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AN: Only my friends are going to get this joke, but the mental image popped into my head, and I could not stop myself. So here we go.


Bumblebee and Jazz were inordinately glad to have their friends over for the afternoon. Their creators had kicked them outside a few hours ago, claiming they were too loud (Ironhide had turned and punched Sideswipe in the shoulder – of course he was too loud) and by now they were sitting on the porch, mildly bored.

"Anyone else hungry?" Prowl asked, leaning against Jazz. Sunstreaker looked up from where he was trying to suffocate Sideswipe by shoving Sides' face into the dirt.

"I am." he said. Sides made a strangled noise that could have been an agreement. Sunny decided he wasn't succeeding in his goal of smothering his twin and returned to his previous goal.

Ironhide snickered. "I don't think that's going to work, Sunny."

"Don't call me that. Why not?"

"His face isn't buried right."

"Well, while those two kill Sideswipe, I'm going to go get something to eat." Bee announced, standing up and pushing the door open.

"Get meh somethin' too!" Jazz called after him.

"I am not your servant – get it yourself."


Bee simply laughed at him and walked into their house. Prowl grinned at Jazz. "Play nice with your brother." he teased.

"I do not wish to play nice with my brother." Jazz shot back, perfectly mimicking Prowl's accent. Prowl swatted at his arm, but he was too close to do real damage. Sideswipe had finally thrown off his brother and Ironhide and was now facing off against them.

A brief moment later, Bee was once again standing outside on the porch, with no energon, and a very horrified look on his face. Jazz looked up at him. "What wrong with you, man?"

"Did you know that our house has very little soundproofing?" Bee asked faintly.

There was a very long moment of awkward silence as everyone processed that. Ironhide was the one to break it.

"How 'bout them Dodgers?" he asked brightly.

Bee took the bait.

"I hate them Dodgers."

Prowl fell over as he locked up.