That night Kevin couldn't sleep. He had so many thoughts flying through his mind. Suddenly he had some memories of his father. He remembered his father pushing him on a merry go round in a beach with Karen and Wayne. He could remember his father reading to him at night.

"What are you thinking about squirt," Wayne asked.
Kevin looked up.

"Did you know dad loves me," Kevin said.

"Of course," Wayne said, "You're his favorate. Why do you think I hate you?"

"Please. I am NOT his favorate and I wish that you didn't hate me. Dad loves you just as much as he loves me."

"Look Kev," Wayne said, "I do love you but at the same time I hate you. I was the first son. You came along and in my mind took everything from me. I felt like you were responsible for everything that happened to me. It wasn't fair. Things could have been better but they weren't."

"Well they still can be," Kevin said, "I want us to be close Wayne. I don't just want us to be brothers. I want us to be friends."
"Kevin you don't want to be my friend. I'm a loser. When you were going through a rough time I made fun of you."

"So what," Kevin said, "I still love you."

"If I agree to be close to you and be your friend that means you can't stop being my friend during the bad times."


"I have to be accepted even if I'm a jerk."

"You got it," Kevin said, "But try not to be a jerk"

"Deal," Wayne replied.