"Brett come on we have to go home for the summer."


"Come on buddy."

"NO! Josh."

"Brett we have to go home, it's mandatory."

"I don't want too." Brett pouted folding his arms. "I don't have to do anything."

"Brett, it's summer vacation."

"But I DON'T want to go home." He yelled stomping his foot.

"Yoko and I are going home. Why don't you go see your parents."

"I don't wanna see my parents!"

"Brett, there's really no way to stay here. Even dad's going home."

"Well, you can just leave me here."

"Brett, Josh's right. You can't stay at the school during the summer vacation – it's everybody's holiday. And your little Brett-"


"But you're young Brett. And you need to be ummm… babysat. And there's like no one at the school to babysit you."

"I'm staying."

"No you're not. Josh help me" Yoko grabbed her blond teammate. "Let's just carry him onto the bus. Then we'll just take off."

Brett fought the two taller agents "you can't do this. I don't want to go."

"You're going." Yoko said as Josh hauled Brett onto the bus. "With me and Josh – since he's coming with me."