Author's Note: Yeah, I finally gave into guilty pleasures and plot bunnies to write a Battle Force Five fic! Man, I love that show … =P Anyway, the story takes place relatively soon after the events of the Season 1 finale, in case you cared to know. (When the hell are they gonna show up with Season 2, anyway? I can't take the suspense much longer!)

Disclaimer: I do not own the franchise in any way, shape, or form; I merely screw it up for my own twisted purposes. Original characters/ story concepts are mine.


The night around the desert town was quiet and dark, as it usually was after dusk. Most of the residents were gone for the time being, or else just asleep, so when the figure flitted by their windows on the way out towards the sands, no one took any notice – or if they did, they dismissed it as a trick of their sleepy eyes, rolled over, and drowsed off again.

Under the cold light of the moon and stars, the figure stumbled out towards the outskirts, glazed eyes fixed on the horizon. She had to keep going; her mission depended on her endurance. Yet, even though her will was strong and dictated a stern Move! orderto her body, the body itself replied with a peevish energy drain to her systems.

Finally, she could take little more and slumped down on a dune, her legs almost having the mental consistency of rubber. Soft gasps ran out of her mouth as artificial lungs tried desperately to generate a big enough charge to give her the strength to move on, but it was five Earth minutes before she finally hauled herself back to her feet.

The runner was small, almost the size of the average Human ten-year-old. Her face and body were almost petite, with a base expression that exuded innocence like a hot s'more exuded gooey melted marshmallow and chocolate. Her eyes gave off the only other light visible to the desert sands, a beautiful violet shade that – upon first glance – seemed to lack pupils.

I must keep going. I must find them. Mistress is relying on me.

Grimly, she pushed on, ignoring her dying power source. She had faced other threats to her internal power in the Zones, and she had pulled through to recharge herself and continue her mission. She would do the same here, by the Keymasters!

As if to accent her conviction, an internal beeping sent an alert to her synthetic mind. Her scanners had picked up a large power source just under a mile away. Smiling slightly, she pulled herself together and pushed on; her internal charge would be just enough to get her to the power source. After she reached it, she would hack it, refuel herself, and then continue her search.

Her feet sank into the loose sands, and she pulled them free easily; she was just glad that she was lighter than a carbon-based being, as opposed to the silicone-based being she was. Her artificial heart beat harder to keep up with her efforts, providing the initial charge for her body to generate movement, but her source was draining fast to keep her systems online. She had to move faster.

Not long after her scan had caught the energy source, its location came into view. It was a large building, not like some of the houses she had passed while moving through the town, but the power source was radiating directly from it. Shrugging, she moved right up to it; if it could supply her with the power she needed, it would have to do, abnormal outward appearance or not.

There was a small window that was ten feet above her head, but that was no challenge to the nimble female. Her fingers and toes found ample purchase on the walls and glass, and before long her body was squeezing through the gap and dropping down to the floor.

It was still dim inside, lit only by a single dying lightbulb. However, her systems were built to accommodate the challenges of different enviroments, and she adjusted herself to further adapt to the darkness. With a scan with her night vision, she quickly noticed a door; x-ray vision indicated that there was a stairway going down behind it.

The door smoothly opened at her touch, satisfaction filling her as she passed through the portal. She would refuel and continue her mission, because it had to succeed. She carried on not because of fear of her mistress, but of fear for her mistress. As she continued down the stairs and through the halls that the steps gave way to, the words she had picked up on before she and the mistress had parted ways continued to haunt her. It had not been said, per se, but she had felt it in the air and in the words she had actually spoken.

If I don't find the Five soon, all the Mistress has worked for will fall to ruin.


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