"Seriously?" Josh asked, as Yoko hustled around her bedroom; typing on her computer, and then searching her closet. "Yo, don't you think with the uh, success of Yoko the Musical that maybe you should give up on theatre?"

"Josh- Galaxy High needs a musical this year and who better to create and star in it, than the school's own shining star herself." Yoko answered holding a dress up to her while looking at a mirror. "No, no that's not it either. How am I going to star, if I don't know what to star in?"

Josh put his feet up on her desk- "Yoko I am going to be completely obvious with you, because I love you, okay" he whispered grabbing her wrist "Yoko, and not many students in Galaxy High actually enjoy your singing." Noticing the dazed expression on his fellow agent's face, he nudged her. "Yo, did you hear a thing I just said."

"You said you loved me." She squealed kissing him on the cheek, "love you too Josh; you always know just how to brighten my mood. Nothing will stop me now."

"Great Yoko, but um how about skipping the musical."

"Not going to happen Josh."