tahu narrowed his eyes at Kopaka.
"Ohhh...some one jealious!" Lewa said.
"Oh shut up." Tahu said.
Jelbie walked over to the toa.
"What are you four doing out of the room?" Jelbie asked.
"saying how jealious we are." Lewa said.
"Oh OK." Jelbie said "So if you will just follow me to the fourth fun room."
"Yepie!" Lewa said girlishly.
Jelbie opened the door to the fourth room.
"By the way this fun room is an acting fun room, Me and Jolbie will be watching you from up there." Jelbie said pointing at a window.
"Oh you mean I get to act!" Lewa said "My life long dream gets to come on!"
"Wha..." Nokama said.
"I think he means Come True." Nuju said.
"Oh." Nokama said.
Tahu walked over to a pile of swords.
"These are worthless." Tahu said picking one up.
Tahu turned on a chain saw.
"Whered you get that?..." Kopaka asked nervously.
Tahu grinned evily.
"Uh...Kopaka you better run." Lewa said backing away slowly.
"Um I have a question." Nokama asked.
"What?" Jelbie asked.
"Are the cameras rolling?" Nokama asked with Kopaka tearing Tahu apart in the background.
"" Jelbie said.
"Another Question." Nokama said.
"What?" Jelbie asked.
"Why are you using black and white film cameras?" Nokama asked with Tahu screaming for his life in the background.
"What other types of cameras are there?" Jelbie asked.
"Wow you haven't evolved much." Lewa said.
"I have a Question!" Nuju said.
"What now..." Jelbie said.
"What type of battery does your space ship run on?" Lewa asked.
"We don't have any battery." Jelbie said.
"Then how is the space ship running?" Lewa asked.
"Oh that's simple...Flea power." Jolbie said.
Kopaka stopped tearing Tahu to peices and looked up at the window.
"You don't use batterys!" The ripped up Tahu yelled.
"Nope now get back to acting!" Jolbie said "We haven't finished the tests yet, and decided if we should take over your planet."
The Toa and Turaga Duma just looked at the aliens.
Jelbie hit Jolbie.

To Be Continued...

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