Sirius was walking through Diagon Alley doing his Christmas shopping. As he was leaving one store he nearly bumped into someone coming in. He stopped and held the door open. Andromeda looked up to see her cousin Sirius Black holding the door open for her.

"Sirius, when did you get into town?" she smiled.

"Andy." Sirius greeted her warmly, "I just got in today, I've missed you."

Andromeda hugged him, "I haven't missed being called Andy. But otherwise I've missed you too. Any improvement on the situation you're working on?"

"Well enough that I get to come back for visits from time to time." Sirius shrugged, "How's Ted and Nymphadora?"

"She'd hex you if she heard you say that name." Andromeda smiled, "They're both fine. She'll get home from school in a couple days. Are you going to come by for a visit?"

"I may be able to squeeze something in." Sirius said, "I'll wait for Nym to get home then I'll be by. I'm a bit busy for the next couple of days."

"Come for Dinner on Friday." Andromeda said.

"I'd be delighted." Sirius hugged her again, "I have to run but I'll see you on Friday."

Sirius returned to Hogwarts when his shopping was complete. He had just got sat down when Harry and Ginny jumped on him, "Where'd you go?"

"Christmas shopping." Sirius said.

"Did you buy me anything?" Harry grinned.

"Why would I get my Godson a present when he won't even hug me after I've been gone for the whole day." Sirius pretended to be offended.

Harry hugged him tightly, "Now did you get me anything?"

"Maybe." Sirius laughed.

Harry and Ginny set to tickling Sirius as he tried to tickle the two of them back. He was interrupted when the fire flared and Albus walked in.

"Hello Sirius, where are James and Lily?" he asked.

"They're almost ready." Harry said, "They'll be out in a few minutes."

"Good. Sirius has Harry brought you up to speed on what's going on today?" he asked turning to the adult.

"No, I've just gotten back." Sirius said.

"Bill, Charlie and Percy listened to Harry and started training their friends." Albus said, "I had them create a school club where anyone can join and get physical training. Right now it's being led by Bill, next year will be Charlie. Only twenty or so have wanted to join. And of that we have five that want to support Harry in some fashion."

"What do they want to do?" Sirius asked.

"The five are all from light families." Albus explained, "In fact one or both of their parents have been in the Order. They had said how they wish there was something that they could do to help Harry fight Voldemort like their parents did before. These five have made a study group with Bill, Charlie and Percy they're working on magic advanced for their level."

"What are we going to do about this?" Sirius asked.

"I think they would be good additions to the family." Albus offered, "James would like a vow of some kind but I would hate to leave a child without magic, accidents happen."

"How about a parchment vow." Sirius said, "If they sign the document they are promising not to tell and if they do they lose their voice or sprout acne or something that will really upset a teen. Include that when they come of age the parchment will change to a wizards vow, without the need to repeat it."

James walked in as Sirius was talking, "I like it and Harry's protected."

"Ok." Albus agreed, "It should be ready by the meeting. I'll just be off."

"When's the meeting, what's it about and do I have to be there?" Sirius asked.

"Seven, us and yes." James said.

"We're going to meet the five people who want to help and provide them with a lesson plan." Harry said, "We're having the meeting in the come and go room. The day we left at the end of summer Ron and Neville were playing hide and seek with the twins. Neville hid so good no one could find him for about thirty minutes."

"When Bill and I found him he was just leaving the room." Ginny continued the story, "Bill had never seen that door before and said so and after Neville let it close it disappeared. We got Granddad Al and showed him and he realized what Neville had found. Now we can get into it at any time. We can meet there tonight and none of the wrong students will see us."

"I can't believe it." Sirius said, "We searched for that room the entire time we were here and never found it. Where is it?"

"Seventh floor, near the tapestry with the ballet dancing trolls." Remus said.

"No way." Sirius said, "That's the hall with my favorite broom cupboard."

"The room becomes anything you want it to." Harry laughed, "Maybe it is your favorite broom cupboard."

"That would serve you right." James laughed.

Later that night the Potters met the Longbottoms and Weasleys on the seventh floor, Sirius was relieved that it wasn't his favorite broom cupboard. Albus was also there and he held open the door for all to enter. He stayed by the door until Minerva got there with five students. Four boys entered and then one girl. Sirius couldn't believe it, the girl was none other than his own cousin Nymphadora Tonks sporting a head of hot pink hair.

She spied Sirius standing in the corner, ran to him and threw her arms around him, "Sirius, I didn't know you'd be here."

Sirius laughed and hugged her back, "What a coincidence Nym, I didn't know you'd be here either."

"Don't call me that," Tonks frowned, "I go by Tonks."

"Ok lets have some quiet and we will start." Albus called. Other than Nymphadora the students were, Barnaby Catlock, Roger Dearborn, Reggie Dingle and Kirk Taylor.

"The people you see here are members of an organization dedicated to supporting Harry Potter and fighting against Voldemort and his supporters." Albus said, "If you decide not to join us tonight you will have the events of this evening obliviated. To join you must sign this parchment. The parchment vow becomes a wizards vow on your seventeenth birthday at that time if you choose to stop association then you just can't say anything about any secrets you learned which include what, how and why you learned advanced magic."

Tonks raised her hand and Albus motioned for her to ask her question, "What will be expected of us if we join?"

"Excellent question." Albus said, "You will train. You will learn to protect yourself and others. You will learn to fight. You will not be asked to fight until you are out of school."

"Why not open this to everyone?" Roger asked.

"We do not wish to train Voldemorts supporters." James said.

"Who is the leader?" Kirk asked.

"In your training Bill will be your leader." Albus said, "The teachers here will assist if needed. The head of the organization is currently James Potter."

"Does the leader change?" Tonks asked.

"I am the temporary leader." James said, "When he is ready Harry will take over."

Each of the five teens signed the parchment, Albus said, "Welcome to Familia De Lumen. Your first lessons will start when you return to school. Be sure to continue your physical exercise that you do with the Fit Club."

"Familia De Lumen, that's the Family of Light right?" Tonks asked.

"It is." James said, "That is the name of our group we are a family. Lily, Sirius, Remus, Frank, Alice and I were in school together. Arthur and Molly we met because Ron is Harry and Neville's age. We have been friends since the boys were about a year old."

"Several of us have nicknames." Sirius said, "We use these nicknames during training times and anytime we have an issue come up."

"Each person will divulge their nickname as they feel comfortable with you." Albus said, "I am referred to as Granddad Al. Only call me that in private. If you need to have a private family related chat tell me or one of the other teachers here in this room that you want to speak to your Granddad."

"How do we get a nickname?" Reggie asked.

"You will be able to choose one when the time is right." Albus said, "We want to find out more about you and your magic first. For tonight we will be paring you with an adult and we will determine your strengths and weaknesses so that we can make a lesson plan for you."

Later just as the other students were leaving Tonks cornered Sirius, "Can you tell me about where you've been? Mum keeps telling me you're away on Ministry business. But now I'm thinking that's just a cover story."

"My nickname is Padfoot, because I am an animagus dog." Sirius said, "I left the ministry the day the Longbottom's were attacked. I went with James and Lily into hiding. We are protecting Harry. We are here just for Christmas and are staying here at Hogwarts. We will return to our other home when the students return for classes."

"But why are you hiding him? Voldemort is still hurt right?" Tonks asked full of concern.

Remus put a hand on her shoulder to calm her, "We don't know how long Voldemort will be gone. We don't want him sneaking up on us."

"I guess I can understand that." Tonks said.

"I'm glad you've joined the Family." Harry said, "You're Charlie's friend right?"

Tonks smiled at the little boy beside her, "Yes I am."

"Are the others in Gryffindor too?" Harry asked.

"The boys are but I'm in Hufflepuff." She explained.

"Wow." Harry exclaimed, "How did you find out about this?"

"I'm a bit of a klutz." Tonks laughed, "When they offered a club on physical fitness I thought it might help me with my balance. So far I still fall all the time but I'm hopeful with this additional training it might help."

"I have an idea for you." Harry pulled her over to an area with lines drawn on the floor, he said, "First hold in your stomach and stand up straight with your shoulders back. Now without looking at your feet take small steps to walk this line. Look straight ahead and let your peripheral vision find the line."

She didn't trip but she did lean to one side or the other most of the way.

"Keep that up it may not cure you but it should help." Harry offered.