In the beginning you were there

{Like a dream}

Every morning I would see your face

{Nothing pleased me more}

You was the hunter I was the prey

{You told me you enjoyed the chase}

Your love was plain to see

Your devotion amazed me

It was something I took for granted

I thought in the middle we would have no end

Not the end where it all stops

You made me feel special

And to me you would always be there

Hand in mine

Arms wrapped around me

Eyes following me

Until you asked for something back

Something I couldn't give

And you told me it was okay

And I believed you knowing it was a lie

Knew the sound of your cries

Recognized the look in your eyes

You were there in the beginning

I tried to meet you in the middle

And you gave me my ending

It was too late

I thought I would give you time

See you running back

Give you all my love

Really make you mine

It was something I took for granted

We had the beginning

Destroyed the middle

The ending took you away from me

I won't forget the feel of your skin

The softness of your touch

The taste of your lips

The goodness of your love

Our ending won't begin

Because our beginning never ended