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This drabble is written by both Domino and Tsubasa

Once upon a time there was a magical boy who lived in a magical land filled with magic; his name was Irie Shouichi and he was a princess. But sadly, poor Shouichi did not want to be a princess, since his dreams were always to be a full-class NERD that worked for an evil genius. His father Byakuran was a fearful ruler, and Irie knew that if he ever opposed the marshmallow eating lord he would pay SEVERELY. So one day the woe-full boy decided to escape the palace and run away to a foreign land, so foreign they even spoke a different language - well actually that would be too difficult for him never mind. So Irie decided to run away to the not so far away land named Vongola-ville where he would take refuge from his friend the prince there. Stumbling around in unfamiliar territory, the princess tripped onto the mud covered ground, only to be helped up by an intriguing looking blond mechanic -how he knew he was a mechanic is beyond me.

"You really should be more careful." The mechanic(?) spoke in a barely audible voice. "They say mud is good for exfoliating your skin but I don't really think it would do much for you but get you dirty."

The redhead stared up at the man, eyes sparkling with appreciation, before flinging himself at the stranger.

"OH THANK YOU~ I was sooooo scareeed! You wouldn't happen to be a nerd like me, would you?"

The blond man blinked.

"I'm not a nerd. I'm a Spanner."

Shouichi tilted his head to the side in confusion.

"What's a... 'spanner'?"

The blond man crossed his arms, deep in lecture mode.

"Well you see... Spanners have blond hair, like mechanical things, and have a deep appreciation for lollipops."

The redhed blushed, before grinning slyly and patting him on the shoulder.

"Ohhh IIIIIII get it..." he put his fingers up in quotations "'lolipops'. Aha... So people like that do actually exist." The Spanner blinked a few times. What was this boy going on about?

"Right... so is there a reason you're traveling through this forest unaccompanied? If I remember correctly... you are the princess, daughter of Byakuran. Are you not?" But the man's attention span was short and he quickly resumed building whatever it was he was making. Irie rolled his eyes, deciding not to correct the man on the 'daughter' part, and instead decided to make his move by clasping his hands around the other mans face.

"Would you marry me?" with that he proceeded to kiss the man. Had Spanner not been a spanner, a creature only surprised by mechanical feats, his eyes would have popped out of his skull. However, because he was a Spanner, and many people didn't take interest in the social aspect of his life, he kissed back rather forcefully. Hey. Even mechanics needed some.

TEN YEARS LATER. And not with the Bazooka...

A somewhat fat Shouichi was sitting down at a table -fat being because of all those pregnancies- amidst screaming and flailing children. He sighed, rubbing his temples and wondering how the hell he had gotten here when all he wanted to do was be an awesome nerd.

Suddenly in walked Spanner with a giant purple, barrel looking gun.

"Hey Shouichi dear look what I got you." However, a kid slammed into him at that moment and the bazooka flew only to land on Shouichi. The red head disappeared, but unlike what you thought would happen, he was not replaced by a younger version of himself. Instead, he floated in a place between worlds where he was able to meet his self 10 years prior. He grabbed the boy with tears in his old man eyes and began to plead with him.

"What ever you do! Please please please don't kiss the mechanic! Go to Vongola- ville. PLEASE BE A NERD!"

This sucked.

The end.


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