~~Two months later~~

"I said no."


Zoro yanked his hand back, shaking out the pain of Sanji's spatula attack while glaring at the blond. It somewhat amazed him that only Sanji could hurt him with a little piece of timber and plastic. But it also pissed him off. All he wanted was one little bite, and he cook wouldn't even give him a taste.

He watched as Sanji spooned another dollop of frosting onto the cake and then spread it around with the spatula. He had to get that utensil away from him somehow. As long as he had it, his knuckles were in danger.

He stepped closer to the cook to get a better look at what he was doing. Sanji was totally ignoring him. He always did when Zoro pestered him. Zoro watched the spatula carefully, every move it made with each flick of Sanji's wrist, every spin as Sanji pushed the frosting into decorative swirls. Finally, it lifted up off the cake and moved back to the jar of frosting. Now was his chance. Quick as a wink he reached out and snatched the spatula from Sanji's hand. Victory! He jumped backwards, out of Sanji's reach and leg span.

Sanji turned around and looked at him impatiently, cocking his head and resting a hand on his hip. He extended his other hand towards Zoro. "Give it back."

"No," Zoro said, twirling the spatula proudly between his fingers. "Not until you give me some."

"You're acting like Luffy. Give it back."


Sanji narrowed his eye at his lover for a moment, but then turned and opened a drawer. He pulled out a new spatula and went back to work.

Zoro huffed out a disgruntled breath. Great, he just loved complications. He decided it would be pointless to take this new spatula too, since Sanji would just get another one and he probably had a thousand more in reserve. It would take way too long to get them all out of the way, and Zoro was not a patient man. So he changed his plan to something else. Something that would guarantee victory.

He tossed the spatula onto the table, returning to his usual spot behind Sanji, the toe of his boot at Sanji's heel. He put his hands on the cook's shoulders, dipping his head and blowing on his neck. Sanji stiffened, but was otherwise unaffected. "C'mon, Sanji, I only want a bite," he whispered into Sanji's nape, gently grazing his teeth against the skin. Sanji shivered a little, but went on with his work.

"Just wait until after dinner. You can have some then," he said, his voice as strong and calm as ever. Zoro scowled and moved his hands down to his hips, massaging them through Sanji's thin black trousers.

"I want some now."

"Too bad. You're not getting any."

Another scowl formed on Zoro's face, but then he smirked. His cook was tough, but not unbreakable. He knew all of Sanji's weak spots, all the places where he couldn't stand to be touched. He slowly trailed his lips to Sanji's ear, gently nibbling on his lobe. One hand moved up to the middle of his ribs and he started drumming his fingers across there. The other moved to the cook's zipper, hooked a finger inside and popped a button, making sure to rub against his skin as he did it.

he could tell Sanji was trying hard to act nonchalant, but Zoro could tell he was getting hot and bothered by the way his hands shook, how his breathing became slightly irregular, and the way his hips twitched as he tried to get Zoro's hand out of his pants. He just needed one more little push, and Zoro knew just what it would be.

He moved his hips in a semi-circle, letting his manhood rub against Sanji's butt. Grinding was Sanji's one real weakness. His ultimate downfall. It never failed to get him horny. Now was no exception.

The blonde man gasped, dropping the spatula to the floor and bracing himself against the counter. "Quit it," he said, no force behind the command.

"Make me," Zoro laughed. He continued his nibbling, tickling, his stroking and grinding, almost sadistically, loving Sanji's hollow breathing and how much he was starting to squirm. But he was starting to worry; Sanji usually caved by now. He never held strong this long. Maybe he was going to hold on till he came, and then all of Zoro's efforts would have been for nothing. He'd just go back to frosting that damn cake, leaving Zoro hanging, without orgasm or what he wanted.

Just when he thought all seemed hopeless, Sanji went limp. "Whatever," he groaned.

Zoro stood there for a second, confused, but then smiled when he recognized the usual smell of defeat in the air. He was about to take his winnings when Sanji pulled out a fork and cut into the cake. Then he was confused again.

"Just one bite," Sanji said, turning in his arms and holding up the fork for him. He raised an eyebrow. "Eat it."

"I wasn't talking about the cake."

Sanji made an exasperated noise. "Then what were you talking about?"


Sanji's face reddened and he cleared his throat. "Don't you think you got enough of me this morning?"

"That wasn't near enough. You see, I have to have at least two doses of sexy blonde cook a day to sustain myself. I've only gotten half that amount."

Sanji looked up at him with that big, visible blue eye, steady blush in his cheeks and lips pursed to kissable perfection. This was the kind of thing about Sanji that drove Zoro absolutely wild. He'd look so innocent as he did the most devilish things. "Will you leave me alone after this?"

"50/50 chance."

Sanji rolled his eye. He ate the cake and tossed the fork over his shoulder, making it land perfectly square in the sink. He threaded his fingers through Zoro's hair and pulled him down to his mouth. The kiss quickly grew heated and Zoro found himself licking at the cake still in Sanji's mouth. The moist chocolate of the cake and the smooth vanilla frosting mixed with tobacco and the chef's overall flavor was like an orgasm on his tongue, and he pulled Sanji flush against him so he could taste it all. Sanji had no objections, standing tiptoe and tilting his head so Zoro could kiss him even deeper.

They kissed until all traced of the cake were gone, but they pulled away slowly, neither wanting to rush the separation. Zoro smiled. "That's some good cake."

Sanji returned the smile, making it ten times sexier as he batted his lashed. "Want another bite?"

"You said only one."

"Yeah, but I changed my mind."

This time Zoro took the cake and Sanji got to eat-kiss him-it, and he smacked his lips as he pulled away. "Hmmmm, you're right. Best cake I've ever eaten."

"Just caz you ate it from my mouth."

"Because your saliva really makes the flavors pop, marimo."

They chuckled together. After a moment, Sanji smiled dreamily.

"Do you realize this is the exact spot where you kissed me for the first time of your own free will?" he asked, getting a romantic look in his eye.

Zoro looked around. "Huh. So it is. That was one of the best things I've ever done."

"Aww, is big, bad Roronoa Zoro getting emotional?" Sanji teased in a baby voice, tickling Zoro's stomach.

"The only reason I ever fell in love with you in the first place was because that potion messed with my emotions."

Sanji put his arms around Zoro's neck. "Ah, but you still fell in love with me."

"Yeah, and what's your excuse?"

Sanji shrugged. "I have my reasons."

"And one of them is because of my size."

"Please, I've seen bigger dicks on goldfish."

"And that's why you scream my name every time you come."

Sanji punched his lover's arm, but then snuggled into his chest and hugged him. "I'm actually really glad I bought that potion," he whispered quietly, knowing that a loud voice would ruin the moment.

"Yeah," Zoro whispered back, kissing his temple. "Me too."


Well, guys, that's the end of Rapt. What do you think? Kinda...weak, if I do say so myself. I dunno, how do people usually feel when they finish a story? Caz I'm feeling almost nothing here. Just a small sense of "OmRWJ, it's done! Huh. Anyway, along with the end to a much loved story, I bring you guys some bad news. At about 3:40am Thanksgiving morning, my grandmother, who had been in the hospital for a week or so, passed away. At 4:00am, my aunt called my mother and delivered the news. At 10:00, when I woke up and decided to wish my family a happy turkey-day, I was informed of what had happened. It was kind of a delayed reaction. I didn't start crying until I was back in my room and I was sure the stereo would cover up my sobs. But I didn't even cry that much. And that's what I feel bad about. I loved my grandma, and I still do. I went to the funeral place with my dad, for support, and I helped picked out her coffin. I almost cried about five times in the hour. She has a really pretty poem to go in her card, too, all about how God looked down and saw her suffering and called her home to ease her pain. It works to her. Anyway, my dad said this would be a sad week. It will be. I'm going to take a break from...Well, everything for a while. I know I promised you some new, amazing story, but you guys understand, right?

Hope you all enjoyed Rapt ^^ Thanks for reading, I love reviews, and sympathy, though appreciated, is unneeded.