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Summary: a simple summer trip becomes exciting quickly when Neil Van Der Mewre unexpectedly ends up on Christopher's home planet. The Euphoria doesn't last.

Warning: language, possibly slash at the end of the story.

Disclaimer: the possible slash in the story doesn't imply anything about me personally.


"Dad explain to me again why we're going to the airport" Tania asked her father again.

They had been stuck in traffic for the last hour now and it was starting to get hot. Piet Smit had asked the driver to put the A/C on but it didn't seem to do any good.

"Because Neil's parents had him come over from the States" Smit said. "I know this whole Wikus situation is still upsetting you, but I think having family come over might help your mood".

Tania sighed. It was true that she hadn't had any contact with her husband for almost a year. Yet for some reason she felt that having Wikus' seventeen year old rebel of a nephew fly in from the states was the wrong way of lifting her mood. She had stayed up for hours during the night hoping news would come about him. The metal flowers that were appearing at her front porch were now becoming so infrequent that she was starting to lose hope that he was still alive. Now that her nephew was coming to visit over the summer, she was so conflicted that she wondered what would happen if Wikus did return and he was seen by his own family.

Eventually, they managed to arrive at the airport. Neil's plane was supposed to arrive at 12:15, which gave them an hour to park the limo, walk to the terminal, and wait for him. Finally the flight landed and in fifteen minutes came walking toward them… or at least being dragged by two security guards who had somber expressions on their faces. Tania quickly ran over to them.

"What's wrong with him" Tania asked, panic starting to appear evident in her voice.

"Massive jetlag" one of the guards said. "Apparently he wasn't able to get enough sleep on any of the three flights he was on".

"Ah" Tania said as Piet finally appeared by her side. Along with the security guards they got his passport stamped at customs, picked up his luggage, and made their way back to the limo. They carefully laid him down on the seat so that he wouldn't fall off if they made any sudden stops. Once they arrived at Tania's house, they carried him up to Tania's bedroom, took of his shoes and socks and laid him down on the bed.

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