Two criminals ran down the streets of..uh...wherever this show takes place, each with a bag of money in their hands. It was obvious that's what was inside because of: A. The dollar sign on it, and B. The money freakin' flying out of the bags.

"Did we lose 'em?" The taller one asked, too afraid to look behind him... and he was in a neckbrace, so naturally he couldn't.

The other dude looked behind and saw that no one was chasing them. "Yeah... yeah we lost the freak." They stopped and tried to catch their breath. "Good thing too, that guy is such a weirdo. I mean look at him... and that voice!" The other guy was tapping him on the shoulder at this point. "Fuckin' idiot." He turned around and found himself face to face with Inspector Gadget. "Uhhhhh... hi."

"Good day, gentleman." The Inspector said. "I was wondering if you saw two men run by here, with big bags of money, just like those bags there. They looked kinda like this." Out from his hat sprung a hand with pictures of the two crooks in front of him. "They look kind of like you two, actually. Same prison jumpsuits too, numbers and all." The hand sprung back into his hat. "Have you seen them?" He asked, oblivious.

The two crooks looked at each other and almost burst out laughing. They composed themselves and both said no at the same time, then ran off.

"Alrighty, have a nice day, fellas!" Gadget shouted. He stood there for two hours until finally..."HEY!" He bent down and picked up a dollar they dropped. "Those guys lost some of their money. Go go Gadget springy shoey...things!" His legs grew signifigantly and Gadget ran down the street, looking for the two crooks.

Meanwhile, those two were still somehow running on foot, on a dirt path someplace at that point. They were laughing as hard as they could... that was until they hit something due to them not paying attention. They looked up from the ground to see...

Iron Man standing there, looking down on them. "I am Iron Man, and thank you for the donation to the Iron Man Needs Beer Foundation." He swiped the bags of money quickly. "Go go Iron Man hand...THING!" He then blasted the two crooks back. They actually landed right into Gadget's hands.

"Oh, hello again, gentleman." His hat-hand sprung out again, holding a few dollars. "You dropped these back there, and as a good citizen I thought I would return the money to you."

Iron Man groaned and flew above them. "Hey jackass, those guys are the crooks! You're welcome!" He flew off into the air, taking the stolen money with him.

Gadget looked at the two crooks, then at the photographs of them that he had, then back at them, then back at the photographs. "Nah, can't be." He dropped them on the ground and started to run away. "Have a good day, fellas!"