Hermione Granger walked along one of the many hallways of Hogwarts, sure of her decision. Although she loved her studies, owning a Time-Turner overwhelmed her. Although it had it's positive points (traveling through time, saving both Buckbeak and Sirius, taking more classes), it also had consequences (spending all her time on homework, not spending time with Ron and Harry, lying to Ron and Harry, constantly worrying about being caught) that she felt far outweighed the list of positive traits of the Time-Turner (Hermione was fond of lists).

This was exactly what Hermione told Professor McGonagall after she entered the Head of House's office.

"Hermione," McGonagall said, capturing the girl's attention, "this is my Time-Turner, not the school's, as you already know. However, I believe in living in the moment and accepting mistakes as lessons. You also know this, and share my belief." Hermione nodded. She did not like meddling with time, although she had made an exception on Harry's behalf. Harry needed a loving family, and Sirius was a chance for him to have that. "It is because of this that I am entrusting my Time-Turner to you, for personal use, not classes. It may come in handy, and I have no want to keep it. I also know that you will put it to good use. After all, you are my best student."

Hermione was honored by the words and kind smile that were coming from her role-model. Her Professor soon became serious again.

"Hermione, I must warn you. A Time-Turner is a very desirable magical item, for obvious reasons. You are to spread word that you have returned the Time-Turner to the school. Even Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley may not be told the truth. We both know that sometimes those two lose their heads, and we wouldn't want anything to happen. A few more words of caution, and I want you to play close attention, Ms. Granger." the woman paused, and leaned forwards slightly. "Do not break this time-turner while it is around your neck. It is unknown what will happen. The few unlucky witches and wizards who made this mistake were never seen or heard from again. Be careful."

"Thank you, Professor!" Hermione beamed. "I'll be careful and take good care of it, you can be sure!"

Do not break this time-turner while it is around your neck.

I'll be careful and take good care of it, you can be sure!

Yes, yes, the beginning is a bit rough, but be brave and read on!