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I feel kinda sad having to end the story. But I have other ideas I want to try out so I have to end it at some point


*Are you sure this is what you want son* Myraxia asked his son.

*Yes dad, this is what I want* Chris said.

Myraxia, Xaxiav, Chris, Neil, and the kids were standing outside the mansion. It had been several months since Poleepkwana and it was now time to go back. While the majority of Poleepkwa had elected to return to their own world, a lot of them, including Chris, Ron, and Gabriel, had started families with humans and therefore couldn't make the trip for that reason.

*Well if you want to stay here, I won't stop you* Myraxia sighed. *I just wish you would be able to take over the throne when I pass on*.

*Don't worry, sir* Xaxiav said. *Chris agrees that I'll be more than able to rule when you're done*.

*I know* Myraxia said. *Well, goodbye my sons*.

Myraxia hugged both of his sons, said goodbye to his grandkids, and went into the drop ship along with Xaxiav and Mivalix. The drop ship returned to the Mother ship, which in turn left to return to the fleet of ships orbiting above the planet. Once it was out of sight, Neil, Chris, and the slowly made their way inside, where everyone was waiting.

"Well this has to feel very bittersweet for you guys" Shawn said.

*Yeah* Chris nodded.

"Don't worry man" Wikus said. "Things will turn out all right".

Chris nodded, knowing that as long as he had Neil, the kids, and his friends with him, he was going to be fine.

Well, this is the end

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