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: fluffyandkagura

If you haven't checked out her Inception fics you should.

It's been five years since the Inception. The Fischer Company disband and so had our group. Cobb got back safely as I predicted. Being right is fun and allows for bragging rights even though after the Inception there was no one to brag to about it too. I became an architect for Studio Arthur Casas in New York. About a year after the Inception I decided to draw out all of the patterns I used for the Inception. I'm sure Cobb and Arthur would reprimand me for it as some security issue or another but I need to remember it happened. I need a solid reminder I didn't make up all of that in my head… a reminder he existed. Until that day in my cubical, I struggled to even believe I hadn't made up the perfect man for me.

"Ariadne, you have a call on line two. Ariadne, line two please," Ms. Akio said in a cheery voice over the intercom. I sighed and again wished the sweet little Japanese woman would just transfer the call to my phone. I picked up the receiver and pressed the "Line 2" button.

"Hello Studio Arthur Casa, Ariadne speaking."



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