He sat wondering how his life came to this point. He lived in a small shack on an island in the middle of a lake surrounded by wild fields and forest. He had no human company because he was hiding from his friends. He was always worried that they would find him, but he was lonely and even more afraid that they wouldn't want to. How can one person be this messed up? Well at least he had many reasons to explain what led to this. You see he hasn't been on the island very long, just a couple of weeks really. He's just a teen but he has seen and done things that make him feel old. He had seen a lot of death, more than anyone else in the world he knew death. He had already come to terms with all the death. That was to say he understood that a lot of people died to help him, but even more would have died had he not been around. Many of the people he loved had been killed protecting him. He wasn't bad, but bad things happened around him. But this wasn't the reason he was on the island. He still had his friends, but he couldn't be near them. That is why he was hiding on this island. Now it wasn't like he didn't want them around, nor was it that they didn't want him around. It was just very complicated. So you ask, if he wanted them around and they wanted him around why was it necessary to be separated? The simple answer is he didn't want them hurt. It was too dangerous; he was too dangerous to be near them. So what happened and why was he so dangerous? It's a long story for such a short life but I'll give you the short version.

First he was born, which seemed to be a good thing. But this bad man decided to kill him. His parents protected him to their deaths. And when the bad man turned to kill the boy, what he used to kill him backfired and hurt the bad man instead. Again you think that's a good thing the bad man was stopped. Yes, but now the boy was an orphan.

He was dropped off at a relatives' house where everyone thought he would be loved and cared for. But it didn't work out that way; it seems they didn't take to kindly to having this boy dropped on their doorstep, which is exactly what happened. They woke one morning and opened the door to find an unhappy baby boy in a basket. The relatives blamed the boy for being dropped off and for any weird thing that happened. But again this wasn't the reason he was so dangerous he had to live on an island.

When he was eleven he went to a special school for special people. Now this was for truly special people who had special abilities. They could do magic! They carried wands, wore pointed hats and knew a lot of Latin words. Other than a little problem finding the train platform his first year started great. He made friends, ate good food, and learned a lot of stuff. But of course life isn't perfect; he also made a few enemies and had to write essays. But this wasn't the worst part of that year. No the worst happened at the end of term. He and his two best friends figured out that a bad man was trying to steal something from the school. They stopped him but they were injured a bit. The boy was the worst he had been unconscious for two days.

I know what you're thinking, they stopped a bad man this is good. It turns out that the bad man was the same one that tried to kill him as a baby. And this bad man kept coming back. He or one of his people tried to kill or capture the boy at the end of each year. But this bad man was having bad luck, which is a good thing.

Now this boy was no dummy. He studied and was the best in defense, probably because he had life endangering attacks every year from the bad man. But like I said he studied and worked but he was just your average teenage wizard. Then came the time for the final battle. He won, the bad man was stopped everyone was happy. What could be wrong?

Well a lot really. For instance the first time the boy woke after taking a nap after the battle his dorm was a mess. Now five teenage boys living in one room is kind of synonymous with mess right? But this wasn't an ordinary mess. The mattresses weren't even on the bed frames, possessions where spread around the room even on top of the canopy beds. He thought that it may have looked like that because of the battle.

But later that evening after everyone went to bed the boy had a nightmare. In his dream people were screaming and yelling and he was very upset, it was part of the final battle only worse. One friend he knew lived died in the dream and he woke up suddenly and sat straight up. For a second he thought he was still in the dream because he still heard yelling, but it stopped just after a tremendous crash. His friends were all over the room it looked just like it had when he woke up earlier. The boy jumped from his bed and began helping his friends to their feet and asked them what happened. They told him he had been having a nightmare and they were going to wake him up when a wind blew around the room trashing it. And the wind was coming from him.

This was the reason he was living in exile. He had almost hurt his friends because he used magic while dreaming. He had left the school and hid away on this island. He was trying to learn how to stop the dream magic from hurting people. Once he could learn to control it he could return, but he was not having any luck. Every night he would have a nightmare. Every night he would destroy the shack he lived in. Every morning he would repair it.

He had left the island only once at the end of the second week to attend the funeral services for his friends that had died in the battle. After the services he was surrounded by reporters and photographers. They were very pushy and he was trying to get to his friends. When one of his friends was knocked down by the mob of media people the boy lost his temper. He magically picked up the media people and held them five feet off the ground.

He helped his friend up and made sure she was ok. She said she was fine and thanked him for his help and asked where his wand was. By this time he noticed everyone else. They were all staring and it didn't look like it was a good thing. He moved the media people away about fifty feet and gently sat them down, and then he disappeared.

When he reached his island he sat on the shore. He was stunned by what had happened. He wasn't sure how he did wandless magic. The only thing he was sure of was that he had scared everyone there. The media was probably calling him the next dark lord or something. He didn't think he would ever leave the island again.