The Road Taken

A/N: While this is a fanfic based on the movie "Wild Hogs" it is neither a comedy nor has any of the four main characters appearing. The focus lies on Jack (Ray Liotta's character) and the rest of the Del Fuegos.

Chapter 1 - Cut off

The roaring of the engines that accompanied them was frightening to many people. The Del Fuegos themselves barely noticed it any more. They gotten used to it. The only thing that startled them, was if someone did not re-act the accustomed way once the sound of their colon moving down the road was heard. Usually, they got out of the way.

Jack saw the figure ahead. A tall lone figure that stood up after sitting previously under a self-made shelter from the sunlight that consisted of a blanket that was thrown over two open car doors. Obviously, someone this was someone whose car had broken down. 200 miles from civilization it certainly was not a good spot, but usually people waited for someone else to pass by. This figure remained on the road.

The first feeling of annoyance passed as soon as Jack realised that the person in trouble was not just women - she was the true definition of what he would call a "hot chick". He was certainly not going to leave her roasting in the hot afternoon sun. He signalled the others to slow down, using the chance to take an even closer look her. She wore brown leather boots with high heels that left just her knees out, the rest of her fabulous legs was also covered by some beige short pants. Once he had stopped beside her, he could see a dark bra shimmering beneath the loose white blouse she wore.

It was also apparent that she was nervous. That was expected, considering that she was surrounded over by two dozen bikers who habitually let the engines roar even louder before it finally stopped. The Del Fuegos were an intimidating sight without noises. It was not just their numbers, the black leather outfits and the tattoos. They all were not afraid to head into a fight, most of them had their share of broken noses and bruised faces in their past.

Jack had the impression that she wanted to say something but hesitated. He sort of enjoyed it. She had taken a few steps back and was now leaning against the fender of the grey Pontiac.

"What seems to be the trouble?" he asked her.

She ignored the mocking sound of his voice. "Well, as you probably guessed, the car broke down and neither the rentals 24-service line nor the emergency service answered any of my calls. On top of that I lost reception about 5 hours ago. An hour ago my cell battery gave up."

A few of the Del Fuegos laughed as she mentioned the time.

"5 hours? How long have you been sitting here?" Jack wondered himself.

"Actually, the car broke down yesterday around 8 pm So about 20 hours, you are actually the first to come by - so be really grateful if you could give me a ride to the next place with a phone and some food."

The initial amusement about her situation seemed to have left the bikers. Being stuck in this desert land for that long was not really that funny.

"You could not reach anyone? Are you sure how to use a cell?" Murdoc interrupted them saying loud what some of the others were already mumbling about.

"Yeah, cause maybe she forgot to switch it on", Red said.

Jack turned and was considering a straight punch to the jaw but decided it was not worth it this time. He looked again at her, this time focusing more on her face than the shape of her body. She looked exhausted. Even though she had build a little shelter from the sun, she had still suffered from the heat. She did not even bother to reply with a comeback although it seemed she had one ready. Now, she was to tired and too much in distress to go for a confrontation.

"I did reach a couple of answering machines - in fact I was getting the feeling that I am stuck in a bizzare Twilight Zone episode."

She seemed more uncertain of the situation with every second that passed. Not that she had any reason to, Jack had already decided to take her along. He had considered to take a bit longer to interview her but decided against it. This was not the situation for it, maybe if he had passed her shortly after the car died.

"Well, I could take a look and see if can fix the car", Murdoc offered.

'Oh damnit, no', Jack thought.

Sometimes he wondered if any of the Del Fuegos ever thought before speaking. He did not want the car to be fixed - he wanted to take her along. Now, that the offer was made, he could hardly say something against it.

"Thanks for the offer, but I am afraid the problem is nothing that can be fixed here - believe me, I know enough about cars to know as much."

"Yeah, how come?" Murdoc wanted to know.

"What does it matter?" Jack interrupted. "These modern cars always need to be towed. Now, if you do want to a ride - you can climb on."

"Thanks", she said noticeably relieved.

Quickly, she threw her sun shelter onto the back seat and grabbed a backpack that obviously contained a notebook. Then she slammed the doors shut, locked it with one click on the key and put her backpack on before climbing behind Jack onto his bike.

He liked the fact how she wrapped her arms around him and pressed against his back. It was a definite improvement to an already enjoying ride. He was not sure how she felt about this, especially once he took her to the bar. It was not exactly civilization and still a bit out of everyone's way - but it matched the criteria she had mentioned.

Jack wondered if he should tell her to hold on but considering she was already, he just started the engine and the others followed suit. They started up again and continued down the road.