Damn, Damn, Damn! Why the hell did Griffin have to be there? Will he call my family? I couldn't think, why wouldn't the thoughts of him leave me? Next to me Nick slept peacefully. I silently slipped out of bed and got dressed in pajamas, a tank top and pants. Kissing Nicks forehead and grabbing a sweater and the room key I quietly crept out. I was having so much fun, but after seeing Griffin tonight all I felt was guilt. It just wasn't right. I needed freedom and I had it, but it seemed all wrong.
I sat down on the cold pavement. I just needed to think. Suddenly getting an unexpected thirst. I searched my sweated for some spare coins. I found the vending machine down at the other ends of the rooms. I was trying to make a choice. When a voice startled me.
"I thought I saw you stranger." I looked over my shoulder and saw Griffin. Seeing I was cornered and there was no escape, I sighed.
"What are you doing here?" I asked him, trying to sound cold. But, having difficulty acting coldly to him.
"Once I say why, I shall except your answer too. My band was performing here tonight, at a club. We're staying here, cause it's cheap and it's to late to go home. Now you?"
"I'm here cause it's cheap too." I replied. That was why we chose this motel, and cause it was suitably located.
"C'mon Claude. Does your family know you're here?" He question me. Damn it, why did this have to happen.
"Not here exactly. I don't think they know, I'm standing in front of the vending machine." I told him, with a grin. I raised my eyebrows as if to challenge him.
"You know what I mean." He grabbed one hand of mine. "Do they?" He inquired. With my one free hand I raised it to point to a guard, walking at the entrance to the museum the motel was across from.
"See him, if you don't leave me alone, I'll yell rape." I threatened. Griffin looked shocked and stepped away from me. I had to admit that was a very un Claudia thing to do. "Now please!" I exclaimed, starting to walk away, forgetting about my thirst.
"Claudia!" He called after. I turned and looked at him. He just sighed in defeat, I guess knowing there was nothing he could say to me. I turned back, and began to walk to my room.
*** Griffin's POV ***
I couldn't believe her! What has happened to the Claudia I knew. What happened at the boarding school. Threatening to call rape, that was just so different, usually Claudia wanted her families attention what was up with this weird acting. Deep down it hurt, I always though Claude and I shared something, but after this encounter I guessed not. She sure did look grown up though. When I saw her at the club, my first reaction was how sexy the woman was, than noticing it was Claudia. And, now she looked so cute, I looked back and watched her go into a room, way down at the other end. I immediately processed that to memory.
"Your not getting away from me Claudia Salinger." I whispered to myself. Never. I knew what I had to do then. No matter what, if not for Claudia, then for my loyalty to the Salinger's.
*** Claudia's POV ***
I quietly went back into my room. Locking the door, I stripped back down, out of my clothes. I silently climbed back into bed. Kissing Nick, he had reached out and pulled me to him.
"Where you been?" He quietly asked me, while kissing my neck. I giggled quietly. Already settling with myself not to tell him about Griffin.
"I just needed some air." I replied, finding his mouth and kissing him deeply. I tried to forget my run in with Griffin, by thinking all of Nick, as we continued kissing.
The next day, both Nick and I were tired from our late night activities. Which Ethan and Hallie seemed to find hilarious.
"Did you two tire each other out?" Ethan asked, as we began packing the car back up.
"Very funny." I replied. "At least we made use of the separate rooms." I shot back. Nick came up and kissed me.
"Like hell we did, didn't we?" He asked me. I nodded, going back to kiss him. This morning, I'd completely forgotten about my encounter with Griffin the night before.
"Oh, we made use of the room, just not all night." Hallie stated, and Ethan winked at her. "Yeah, cause now Ethan and I have to do most of the driving!" She complained.
"Next time we should change roommates." Ethan commented. I laughed. "That way we'll all get sleep and can all drive."
"You might not get much, he snores." I whispered, nodding my head to Nick.
"No I don't!" He defended himself coming to tickle me from behind.
"Well so does she." Ethan told me. "We'll have to put the snorers up together!" He exclaimed laughing, we all joined in. We all started to get in, to set off on another's day travel. All blind to the eyes that watched us.
As much as we wanted to sleep in the car to conserve money. We realized that we couldn't when it rained, and the drops all echoed on the roof. Adding a cool temperature, and not wanting to have to keep the car on all night we headed to another motel. We all switched roommates, to insure a good night sleep. Instead of going girl girl and boy boy, we switched couples. Which I found odd, but Nick and Hallie kept insisting that since they were both snorers that they should be together.
"I guess, I'll have to at least where my boxers to bed!" Ethan commented laughing. "Oh, I could do the usual nude?"
"Boxers will be fine." I replied. I tried not to wonder about Nick and Hallie, I shouldn't be jealous especially I was sharing a room with Hallie's boyfriend. But, my mind just kept thinking the worse. They were so eager to share a room, no that wasn't anything was it?
"You can sleep naked I don't mind!" Ethan told me. I laughed.
"You might be comfortable. But, I wouldn't!" He laughed, and put his hand to his chest in mock hurt. I slept in underwear and a tank top. The bed was narrow and it was hard not to move without bumping into Ethan. He was just in his boxers, and I had to admit he was hot. Knowing I thought that my mind drifted back to Nick and Hallie. I tried to shake the thought out of my head. Ethan liked read my thoughts, because he said.
"Are you thinking about Nick and Hallie?" I rolled over so I was facing him. I nodded. He reached out and patted my hand. "I know how it feels, they were too eager to stay together."
"Exactly." I replied. He had said completely what I'd been thinking. I found it scary. "It has to be crazy." I said, trying to removes the thoughts.
"Yeah, it is." He responded. And, soon we both drifted off to sleep.
In the morning, I awoke to see Ethan lying beside me staring at the ceiling. Boy, he even looked hot first thing.
"Good morning!" I said, more cheerfully then I felt. He leaned over and smiled at me.
"You're a good sleep partner." He told me, I laughed and nodded.
"You two, we so should do this more often." We both laughed. And, then I said what we both had been thinking. "I wonder how they slept?"
Twenty minutes later we were both showered and dressed. Walking next door, to Hallie's and Nick's room, we waited while we knocked. After no response. We both just stood there.
"Watch this!" I told Ethan, he look at me confused.
"You aren't going to do some kung fu thing, to knock down the door?" He questioned, I shook my head. I pulled my tank top lower to show some cleavage. Then I let lose my wet hair.
*** Griffin POV ***
Ok, so I followed her so what. It's not stalking! I watched from my spot, as Claudia pulled down her top, to show some cleavage which I never knew existed. Then she let lose her hair, look gorgeous. In just a plain white tank top, and really short jeans cut offs, which exposed her long tan legs. She looked amazing. I watched the boy stand next to her, watching her questioningly. He wasn't her boyfriend, he was her friend's guy. What puzzled me was why they had roomed together and then the other two had. Claudia winked at the boy, and signaled for him to watch her.
She walked over to the counter, where a man was stationed. He was around Charlie's age. Claudia boldly walked over to him. I could barely hear her, from where I was, but I heard some what.
"Remember me?" The man had smirked. "Well, you know how I had two other friends, I really need to get in there room." The man didn't seemed to budge. Except then Claudia leaned over the counter, exposing a lot of cleavage to the guy. I suddenly wanted to kill him as I watched him stare hungrily at her chest.
Moments late she walked away from the man, with a key in her hand. I grinned, did she ever know how to get what she wanted.
*** Claudia's POV ***
"Too easy!" I exclaimed, as I came back to a gaping Ethan.
"Claude, you are brilliant!" I grinned. "We should use you for free meals!" He teased. As I went to unlock the door, I felt Ethan smack my ass. A crimson blush, seemed to escape my cheeks. As, I turned the knob to open the door, I feared what I would see. I kept telling myself nothing, but then again I didn't trust that.
"Wanna go first?" I asked, Ethan. He looked grimly at me, and then put on his trademark grin.
"Together." He whispered. Both placing out hands on the door knob and twisting it together, we entered to be shocked. Hallie and Nick lay there visibly naked under the covers, Hallie was pressed up against his side, in the crook where I always lay. I need to side down. I felt Ethan tense at my side, and look up at him. Where anger was shown in his eyes.
"What the hell is going on?" He shouted, waking up the two. I felt tears start to glaze my eyes.
"It's not what it looks like!" Nick said, trying to defend himself.
"What is it then?" I questioned. Nick looked past Ethan, to see me standing there. I saw regret in his eyes and knew it was what I thought. "Ethan, I'm just going to go check out for us." He nodded. I didn't want to witness whatever happened next. I knew Ethan was sure punch Nick, but that didn't prove any satisfaction.
First I dropped off the keys, and then I went over to the SUV, if I knew anything I knew this trip was over. After I had gotten out all my bags, I sat down on the curb. Finally letting the tears fall.
"Hey stranger." I looked up to see Griffin.
"It must make you happy to see me like this." I stated. He must just be joyful, little Claudia trusting, and loving the wrong person.
"Not at all. You might not think so, but I love you and this is not the state you want of someone you love." He responded. He was giving me a comfort smile. He gently put his arm around me and I sank into his arms.
"Take me home Griffin." I cried. "Just please take me home!"