Martha watched as the Doctor rose, the cage disintegrating in the light around him. He seemed to falter, momentarily. But surely it was enough? She'd walked the Earth for a year to make sure it was enough.

But it wasn't. It was just slightly less than enough. Then, as Martha stared, disbelieving, the door opened and gold light streamed in, bringing with it the siren song of the TARDIS. Martha forced her head to turn away from the brilliance of the almost restored Doctor and face the doors. She could see only light, hear only the song.

She turned back as the Doctor landed on the deck, moving carefully towards the Master, speaking words that for Martha were lost to the song. He was missing something important, she thought as she saw the Doctor disappear in a flash of light.

Jack ran for the TARDIS, his mind racing. The light, the song. It was the TARDIS, but there was no TARDIS. Was there? There couldn't be. He rounded the corner and saw the Toclafane surrounding the blue box.

'Can't get in. We'd get slaughtered!' One of the soldiers said.

Jack signed. 'Yeah. Happens to me a lot.' He raised his gun and fired, racing for the TARDIS.

Once inside, his heart sank. The TARDIS was still wrong. Still the Paradox Machine. Fire. The suggestion entered his head from somewhere else, somewhere other. He raised his gun anyway, firing at the console.

The Doctor ran to the Master, cradling him in his arms. At the back of her mind, Martha could feel something subtly wrong with the room. Something that had shifted. She watched the Doctor, tears streaming down her face for the pain he was in, but unable to feel anything for the Master.

As the Master took his final breath, his eyes flickered over Martha's shoulder for a moment and he looked puzzled. A fresh stab of pain caused him to wince and turn his face to the Doctor's. 'Will it stop, Doctor? The drumming. Will it stop?'

Martha walked inside the house, closing the door behind her. That had been the hardest conversation of her life. But it was over. And she could contact the Doctor if she needed to. It was only later that night, as she settled down to sleep that she realised the TARDIS had been unusually bright, unusually warm.

Jack sat in his office, staring at the drink in his hand. Okay, so he wanted to be here. But that was more of a long-term thing, right? But right now, strictly in the short-term, he wanted to be on the TARDIS.

He picked up his phone and dialled Martha's number, surprised when the Doctor answered.

'Martha's gone, Jack.'

'What do you mean gone?' Jack asked, worried that, for the Doctor, too much time had passed in the few hours since he'd left.

'Just gone home. I'm still in orbit.'

'Oh. I just wanted to askā€¦'

'Yes.' The Doctor said.

'If you could come get me? Just for a while, you know. A holiday?'

'I said yes, Jack.' The Doctor said. 'I'm parked on the rift.'