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Authors Note: True story. So I was driving home from school, which is about a 45 minute commute, and was listening to talk radio featuring some well known church pastors. This particular speaker was talking about how you should always ask questions. At that moment... BAM! Inspiration hit like a ton of bricks. So, the moral of the story is you can thank God for inspiring me to write this chapter using "The Question Game". :)


Challenge 21: BAKA!

"What's your favorite color?"

"Why are you asking me that?"

"Why do you have to question my question?"

"Do you really want to know?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow, his left eye twitching. He sat at a wooden table resting rather uncomfortably on a long bench. His resort swirled in his head, "Do you want me to know why?"

Sasuke smirked, his lips curling the slightest as his dark eyes twinkled with mischief. "Why don't you prove it?"

"Is that a challenge?" sneered Naruto, his cerulean eyes flashing, his fist pounding heavily on the table.

"What do you think?"

There was a pause.

"Why are you guys fighting?"

Glancing to the left, the new observer, Haruno Sakura, tilted her head curiously. She eyed other onlookers to the best friend's "argument".

Of the small group, Hatake Kakashi, Hyuga Hinata, Hyuuga Neji, Tenten, Rock Lee Sai, and Uchiha Itachi acknowledged the presence of the newcomer. "Oi," stated Kakshi, "You are missing quite a spectacle."


"It's the 'Question Game'," added Tenten, her head nodding in agreement to Team Seven's former teacher, "Naruto-san and Sasuke-san have been playing for about five minutes."

Sakura raised an eyebrow, "Oh? And no one has lost yet?"

"Well…" cut in Rock Lee, his face burning with a slight blush, "There have been a few close calls. Sasuke-san is trying to win to prove he's better at this game than both Naruto-kun and Itachi-san."

"Huh." She turned back to the blond and man with hair of ebony. "Who's winning?"

"What do you mean by 'who's winning'?" asked Naruto, a triumphant smile lingering on his lips.

"Why do you have to be such a dobe?"

"Why do you have to be such a teme?"

Sasuke snorted, his fingers curling together in a contemplative gesture. His piercing eyes still focused on his long-time teammate.

"Can't you get a life?"

Naruto paused.

What to ask… what to ask, what to ask-

The whiskers on his cheeks began rising as a wicked smile curled onto his features.

It was time for the kill.

"Why haven't you proposed to Sakura-chan yet?"

A pin could have been heard dropping on the floor from the other side of the restaurant.

The younger Uchiha's neck began turning the darkest shade of red earthly possible.

Humming at the corner of the table, Itachi's voice (or hum) was heard by everyone in the near vicinity.

To Naruto's displeasure, he hummed the Death March.

"Haven't you already had sex with Hinata yet?" smirked Sasuke, a last attempt at getting his comrade-in-arms to shout something obscene, thus, losing this competition.

Naruto's jaw fell to the table, his eyes turning into wide circles.

Playing dirty were they? Two could play at THAT game!

"Why haven't you already knocked up Sakura-chan with all the "lovey-dovey" stuff you two have been doing?"

A bench screeched against the stone floors as it abruptly scooted back.

Naruto, about to bolt out of room, calculated how quickly he needed to leave before Sasuke would gab him and strangled him.

He missed one HUGE detail.

He felt his face make a solid impact with something hard—harder than steel. His body flew into a wall, his skull cracked, and the right side of his jaw shattered. His nose began bleeding profusely as it was painfully broken, cartilage out of place.

Sakura hissed in fury, Inner Sakura taking over. Her fist was curled tightly and poised in the air just as it had been when it contacted with Naruto's fragile bones. "BAKA!" she shouted loudly.