I can't believe. I go all the way there and they just wonder when I'm going back! I was sitting on the airplane going back to Hanover, my boarding school. Griffin who was my sister's ex husband took me home. And now I'm heading back. Well I don't care if they don't want me there. It was then that I secretly vowed not to go back. I know that seems harsh, they just want me to get an education. It's just that it made me feel so…
"Claudia!!!" Well look at that I told myself as I left the terminal. I'm wanted here!
"Hey!" I replied. We didn't talk much. I had my one carryon with me, so we headed out and took the bus back.
"I missed you so much!" she said excitedly, "Who else can I have panty raids with?"
"It good to see you too!" It felt so good to be back where I was welcomed. That night we went out to celebrate my arrival back.
"Hey Claude?" I looked around from my seat at the head of the table. I looked up and there he was Nick the cutest guy on the campus. "I'm glad your back!"
"Thanks!" I said and flashed my biggest smile. He was so cute. He looked so flustered and shy talking, which makes him look ten times cuter.
"Uh… I was wondering… well… if… sometime… you and I… could go out? He said, saying the end of the sentence extremely fast. He had closed his eyes for a second after asking as if my reaction was painful.
"Sure!" I said. He looked like he could hug everyone in the restaurant, he was just so happy.

So that how it all started. It been three months. We've been dating very seriously! No letters from the family, just one call asking what I was doing this upcoming break. Which I was staying at school for. They didn't even seem disappointed.

Now this is where problems start. It's almost summer. Nick and I are still going strong. Me and my friends, including Nick were going to go to Florida for the summer. On problem, you guessed it my family, I'm really starting to hat that six letter word. I hadn't come home all year. They actually even cam to visit for a day. Except I just happened not to be feeling well. I even stayed at school for March Break, and Easter. I had to make up the toughest excuses to skip out on going home. This time it didn't work…
"Hey Claude? It's Bailey"
"Hi Bailey"
"Claudia! We miss you like crazy!" Great now I feel really guilty.
"Same here" Miss them like crazy? I was finally enjoying myself!
"So? When should I book your plane ticket?" Oh no! How do I say it…
"never" I mumbled.
"That probably was just some connection problem…" Great lie!!
"Anyway, what date shall you be coming home?" Just get it out fast.
"Uh…Bai? I'm not coming home." Ok this is really bad, long silence.