summary: nagihiko finally goes to school as a guy after living as a girl for so many years. but his family thinks that he's still being a girl in ALL aspects of his life. if they ever found out about him going to hgih school as a guy, he'd be disowned from the family and maybe even killed out of disgracing his family. he'll just have to be a girl outside of school. however he intends to keep that a secret from his schoolmates. something like that isnt necessarily 'cool'. infact, he'd get beat up by the seniors and get called a fag. who wants that? nagihiko tries enjoying life as a normal teenage guy when he gets the opportunity. y'know, making friends, playing video games, dating pretty girls, playing basketball, falling in love with college men, and eating takiyoki. normal stuff. wait... falling in love with a college guy?

it's gonna have an angsty feel at times and it'll have a happy humorous feel at times.

warning: shouen-ai (no smut, im no good at smut), rape, abuse, drugs, cursing. all that bad stuff? it's gonna be here.

pairing: nagihiko x ikuto is the main pairing but there will be nagihiko x other people so... yeah. there will be lots of nagi x guardians too.

disclaimer: what the point? if its a fanfiction it's because it obviously doesnt belong to you, so I don't need to tell you that Shugo Chara belongs to Peach Pit, not me.

Chapter 1: Prologue

"Bite my tongue right now, the perfect time. Do anything to make her happy."

It's not like I enjoyed cross-dressing! It wasn't really my choice. I come from a family where dancing is an obligation. My family has taken dancing very seriously for more than 7 generations. You see it was my first day of being able to go to school as a guy since I changed some of the paperwork and-

Hold on. Let me backtrack a bit. My name is Fujisaki Nagihiko, but to the world, I don't really exist. I exist as a normal girl, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, who comes from a long line of graceful, elegant, beautiful dancers. That sounds pretty normal, right? Except for the fact that I'm not a girl. I am indeed a guy. And before you think anything else, I'm not some crazy chick who thinks she's a guy in a girl's body, I just got to tell you that you are WRONG. I'd pull down my underwear and prove it to you this very second, but that's probably not necessary. I'm sure you believe me, right?

The reason I had to be a stupid girl for my whole life? Get this, it was because the Fujisaki clan needed a female in my generation. So? Why not have another kid and hope it's a girl? Each generation is only to have 2 children, preferably at least one girl. Why? Girls are more graceful, which is what traditional Japanese dancing focuses on. Fujisaki clan is really hung up on having us be the most talented dancers, so they'd do anything to make a kid grow up to be an exceptional dancer. Even if that something was force a boy to grow up as a girl.

See, I have an older brother, his name is Rythym. So they were kind of expecting the next born child to be a girl. If I didn't turn out a girl, they were going to have me killed and just try again. That's where my brother came in. He was about five years old when I was born. He begged and begged for my parents to let me live. He suggested that I live as a girl so I could stay alive. He suggested that if I grew up learning female mannerisms, and being treated as a female, then I must develop the grace that come with being a female.

Because of that they didn't even give me a male's name. I'm legally named Fujisaki Nadeshiko. I have gone to school as a girl for my whole life. When I make friends, they never knew that I was in actuality a boy. When my family introduced me to other rival dancing families, I would be introduced as Fujisaki Nadeshiko, youngest daughter of Fujisaki Amane and Fujisaki Mikoto. I simply didn't exist as Nagihiko. I was a girl and only a girl.

Although I'm angry that I had to be a girl for so long, I'm really grateful to Rythym for suggesting that idea. He knows how much I've hated being a girl this long so he gave me a guy's name, Nagihiko. It's something he calls me in secret though. We've shared many secrets together, as brothers. It's because of Rythym that I've been able to stand all this until I turned 18, able to break free from the Fujisaki clan and become a basketball player.

Rythym and his brilliant idea. That idea is the reason I'm even alive to tell a story today. What story am I telling you today? It's the story of how I finally defied my family. It's the story of how I was able to go to high school as a boy. It's a story of how I made an unconditional friend. It's a story of how I was betrayed. It's the story of how I fell in love.

So. It was my first day of high school. My mother had originally enrolled me as a girl, but with the help of Rythym and my cousin Temari, I was able to reapply as a guy. I put on the girl's uniform at home that morning, and I changed into the guy's uniform at my cousin Temari's house since her home was on the way to my new school.

Oh yeah. Temari. She's my older cousin. She actually didn't know I was a boy for about seven years. We were practicing a european dance style at her home when we were much younger. She had asked me if I wanted to take a bath with her, but I refused. She kept insisting and I told her that I can't because I was a boy. She has kept my secret from her parents and she never let anyone know that she knew. At least, until I told Rythym. After that, Rythym and Temari have always helped me get the opportunity to do things that normal boys are allowed to do. Temari bought me a skateboard for example. She would lie to her parents whenever they'd ask about the toy trucks, and the football. So of course, when I told Temari about me wanting to attend school as a boy, she helped out with everything she could.

I was walking towards the front gate and I stared at the huge building before me. It's corny to say, I was really excited for the first day. You know how in the books people say they get butterflies when they're excited? Well, if butterflies means you're excited, then I had huge flapping seagulls inside me.

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