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"Night Kevin,"

"Night dad"

"I love you"


"Of course I do," Kevin's father said to him

"But you're always in such a bad mood"

Kevin's father sat down by the bedside.

"I can be a bit of a hardass sometimes huh?"

"Well I wasn't going to exactly put it like that… but yeah"

Kevin's father laughed.

"I think that's because I know how hard life can be. I don't want you kids to think life is an easy ride because it's not always. Sometimes it can be a real struggle. Like when Karen died"

Karen was killed one day when she had skipped school and gone into the fields. It was 3 years ago.

"I still miss her," Kevin said

"And do you remember when I lost my job?"

"Yeah. That really sucked," Kevin admitted.

"So I guess I didn't want you kids growing up expecting things that wouldn't really be. I was trying to protect you and your brother and sister"

"It's my fault that Karen died!"

"What? Kevin it is not your fault"

"I knew she was skipping school and I didn't say anything"

"That doesn't make it your fault. Kevin there is only one person at fault for Karen's death and that was the bastard that killed her"

"Dad is the pain ever going to go away?"

His father put his hands on Kevin's shoulder.

"Do you when you were a little boy and you used to have a bad day at school or at home?"

"Yeah. I hated that"

"Did it get better?"

"Yeah but then I would have another bad day another day"

"Yes and it hurts when it happens but yes it does get better"

"So dad," Kevin said, "I think I know what I'm going to get you for your birthday"

"Oh do you," his dad said with a smile, "what is it?"

"It's something you want and it's something we all want"

"Well," Kevin's dad said, "if anyone can do that it's you. Night Kev"