The Legend of the Stolen Hybrid


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Chapter fifteen- This is the end


Four days later, the Saiyan hybrid was running for his life on this planet. The purging mission wasn't going as well as the Saiyan's hoped and all of them arranged to meet at a certain point before they thought of their next plan of action. The remaining species on this planet were strong fighters, stronger than any other that Vegeta and the rest of the Saiyan's had encountered whilst on a purging mission before. From behind him, he heard the sound of leaves rustling as he carried on running, even to him running away seemed so wrong. It seemed so against him but after Vegeta's talk on the night they landed, the Saiyan species had to continue in some form or another. In this instance it was all right to run away instead of stay and fight, especially as his so called Prince gave him these orders.

A large Ki blast flew directly past the boy; the sheer energy of it caused the half breed to lose the balance on his feet, causing him to stumble on the ground. In all, this allowed the species to catch up and surround him. He was only just faster than them and that cheap stunt caused them to surround the young boy and put him in a situation he was unsure he could have gotten out of.

"Damn it!" The boy cursed under his breath as the leader of this group of creatures began circling him whilst he sat on the floor. The half-breed stared at the leader, images of his home and his parents spread across his mind as panic worked its way around his body. Was this it? Was he going to die before he returned home? He shrugged the thought off as he continued to stare at the man.

"Saiyan." The man hissed with a bitter distaste in his mouth, spreading his fingers as a ball of energy began to form in his hand. Gohan just lay there, shutting his eyes for a brief moment as he felt the energy ball move closer and closer. Thoughts of never seeing his parents again ran throughout his head as a single tear ran down the young boys face. He waited for death, he waited for the blast to come but there was nothing. He couldn't feel the blast of energy; he couldn't feel the presence of any life forms around him. It was then when he questioned whether he was still alive or dead?

Immediately he opened his eyes, instead of being on the woodland floor, he was sitting at the edge of the cliff miles above anything else. From what he could tell, he was a long way away from where he almost met his doom but how? Below he could see the tops of the high tree's, the colour of the leaves radiated as the sun pounced of it. From below he could hear a creature similar to birds on his planet whistle, it made him feel relaxed yet he knew he couldn't stay here. He had to return to the other Saiyan's but now he didn't know the direction he had to go. It wasn't until one of the tree's caught on fire, that he realised that one of the Saiyan's was down there. He just had to find a way down and to help him, even though he could fly, he didn't trust his abilities. Knowing his luck he'd land right in the middle of the creatures trying to defend themselves and their planet which would mean an instant death for the hybrid. He couldn't die yet, not till after he returns home and saw his parents once more.

His eyes still scanned the surroundings below him; he knew he had to leave now before it was too late for any of the other Saiyan's. Below him he watched as some of the trees became engulfed within golden flames, either one of the other Saiyan's caused a distraction or the other species were destroying one of him. He hoped this wasn't the case as he stood up and started descending down the cliff face, the best chance of survival he had was to keep running and not to sit around and wait for this powerful race to catch up with him. Quickly he scaled down the cliff face; it took him only a few minutes before he reached the bottom, from here he closed his eyes as he pictured the surrounding area within his head. He could sense that towards his left was a large number of unknown Ki's but to his right he could feel a slight trace of a familiar ki however it was only a minute amount, enough for the boy to sense that it was only lingering, holding onto a few strings of life.

That moment, Gohan knew he had to get to the weakened Saiyan before their enemies got to both of them. Survival was always more likely if you were in larger numbers; it meant that you wouldn't be hunted down one by one and destroyed instantly. At least in a group you could put up a fight but he was only a child and wouldn't stand half as much of a chance as one of the fully grown Saiyan's. The half breed began to run towards the right, there was a chance he could help the fallen warrior before it was too late for the both of them.


Nappa lay on the cool grass, clutching tightly to his lower stomach attempting to restrict the flow of blood from seeping out of the wound. Already he felt weaker; already his heart rate began to lower. Luckily he managed to cause a distraction and escape however it was a matter of time before they found the weakened Saiyan. He was just hoping one of the others would be able to find him first so he could make sure that they will always protect his daughter and granddaughter. The full blooded Saiyan just lay there, currently too weak to risk spilling more blood especially if the chances of finding another one of his kind were slim.

Still focusing on his other senses, he heard the sound of twigs crunching as light footsteps began to move closer and closer. The smell was familiar, almost Saiyan but it wasn't quite there yet. He knew who had come and it was Gohan, a small feeling of disappointment ran throughout his body as he realised that this could be the end of both him and the boy. How was the child going to get him to the meeting point without running into this other species? It was impossible. It was there when he realised that this was the end. The end for him and the end for Gohan if he didn't continue running, he needed the boy to survive so that he can always live up to his promise to Libyan and end up becoming the mate for his beautiful granddaughter.

"Nappa..." Gohan exclaimed as he ran into the open where Nappa's body lay. His eyes immediately looked at the pool of blood surrounding the older Saiyan.

"We need to get you up and meet with Vegeta and Raditz now,"

Nappa just chuckled as he watched the young boy attempt to pick him up but alas he wasn't strong enough to support the elder Saiyan's weight. Instead the boy just knelt against the older man.

"Leave, just get to Vegeta and Raditz before it's too late for you. The same fate shouldn't be in store for someone so young and with such great potential,"

Tears trickled down the full blooded Saiyan's face for the first time in a while; he grabbed onto the child's hands as he stared into his eyes.

"Tell Libyan my fate and how we were ambushed, please take her and Kasha with you and run from lord Frieza before he ambushes us again."

"What makes you think he ambushed us?"

"We should have realised this mission was a trap, normally we are given what species this is and their weakness. We were never given any of this information other then it could be tough."

"Nappa, save your energy." The boy pleaded, tears welled in his eyes as he moved his hand over to the bloody wound. "You need to wrap something around this to stop the bleeding."

"It's ..too late." He gasped. "Run Gohan, can't you ...Hear them coming?"

Gohan quickly turned his head around as he closed his eyes for a few seconds. He pushed his Ki out far enough to sense that Nappa was right, now the child began to panic. He couldn't leave his friend here to die, he had to stay and fight. It was against him to run in this case, he needed Nappa, they all did. Especially Libyan and all he wanted to do was make her happy. She was his best friend and it would break her heart if her father was to die right here and now. He couldn't let this happen, even though he was young and extremely unlikely to even get a hit on them, he had to fight. He was fighting for his survival and the survival of Nappa even though he knew he had no chance.

The boys eyes shot open, this time both him and Nappa were surrounded. The sun light glistened on their oily grey skin as the leader stepped forward once again, immediately recognising the boy from before.

"Before you die, tell me how you escaped once before?" The man hissed as though he was a snake. "We had you surrounded so you can't disappear especially with your friend in that condition."

"I don't know." Gohan growled defensively. "Did you do this to Nappa?"

The leader just laughed as Gohan moved into a defensive position, as the seconds past he felt Nappa become weaker and weaker yet the full blooded Saiyan still managed to stand up next to the boy and move into a defensive position.

"Run Gohan." He whispered under his breath however Gohan still stood in his stance.

"Save yourself kid."

"I'm not leaving you."

"I'm weak and will slow you down; I have just enough energy left to cause some damage but not enough to escape. Run while you still can kid."

The leader once again laughed. "How touching, he believes he can save the mini monster? We will catch up with him sooner or later so how about you just walk to your death now?"

"Never.." Gohan growled once again, the leader stepped forward a few steps as the boy continued to eye him up.

"The mini monster has no chance, I can sense your power level and it's not even close to my own or any of my kind." He chuckled, his eyes moved onto the full blooded saiyan.

"My battle will be much more thrilling with the injured one however I want this over with quickly so men, annihilate these two Saiyan's before we find the other two."

"Yes your highness."

The men simultaneously said in the same low pitched voice. They all moved closer, a demonic smile was on each of their faces as they passed their leader, it wasn't long before they launched their bodies towards the two Saiyan's. A smile stretched across the child's face as he raised his power level only slightly, quickly he dodged the first few attacks, getting in a couple of punches in the process. Nappa seemed to be doing well for someone who was bleeding heavily, Gohan released a small smile as one of the other species fists dived straight into the child's stomach with such force that it caused him to cripple over in pain.

It then happened so fast, he watched as one of their hands drove into Nappa's open wound, causing him for what could have been the first time to ever scream out in pain. The blood seeped out at a much faster pace as Gohan watched as the older saiyan fell to the floor. Tears welled in his eyes as he clenched his fists. The leader stared at the boy, intrigued by the sudden development; it was as though his power level rose higher than the other Saiyan.

"Run Gohan!" Screamed Nappa as the leader began charging an energy ball, within a few seconds the ball collided with Nappa as his life force began to disappear. Rage filled the young boy's heart, as he began to scream. His power level began to rise higher than a few of the weaker enemy warriors, his aura turned blood red as the pupils in his eyes disappeared.

"You will die." The child hissed, the leader watched as the boy stepped forward. It was as though he was a different person who had amazing strength for his age.

"You cannot defeat me boy, even if you watch all your friends die."

It was then when Son Gohan began to manically laugh, though half their size he stepped forward and most of the other aliens stepped back in fear. All except their leader shared the same thought, was this boy from the prophecy? The boy continued to laugh yet it began to slow down, it was then when his lips parted and a cold voice escaped which wasn't his own.

"This is the end of you."


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