Thanks for reading everyone! This is going to be like circa 2010...which really just means Emily is still in it. This one is non-slash and entitled "Accident."

There was no such thing as a good hostage situatuion, but when it was one of your own who was in danger the stakes became raised. No longer were you trying to protect unknown faces; you were trying to protect your friends – your family. The person inside the building...the one with the gun pointed at his head...he was not only a colleague but the person you went to when life became unbearable. So who were you supposed to talk to if something went wrong now?

"JJ do we have cameras in the building?" Agent Aaron Hotchner was always straight to the point; he never tried to sugar coat his questions. He was formidably strong yet undoubtedly charismatic. People listened to everything he said but it wasn't out of fear, it was out of respect. It was a quality that Reid had always admired.

"No..." her voice trailed off. Reid knew the statistics of hostage situations but this one was unique. The books say that 90 percent of all hostage situations end civilly but this Unsub was different than most, he was bipolar with sever delusional episodes.

Reid looked around at the members of his team. JJ and Emily were off to the side looking at a map of the building. The two of them were both so different but at the same time they added something similar to the team. They were strong and confident but took charge when others couldn't. Emily was tough and could handle herself in any fight. JJ added a sense of rationality and she could manipulate the media however she wanted. Suddenly a ringing phone interrupted his train of thought.

"Hello," said Reid as he answered his phone.

"Reid...please tell me he's going to be okay?" the voice on the other line was panicked and Reid could hear the congestion in her voice from crying.

"I don't know." He was numb.

"You know everything."

"I don't know, Garcia." She was the mother hen of the group, the team members were her surrogate children but when one of them was in danger she completely fell apart.

"Reid, listen to me. If there is anyone who can get him out of this situation it's you. I know you can do it. I know how your brain works. And I know you can save my..." she paused and Reid could hear her sniffle, she took a second to compose herself"...Reid, save my Hot Chocolate Honey Bear."

"I'll try." He hung up not knowing what else to say. A few feet away Rossi was talking to the Unsub over the phone and was trying to negotiate with him. It wasn't looking good. The Unsub was mentally unstable and couldn't be talked down. This would have to be a matter of force; either way it would end in some sort of violence.

He didn't want to be here. Morgan was the athletic one who could take down an Unsub in a matter of seconds and he was just the brains. He could tell you the entire blueprint of the building just from the three seconds he saw JJ and Emily looking at it but that's not what they needed now. Reid felt useless now; it was Morgan who needed to be here, not him.

When they were together as a team they were unstoppable but Morgan was on the other side of the wall with a gun pointed at his head. Reid ran a hand through his growing hair. He needed to think of something – anything. Suddenly he had a realization and quickly began searching the crowd of federal officers for Aaron.

"Hotch, let me go in." Reid said as he ran over to the older man.

"Reid, no. He's armed and dangerous, there's no way in besides the front and we can't..." Reid closed his eyes imagining the blueprint he had seen earlier, the date the building was structured was 1922 – maybe his brain wasn't so useful today after all...

"Yes there is! Yes there is!" he exclaimed quickly, "In the early 1920s Congress passed a law stating that buildings over three stories..." he was rambling as usual but there was no time for a history lesson "Look, there's a way I can get in. Just have Rossi keep talking to him, keep distracting him."


"Hotch, I know what I'm doing." He looked at his mentor, "Trust me."

"Rossi," Aaron called over, "Get the Unsub back on the line and don't let him hang up on you. Reid is going in."

Reid took a deep breath and walked over to the side of the building. In a matter of seconds he came across the door he was looking for – overgrown foliage and weeds had woven themselves around the door's base making it hard to open. He turned his shoulder and rammed the door causing it to finally give way.

Reid entered the room silently. In the middle of it Morgan sat handcuffed to an old broken chair. His had was drooping towards his lap; he looked defeated and exhausted. A few feet away the Unsub was yelling into a cell phone, a black revolver was being tightly gripped in his other hand. His back was facing the agents.

"Drop the gun." Reid commanded suddenly drawing the attention of the two men. The Unsub, suddenly aware of his presence, raised his gun and tried to fire. Reid closed his eyes, ready for the bullet's impact but quickly realized it wasn't coming. The gun had never been loaded.

"My name is Doctor Reid and I think that I can help..." but the man had already began to lunge himself at Spencer. He froze for a second, if Reid shot the gun now he would undoubtedly kill the man.

It all happened in a few split second: Spencer tucked the gun back into its holder, the Unsub swung and pushed him to the ground, Spencer could feel the blood poor from his nose – he wasn't going to give up – he stood and swung at the guy, the two of them fell hard on the concrete floor, Spencer pinned him to the ground, then Spencer was pinned to the ground, they rolled again, the Unsub hit him in the stomach – he screamed out as he heard the sound of his rib crack, adrenaline pumped through his veins, Spencer hit him the Unsub in the head, and then everything stopped. The man lay motionless on the ground. Reid's hand began to tremble and he froze.

"Reid, reach into his front left pocket – the keys to the handcuffs are in there."

"Morgan, I didn't mean to." Reid felt his cheeks burn and his eyes begin to water, "It was an accident."

"Reid what are you talking about?" Reid had walked over to Morgan and unlocked the handcuffs, "Pretty Boy, you saved my life."

"I killed him." Reid was zoned out looking at the unmoving form in front of him. He couldn't feel the pain in his abdomen or taste the blood in his mouth – he was stunned. Morgan stood up and walked over to the man.

"Reid..." Morgan examined the unconscious figure.

"He's dead, isn't he?"


"He was somebody's son and I..."


"Morgan I..."

"You knocked him out, that's all." Morgan said finally able to interrupt the boy, "He'll be fine."

Reid smiled with relief. Morgan placed an arm around the younger agent's shoulder, "I do have to say Kid, you have a pretty wicked right hook."

There you have it – kick ass Reid. Please let me know what you think.