A/N: This is perhaps the most personal thing I've written in a long time. But at the moment, this is what I could most sympathize with.

Sora-centric, set somewhere in KH1 when he was facing off with Warped-Riku. Only friendship, no slash implied.


Your friend is gone.

He is standing before you, scowling into your face and yet he is gone.

The boy before you is not the same one you grew up with, the same one you laughed with, schemed with, got into trouble with; that boy is gone, or else buried so deep that you may very well never see him again. And there is not a damn thing in this world you can do to bring him back. He's been twisted, warped, changed.

You know before you even open your mouth that there is really nothing you can say that will change anything. The words only agitate him further, but somehow that gives you hope, because you know you've struck a nerve, so maybe deep down somewhere he knows that you're right.

But you couldn't keep your mouth shut any longer.

That's what a friend does; they dish out tough love and brutal honesty, and he may hate you for it but you've reached the point where you don't care. It hurts more to do nothing than to hear him rage.

Because as much as it hurts, you've already realized the harsh truth:

You've lost your friend one way or another, but at least this way your conscience is clear.


A/N: Dedicated to those friends lost to the path they chose.