Another Ryan Reynolds Fic and well enjoy. It's set during the time of when Mike finds out that James likes Em a lot and got jealous over her. Just random and bit of OOC.

It been a few days since James joined Adventureland and well things hasn't went to plan as Mike watched him and notice that he's flirting and getting close to Em, known as Emily, and well he isn't liking this as he just wants her to himself.

Working on twister, a new ride that the place got that week as he just testing it out, making sure that it's going right and that no one doesn't get hurt while riding it, Mike's mind got thinking of how to get rid of James to stay away from her but then smirks as he saw Lisa walking by with her friend and thought that maybe he should get her with James to get him to back away from Em.

"Lisa? May I have a word?" He shouted over as he jumps from the middle and made his way towards the railings before leaning against them, moving his belt to the back of his trousers before giving the young lady a smile.

"Yeah Mike?" She asked as she's by his side, confused slightly.

"I heard that the new boy, James got a crush on you" He said with a straight but a cute smile upon his lips.

"Really? That nice guy. I suppose he isn't that bad" She said as she got thinking.

Mike watched her for a moment before smirking to himself as he watched her eyes turning towards him. "I suppose I better talk to him" She said.

"Don't mention my name, you know about the whole thing about grassers?" He said as she nodded and started walking away.

Watching her, Mike wondered if his plan would work and that it drives James away from Em? Just have to wait and see doesn't he?

It's at night and yet his mom is away while his wife is busy with things, Mike started making a date work between him and Em and as he started walking towards the theme park, he stops as he notice Em there with James and frowned as he couldn't believe that someone can pull down Lisa's offer of being with her.

Shaking his head, Mike started walking towards them to see of what's going on as he isn't really happy with this and wants to know why James didn't went on a date or something with her. Lisa isn't that bad after all, is she? He shook his head before smiling as he leans against the wall. "Hello"

Em and James turn towards him, Em smiling warmly towards him before she turned her attention back to James.

"Er hello there Mike." James said as he gave him a smile.

'Really hate this guy' Mikes thoughts said to him as he carried on smiling towards him.

"So what else did Lisa said to you" Em said as to bring Mike in the convostation they were talking about in the first place.

"Well she's saying that she...wants to hang around" James said as he blushed slightly. "But I said no as want to spend time with you" He soon added.

Mike rolled his eyes and luckily they didn't saw him as they were looking from each other and yet he couldn't believe it, they are falling for each other. Can this get any worse? He better think of something else for next time.

"You all right?" Em's voice entered his mind as she looks towards him.

"Yeah I am fine, just remembered that my wife is home. Night guys and be careful at this time" He said as he turned and left them to it.

Mike isn't happy and started planning his next revenge to get James away from Em but what though?

Guess things don't go to plan at all.