I hope everyone is GLAD that the sequel to Iron Heart is here. It's taken me a while to decide everything that I wanted to do with this book and I think I've gotten a good scope for my storyline. However, before I begin, I'd like to put out some thanks to my readers. SPECIAL THANKS TO: ShellyStark, Elisabpshady, Thesilverfilmreel, StarkObssessed, Tonystarkmyhero, Phennie, XxThe Penny TreasurexX, Thatpersonwhoisthatperson, Mi16, dlb42694, BoothNBrennanAlexaDYE, Senkiro Wolf, IncognitoWriter, MoonStarRose, Natvv, mmkfire, Alexis, lovetonystarkandwolverine, Chronoskat, saichick, and CrazyKatChan07. I felt these people were owed special thanks for commenting liberally and being there from beginning to end.

So on with Iron Vows!

OH! And by the way, Iron Vows was not my invention. The winner of the TITLE contest is ShellyStark! Great job, thanks for all the great ideas!


Life moved on just like it always had for Tony Stark. But it was also different.

Coming home to Pepper Potts made all the difference. However, it was different kind of coming home. Not coming home to business Pepper, telling him everything he needed to do and needed to go and how much everyone was mad or happy with him. No, that was of the past.

When he came home, Pepper was there, happy he was home and would run to him and ask him about his day. It was rather weird. And he liked it. But today, Tony Stark was going to see Pepper at Stark Industries. Since she was stepping down as CEO, the company was in a scramble to find a new one, and Pepper was helping. No one except the two of them, and Shelly and Rhodey knew about the two of them being engaged. It was too soon. People would talk, tongues would waggle, and they would come up with crap to throw at Pepper about stepping down to marry Tony.

Being Iron Man hadn't been easy to balance with his new engagement. Nick Fury had him running about, as usual, but Tony found himself turning down more and more missions to be with his fiancé. Which was good, and was bad, and made him feel better and worse and guilty and truly happy.

This time he had to go with he knew was right, and he knew it was right to marry Pepper.

Pepper's office, formerly his own, was silent. Turning the handle slowly, Tony entered her office. She was sitting at the computer, biting her lips nervously, and had one hand tangled in her copper hair.

"Tony!" she looked relieved and surprised at his presence. "What…What are you doing here?"

"I can't come down to visit my fiancé?" Tony held up a bottle of Dr. Pepper, her favorite drink.

"Shhh!" Pepper gave him a smoldering glare. "Remember?" Tony grinned and shut the door behind him.

"Why so moody? Are you pregnant or something?" A teasing laugh slid between Tony's lips against his will. Pepper chunked a pencil at him and narrowed her eyes.

"Tony," there was the Pepper Pitch. Tony couldn't remember a time that tone hadn't sent chills down him.

"God, Pep, we haven't had sex. Who's baby is it?" he swaggered to desk and leaned on the edge coyly.

"I'm not pregnant," Pepper said.

"Well, maybe we should have sex, just to make sure if you are pregnant, that it's mine,"

Pepper threw a pen at him this time.

"I'm working!" she sniffed, letting her eyes wander back to the computer screen.

"Hey, me, too," Tony threw his hands up.

"The stapler's coming next time," Pepper held up the named object threateningly.

"Okay, okay," Tony retreated like a wounded puppy. "I wouldn't want to make you miscarry."

"Tony!" Pepper yanked at her hair. "You are impossible!" Tony loved this game. Tease her, she got angry. Angrier she got, the more worked up he got, and the more worked up he got, the more he teased. Seeing her all sweaty and irritated really got him worked up.

"Whose baby is it?" Tony repeated the question, and barely managed to dodge an airborne handheld pencil sharpener. "I thought you were throwing the stapler."

"Don't tempt me," Pepper pursed her lips.

"Ooh, that's impossible," Tony trotted back to the desk and leaned over it, wiggling his eyebrows. Pepper came across the desk and grabbed him by his tie.

"Tony," she seemed angrier and somewhat ticked she had a tiger by the tie. "I am working, as I said."

"Are you pregnant?" Tony wouldn't give up.

"Wow, who is pregnant?" Rhodey asked from the doorway. Pepper released Tony.

"See, anyone could walk in," she hissed. Tony shrugged. "No one, Rhodey." Smiling sweetly, she made a motion that they were having a private conversation. Tony made a lunge to whisper something to Rhodey, but Pepper caught him by the tie again. He leaned as far as he could on his tether and said in a choked voice,

"Is it your baby?"

"My…what? Tony, what the hell are you talking about?" Rhodey frowned.

"Did you sleep with my fiancé?" Tony said with mock indignation.

"Tony, shut up!" Pepper jerked on his tie again.

"I'll make a quick exit," Rhodey began to close the door. "I didn't sleep with nobody, but the way things are going, I wouldn't be surprised if you two didn't get busy."

"See, Tony!" Pepper grabbed his face, gripping him by his cheeks, like a mother would a disobedient child. "You're sending the wrong message."

"Hey, I'll send whatever message I want with my fiancé," Tony made a kissing noise with his lips. Pepper fought back a smile.

"Okay," she released him and sauntered back to her desk. "I understand. You're having one of those days where you just want to annoy me. Won't work."

"Yesh," Tony grinned. "Yesh, it will." Pepper shot him a grimace.

"Why am I marrying you?" She threw up her hands again.

"For my body," Tony quipped, lifting his nose into the air nonchalantly. Finally, Pepper let lose, laughing.

"Tony Stark, you are…quite a piece of work," she silenced her laugh by biting her lips together.

"I know," he flexed his muscles with a coy grin.

"Okay, Iron Ego," she returned to his side, drinking in his amber eyes. "Miss Potts has to get back to work."

"You are working," Tony said.

"How?" Pepper asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, technically, you use more muscles to smile then to…uh…type. Yeah, type. So you're receiving a physical workout extraordinaire, cause you're laughing and talking, too, and grabbing my tie is a great workout, and so you've be better suited -"

His spiel was ended with Pepper snatching his tie and planting a kiss right on his lips. He returned the kiss eagerly, and his arms tightened around her waist. She deepened the kiss and he let out a small grunt of approval. He slowly turned her around to where she had her back to the wall and pressed her against it, forcing her to step closer to him. One of his hands still was tucked casually into his pocket, and Pepper had always loved it when he did that.

Tony pushed Pepper against the wall harder and flattened himself against her. Damn, if she didn't have that little pencil skirt on…Tony sighed inwardly.

Just as they began to slid down the wall and onto the floor, the door flew open. Pepper's young summer interns, a boy and girl only about 18 and 20 burst in. When they saw the episode taking place, they stopped cold. Tony pulled away just as Pepper gave him a hearty shove. He went stumbling back into her desk and slammed his head right into the edge. His feet flew up and knocked Pepper off her feet, and she came crashing down on top of him, knocking over the paper shredder. Little shreds of paper flew all over both of them.

Pepper's head finally rebounded against the desk, knocking a huge pencil holder down. Pens and pencils catapulted over the paper-shredded-splayed couple. There was a dead silence as Pepper and Tony stared, slightly dazed at the two interns.

The two interns stared for a second at the sexual posture the two had fallen into on the floor, peppered with bits of paper and writing utensils, then turned and fled.

Pepper was silent, and so was Tony. The two turned their heads to make eye contact, and Pepper let her head drop onto his chest. Her voice was muffled when she finally said,

"I told you."