Jonathon pulled out his keys, switching off the lights before walking out the door.
He paused as a faint noise echoed around the silent room.

*Click* *Click*

It sounded like the noise a dog made when it walked on tile, the quiet click of its claws. He walked back into the room, not bothering to switch on a light as he scanned to make sure one of the rats hadn't gotten out of their cages, figuring a rat could have probably been the source of the noise.

Staring first at the rat cages, then at the ground near his feet, he didn't notice the creature lurking in the shadows next to him.


Jonathon spun around at the noise, grabbing the nearest thing- a microscope- as he nervously looked around in an attempt to figure out who- or what- knocked over the shelf.

The pounding of his heart masked the quiet click of claws on tile.

"H-Hello?" He called out quietly. He cleared his throat. "Who's there? Sam, if that's you-"

He turned to the right at the sound of something bumping into the table. The sound of glass shattering followed as a beaker hit the ground.

His eyes widened in fright. Something was there. In the room with him.

The only light in the room came from the dim glow of a couple machines and the moonlight coming in through the barred windows. Because of this, all he could make out was its shape.

It was about the size of a large grey wolf, and had the same relative shape, minus the poofy tail. Instead, its tail was long and straight, with a poof of fur at the end. Its ears were about as large as a hyena's would be.

Jonathon backed away slowly, feeling the wall next to him for a light switch so he could further identify the beast.


He could still see the beast in front of him, but there was also something behind him, walking on the wreckage of the fallen shelf, hence the crack of broken glass. He wondered how anything could walk on all of the broken beakers from the shelf without hurting its feet.

He carefully glanced behind him, making sure he could still kind of see the first beast. The other beast was the exact same size and shape. Jonathan froze in his spot.

If he got out of this alive, he was never locking up again. Or at least never walking toward any noise without first hitting the light switch.

He turned and pressed his back against the wall, running his right hand over the wall until he found the light switch. He flipped it on, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the sudden light.

A squeak of fright came out as he looked at the beasts. He could now see that there were three, one on his right, one on his left, and one in front of him.

They were dark grey, with a jet black stripe running from the diamond shaped spot on their head to the tip of their lion-like tail.
They had large paws with large, sharp, and frightening black claws on them.
The beasts had long, powerful legs that probably made them very fast.
And most of all, the thing that stuck out to Jonathon the most, was the head. Mainly the face. It had an oval-ish head, that sloped outward a bit like a snout would. Only the beast didn't really have a snout, it's head just got a little smaller the closer it got to the nose.
All it had for a nose were two small pink slits, somewhat like a bunny's nose. It's eyes were small, black and beady, a bit like a bird's. The ears looked relatively normal in the dark, but in the light he could see it actually had four ears. One set was normal and the other set was behind the first set, so they were kind of back to back.

The beasts advanced toward him, lifting their lips in a silent growl to reveal sharp, black teeth. All the visible ones were sharp canines that looked like their only purpose was to rip apart whatever poor fellow crossed paths with the beasts.

His legs moved automatically to back up further away from them, but all there was to back into was the wall, which he was already pressed against.

As the beasts walked closer at a cruelly slow pace, Jonathon whined in fright, sliding down the wall to sit on the floor.
Squeezing his eyes shut and covering his head with his arms, he waited for inevitable death.