The legend of the Stolen Hybrid


The legend of the Stolen Hybrid is set in an alternate universe where Raditz ended up taking Gohan and sparing Goku's life for he was not worth an honourable saiyan death in his point of view. Gohan was then trained to become a true warrior where he would make a legend out of himself with the help of his kidnappers. But one thing that the warrior wanted to do was return home to his parents.

Authors note: Okayy people, this was actually the first fanfiction that I wrote but I lost intrest then got it back again and then lost it once more and then got it back I got into writing All the little bit harder. So enjoy this story, I like it when people comment so don't hesitate there. Oh yeahh and this story goes onto diffrent peoples points of views so I'm warning you now before you get too confused with it. The chapters might be short to begin with and even though at the begining Gohan isn't in it that much, it's all about him and he will be the main character of this story. To make you less confused the change of point of veiws will be on diffrent pages but it's still in the same chapter as the one's before unless I tell you otherwise.



Chapter 1: The Greatest pain of all (Goku's point of view)

The pain of losing a loved one is the greatest pain of all. If they passed into the next dimension, you could always wish them back but only the once. The pain of being separated is far worse than almost losing a limb on a battle field. It felt as though my heart was split into two, a bullet lodged deep inside. He wasn't dead, just gone. Gone for what felt like an eternity. My son, my only son kidnapped by my own brother.

I remember him allowing me to live yet torturing me to watch. It was only yesterday where my life almost ended, in some ways it did. However I will fight for if I do I might be able to see him again. He was taken because I was too weak. I will prove to my brother that I am not weak but indeed strong. One day he will return, but for now I will live my life and train.

x... FLASHBACK ...x

I couldn't believe it with my own eyes. My son was powerful, he just done something that me and Piccolo could not accomplish; he damaged my so called brother. I discovered there and then that my boy had a hidden power. First I sensed his Ki start to rise but I ignored it because it felt as though Raditz was about to kill me and I was just imagining it. I screamed at the top of my lungs for the pain I was in was intense. Then something that was never meant to happen, happened. My son powered up and destroyed the space pod yet it didn't stop there.

My brother thought it would have been funny to stamp on me one more time. I screamed at the very top of my lungs, I saw the anger build up in Gohan's eyes. "Run Gohan, save yourself" I cried out. I didn't want him to see his own father's death and I certainly wanted him to live on. He didn't retreat, instead his Ki grew higher than mine and Piccolo's combined. It was even higher then my brother's. He launched himself at him; I felt the freedom as his foot left my broken chest.

However Gohan's power didn't last, it was lost quicker then what it came. Raditz recovered in a few minutes, by then Gohan was staring at the man. He was trembling all over; he showed signs of weakness but who could blame in. For a two and a half year old this boy showed skill's greater than anything else out there. If we made it through this, I would train him everyday instead of wasting such talent on becoming a scholar however a feeling deep down in my gut made me think that we wouldn't get out of this.

My brother then did the unforgivable and knocked out my son. I attempted to stand up but fell straight back onto the ground. Raditz roughly picked him up by his tail with his and laughed. He walked back over towards my weak body and kneeled down.

"Kakarot, you have disappointed me and the saiyan race. If only you were stronger like your son. Hah, I think I might spare your life." He smirked "You're not worth an honourable saiyan death; you're too weak my brother."

I lifted my head up again; my son was dangling by his tail. "What...are...yyoou going to do to ...hhhim?"

"He is coming with me" Was the last words I heard my brother say. He stood up seconds after and reached into his chest. He pulled out a capsule which wasn't of capsule corporation design; he threw it on the floor and an identical pod to the first one appeared. As he got into the pod with my son, I managed to stand up. I looked at the surrounding area and saw the beauty destroyed. Piccolo was laying about fifty feet away from me, barley hanging on.

My eyes moved towards the ship, the door slammed shut and suddenly blasted off. I stumbled a few feet before I cried out "Gohan". With my remaining strength used in calling for my son, I fell to the ground. It was hopeless. My son was gone and this was the first time in a while where I felt tears fill my eyes. Anger filled my heart. I was too weak to even move a muscle. I just rested on the floor hoping that someone would come and find me and I was right.

Even though I couldn't see it, I felt Bulma's plane vibrate the surrounding air. Now the only thing that rung through my head was Gohan and how I promised that I was going to be stronger. I was too weak to save my own son, I was a disappointment and I had let my wife down. She was always too protective over the little boy, he was her prized possession.

Now he's gone and it was all my fault. Maybe I should just give up with everything.