This is a fic I wrote telling of the Doctor's travels with River Song, Amy, and Rory. I hope you all like it! =]

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Tales of a Timelord

Chapter one

The TARDIS materialized and the doors opened.

"Here we go." The doctor said, stepping out. "The beaches of...well this isn't right."

Amy and Rory followed, wearing frowns. "How come we never end up where you say you're taking us?" Amy complained.

"Where are we Doctor?" Rory asked, obviously conserned.

The Doctor stepped back into the TARDIS, looking at the display screen. "Earth. Fiftieth century." He said. The year rang a bell, but not the place. "But why on earth are we here...?"

"You usually figure that out." Amy said with a sigh. "I wanted to go to the beach."

The Doctor chuckled, going back out the door. He adjusted his bowtie, excited now. Who knew what awaited them? "Oh come Amy we'll go to the beach next time. We came here for a reason. No need to spoil the adventure."

They seemed to be in an alleyway. It was night time and the stars shone bright in the city since there weren't any lights on.

"The city is dark. Dark enough to see the stars. But why dark?" The Doctor wondered, closing the TARDIS door behind his companions.

"Maybe because they're all asleep?" Amy suggested. "It is night. It looks like it's really late. Maybe after midnight."

"Correction, it is only..." he looked at his watch. "Nine pm. The sun just set so why...aren't there any lights?" He walked out of the alley and onto the street with his companions behind him. "Just as I thought! No streetlights. Not one. Why would that be?" he asked, running his fingers through his hair.

Amy and Rory exchanged looks. "You tell us." she said

The Doctor looked at them. "I will when I know. Now, let's go explore."

He turned to come face with a short, girl with dirty blonde hair who looked about Amy's age. She had curly hair and blue eyes and a bag that seemed big enough to hold small books but small enough not to look cute. She stared at the Doctor for a moment, then at Amy and Rory. The Doctor gave her a confused look. He had the strangest thought that she was the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen. "Can you?" he asked.

The girl smiled. "You're the Doctor then?" she asked. "And you're Amy and Rory. I said you'd come. I knew I could believe myself."

Amy stepped forward as the Doctor and Rory exchanged puzzled looks. "Oy! Who are you? And how do you know us?" she asked, wondering who in sannity's name this chick was.

"Well it's possible we've been through here before, Amy. In our future. Her past." the Doctor said, then looked down at the girl. "Have we met before?" he asked curiously, trying to place her face. She did look vaguely familiar.

"Yes. Well no. I've never met you but you've met me." she said, then walked past them back the way the Doctor and his companions had came "And you're the Doctor and if that's true then the TARDIS is this way."

As the young girl walked off towards the TARDIS the Doctor gave a disbelieving look to Amy and Rory. The two companions shrugged. The Doctor followed the girl in frustration. Who did she think she was? Popping in suddenly and just waltzing off to his TARDIS? "How do you know about the TARDIS?" He asked. "And about me and my companions? Who ARE you?"

The girl stopped before the TARDIS, seeming to only half-hear the Doctor as she was entranced in the simplicity of the TARDIS. She blinked, and turned. "Sorry. I told you, I told myself you would come. Literally. I'm sitting on a bench when suddenly, poof! Me from the future right there telling me that you lot would come and I needed to find you. Course if anyone else had told me this I'd think they'd gone batty but if you can't trust yourself, who can you trust?" she said with a laugh.

The Doctor walked to stand between her and the TARDIS, as if guarding it. He examined her in her skirt and tank-top paired with boots and her curly more-brown-than-blonde- hair tied back in a low ponytail. So familiar. He'd seen her somewhere before, but where? "Who ARE you?" he asked, frustrated with himself.

She smiled at him, extending a hand out. "I'm River. River Song."

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