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Sasuke's car, Naruto Uzumaki, December second, 03.58

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Sasuke?" Naruto asked as he looked back at the backseat for the hundredth time in the last ten minutes.

"Do you have a better idea?" The raven-haired man said.

"Well no but at least we could tell Kakashi-sensei th-" Naruto began.

"No," Sasuke stubbornly interrupted, "how do you think they found her in the first place Naruto? Somebody told Orochimaru where she was. There's no other way Orochimaru could have found out where she was."

"Well I already told you it wasn't one of my teammates!" Naruto had started to raise his voice but remembered the sleeping girl and quieted down reluctantly.

"Whatever Dobe. If not one of you teammates than at least somebody who can get information easily from your team."

"Do you mean like they kidnapped someone to get them to talk? Or something like a bug? Or-"

"I don't know. You're the FBI agent and it's your team so figure it out." Sasuke turned another corner way to fast and almost hit the curb making Naruto almost jump up and yell in surprise.

"Oi teme watch where you drive." Naruto said through gritted teeth, hoping to mask his nervousness.

"Shut up. I'll drive like I want." The raven haired snapped.

Naruto felt the need to mutter 'maniac' under his breath but decided against it after a rare moment of clarity. "Are you upset about your teammates? Is this why you're breaking protocol?"

Sasuke scoffed. "No. I don't care about something stupid like that. I brought the girl to your precious team and I let them ask her questions but they're as useless as ever and I'm not about to let them compromise my goal."

Naruto leaned back in his chair as they finally came close to their destination. "Still I wonder what Kakashi will say when he finds his eye-witness missing."

"I left him a post-it." Sasuke said as he shrugged. "It's best to keep her location hidden from even him."

The car remained silent as Sasuke pulled in to an underground parking garage. There were exactly twenty-four parking spaces and Sasuke skilfully parked in one of the unoccupied spaces.

"Wake the girl up so we can go upstairs." Sasuke said as he rubbed his eyes.

"Do we have too? I mean she's finally sleeping peacefully and all and I mean-" Naruto started sheepishly while scratching the back of his head.

"Fine but if we meet somebody in the hallway I'm telling them that she's your kid." Sasuke said as he got out of the car.

"What?" Naruto yelped in surprise. "But-, but-"

"It's better than let them think you're a kidnapping pedofile. Now hurry up."

Naruto grumbled under his breath as he opened the backdoor and lifted the sleeping girl cautiously. "You're the one who actually kidnapped her for real."

Sasuke had already pressed the button for the elevator and held the door open impatiently for Naruto. "It's not kidnapping if she let me."

Naruto groaned but decided to let it go. "I'm just lucky I ran in to you two in the parking lot. Or I would've been as clueless as the others." The elevator doors slid closed and Sasuke pressed a button on the panel making it jump into action. Slowly they rolled up to the fifth, and top, floor and the elevator stopped with a small shake. The doors opened to small hallway. The floor was relatively clean and the walls were empty without even a window. There was a stair next to the elevator that led downstairs and there were five doors, one being an emergency exit and the four others were numbered from twenty to twenty-four.

Sasuke stepped out first and pulled a set of keys from his pocket. He walked towards the door that had the number 23 on it with curly figures and popped one of the smaller keys in the lock. Unlocking it before he looked back at Naruto. "Is the kid still sleeping?"

Naruto nodded and shifted her slightly before following closely behind Sasuke inside a sober looking apartment.

Unknown location, Hinata Hyuuga, December second, 08.51

When waking up there is this short and blissful moment where people are completely unaware of themselves. Barely conscious, they can enjoy a single fleeting moment of peace before consciousness catches up with them and reality hits you, hard. And it was this exact thing that happened with Hinata.

Only two days ago, she had woken up and her biggest worry had been the math test she had to take that day. This morning however she woke up to realize that she had seen her father be murdered. Twice she herself had almost been killed. She had been abandoned by her family, to be left in the hands of unknown people, who she had also found murdered soon after.

It was quite a lot to take in.

And on top of that she woke up in an unknown location in an unknown bed.

When she inspected the room she found it to have be average sized. It looked clean but plain and dull. Besides the average sized bed there were two closets, a bookcase and a window. There were no decorations or personal items anywhere.

She felt uncomfortable with staying in bed much longer so she got out up quickly and out of habit made the bed. She heard noise coming from the other side of the door but nothing that stood out enough to recognize. When she opened the door and the first thing she saw was Naruto Uzumaki and immediately she felt at ease. The blond was sitting in nothing but a pair of green shorts at a table with a cup of coffee and a newspaper in front of him. He probably heard the door because he quickly turned around in his chair and smiled brightly at her, blue eyes lighting up along with the rest of his face.

"Hinata-chan, you're awake! Just in time too! I was afraid I wouldn't get to see you and I'd have to leave you all alone with Sasuke-teme." He pointed slightly in the direction of the open kitchen where said young man was breaking eggs in a bowl. He seemed really focused on the task so he only gave a grunt in recognition. Or maybe that was just the way he was.

"G-Good m-morning Naruto-sa…-kun." She greeted shyly and stood there awkwardly in the average sized apartment not really sure what to do.

"Oh come on sit down!" Naruto shouted excitedly. "No need to be shy, have a seat." He patted one of the seats and she shyly nodded.

The table Naruto was sitting in was cramped into a corner of the room. The room itself was mostly nothing special. It seemed to function as kitchen, dining area and living area. On the corner farthest from the table was a desk with a computer and some papers on it. It seemed like a good-sized room and would have held plenty of space for desk, black leather chairs, TV and dining table if a huge part of it wasn't occupied by a rather large air hockey table. (For the people who are interested I have a link to a floor plan of Naruto and Sasuke's apartment. Just so you guys can understand the layout better. http:/ kaina-b. deviantart. com/ gallery/? catpath=scraps# /d3aw0kp

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It wasn't extremely clean or dirty. It was rather plain and undecorated, obviously decorated by a male hand. She sat down on one of the four ugly, orange chairs at the table and cringed a bit, definitely male. There was no woman crazy enough to ever go for the overly bright orange chairs that contrasted so strongly with the rest of the plain apartment but then again… Nothing really seemed to match.

Naruto started talking animatedly about how Sasuke was making breakfast, normally the young man didn't cook much but lately he had been trying, the blonde informed. He also made a comment on how his own cooking was even worse but that he didn't need the skill at all since instant ramen was the best, besides the real ramen of course. He told her about a place called Ichiraku Ramen and that it served the best ramen in the whole wide world. He complained about breakfast taking forever and that he was going to be late.

"Shut up, Dobe!" Sasuke growled at the blond and walked over to the table. "Tell her something useful like where she is or what's going on. And for fuck's sake try to wear pants at least. Stop mentally scaring the kid with your ugly-."

Naruto reached out and caught Sasuke by the wrist pulling him on his lap. "Shut up, Sasuke. You're just saying that because you can't help but be aroused at the sight of my hot body."

Sasuke was about to say something when they both heard a sound. Sasuke twirled his head around and Naruto peeked over Sasuke's shoulder to glance at the source of the noise, a very red-faced Hinata.

"Hinata-chan, are you alright?" Naruto asked worriedly.

She nodded. "I-I-I'm f-fi-fine. I-I j-just di-didn't kn-know you both we-we're l-l-li-like… t-t-th-that." She stuttered out extremely embarrassed and shy.

"Like what?" Naruto asked dumbly.

Sasuke on the other hand just groaned and stood up. "We're not gay. Naruto's just an idiot." As if to prove his point he took the newspaper from Naruto's head and smacked him on the head with it.

"Itai." Naruto complained and rubbed his head. "What'd you do that for teme?"


"Because you're an idiot." Sasuke argued.


"What did you say, Teme?" Naruto yelled back.


"Do you want me to repeat it, Dobe?" Sasuke hissed.


"What?" Sasuke shot at Hinata who had kept trying to say something trough their conversation.

"A-Ano… Breakfast is burning."

Sasuke cursed as he grabbed the pan from the fire and tossed the contents in the trashcan. "Great."

Naruto laughed out loud at his friend's angry face and took another sip of his coffee. "That's what you get, teme."

"Very funny, dobe. You know what's even funnier? The fact that you'll be late to work now since I have to start all over again."

The blonde's smile immediately fell from his face and Sasuke smirked.

"A-Ano, I could help." Hinata shyly offered.

Sasuke gave her a contemplating look and then nodded.

"Fine, the ingredients are in the fridge. Take whatever you need."

Hinata nodded and stood up while Sasuke took her place at the table. She was relieved that she could do something and though she enjoyed the blonds company she was also glad to be further from him. In his state of dress, or rather undress, he was quite distracting.

"I'll explain then since Naruto seemed to have completely forgotten about that part." Sasuke said as Naruto just grinned and scratched the back of his head embarrassedly.

"This apartment is shared by me and Naruto. I'm not gay."

"Hey," Naruto interrupted "neither am I."

Sasuke just continued like he didn't hear the blond. "We brought you here a couple of hours ago. You'll be staying here for an undetermined amount of time. The room you woke up in was mine and you'll be sleeping in it for now. Naruto will continue working so until he comes back you'll be under constant surveillance by me. You're current location is to remain secret. If I see you attempting anything that would endanger the secrecy of your current whereabouts I'll shoot you." There was a short silence like it only came as an afterthought. "In the kneecap. That means no e-mail, no texting, no calls, no going online on any account you may have, and that includes your bank account. Before doing something check with me first. Some of your personal items will be brought here after the lab is done with them. It will mostly be things from your room. If there is anything you need that wasn't in your room at the moment of the murder." He saw Naruto cringed but couldn't care less about being blunt at the moment. "Tell Naruto and he'll try to include it in the things that will be brought here. The stuff will include clothes that we found in your room in the meanwhile feel free to wear anything in my closet. If you need anything from the outside world just inform Naruto and he'll make sure you'll get it."

He turned to Naruto. "Make sure to pick up women necessities on your way home."

Naruto cocked his head to the left in confusion.

"That's right there are different kinds." Sasuke said more to himself then anything. "What do you need tampons or pads?"

Hinata, who had just finished making a basic omelette and was in the middle of bringing it to the table, stumbled and almost fell flat on her face. "A-An-"

"Never mind it doesn't matter." Sasuke said brushing her off. "Even if you told him exactly what type you needed he'd still bring the wrong one. Just bring some of everything. What else do you need?"

"A-Ano a toothbrush and m-maybe some sh-shampoo and conditioner." Hinata gently sat the pan down on the table.

Sasuke looked at Naruto's face as he tried to take everything in. "You better write it down. He'll never remember."

Hinata nodded and quickly went to get some paper and a pen. She almost jumped when she suddenly heard Naruto scream from the table. "Hinata-chan, this is really good! This is so much better than what the teme tries to make." He threw Sasuke a smug glance. "Do you see how a little bit of skill can make a difference even when the same ingredients are used? Isn't it tasty Sasuke?"

"Shut up Dobe." Sasuke muttered under his breath but continued to eat.

While Naruto and Sasuke kept bickering Hinata finished her list and neatly folded it.

Naruto checked his clock and cursed. "I should be going soon but before I go I'll give you a quick tour Hinata-chan." He quickly got up and playfully pushed her forward. His fingers on her shoulders made a blush spread all over her face but he didn't seem to notice. "This is the air hockey table!" He made a big revealing arm gesture and she giggled at his childish enthusiasm. "Pretty sweet huh?"

She nodded shyly, his smile only grew wider and blue eyes lighting up in joy caused butterflies to flutter wildly in her stomach.

"You already saw Sasuke's room. Naruto said while pointing to the door closest to the TV set and couches. That's the bathroom, he pointed toward the door closest to the desk and the door next to that is my room. I offered to let you have my room but... there were some technical difficulties."

Sasuke and Naruto's apartment, Sasuke Uchiha, December second, 04.21

Naruto shifted the girl in his arms once again and kicked the door closed behind him. Sasuke had half expected him to drop her in the process like he would have when he was younger but that fear proved to be ungrounded. "I'll give her my room to sleep in and I'll crash with you."

Sasuke turned his back swiftly at that not pleased with the idea at all. "Not in a hundred years would I share a bed with you, Dobe." He hissed.

"Fine then teme. No need to get worked up. She'll take my bed and I'll just take the cou-"

"Your room is such dump that I wouldn't even let my worst enemy sleep in it." Sasuke groaned, he ran his hand tiredly through his hair. He felt drained, his muscles tensed and strained, and if there was one thing he didn't feel like doing it was having this discussion with this roommate. He was starting to regret his decision to take the girl with him already but he had his reasons and so it needed to be done.

"No, it's n-" Naruto began. Sasuke had lifted an eyebrow and was looking at him questioningly. Even Naruto couldn't claim that his room wasn't dirty and messy to an almost toxic level.

"Fine." The blond muttered stubbornly, apparently not able to deny Sasuke's statement. "Have it your way. I'll just get her a blanket with some pillows and let her sleep on the couch."

"Just put the girl down in my room. The clothes Kakashi gave her should be fine for her to sleep in for now." Naruto was surprised at this but since both of them had had a pretty hectic day he didn't comment on it.

Sasuke and Naruto's apartment, Hinata Hyuuga, December third 09.40

Naruto had left a good ten minutes ago, rushing out the door like a hurricane. It didn't really matter though, Sasuke had said, since he had needed to be there at nine thirty and it was a good twenty minute drive if the traffic wasn't too bad, which it probably would be.

Along with Naruto, his bright personality and cheery atmosphere left with him, making her feel unexpectedly uncomfortable. Though Sasuke had saved her life just as much as Naruto had still she couldn't find the comforting aura surrounding him. Instead she felt uneasy and shaky when near him. Like there were tiny sparks of electricity in the air around him that would cause you're inside to crackle now and then.

Naruto was everything she would have imagined a typical prince to be. The kind of prince that would save the princess in a nick of time in her mother's bedtime stories. He was kind, cheerful and loyal.

If Naruto was her handsome and perfect prince in this story, than who was Sasuke?


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