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Chapter Fourteen: Bangarang

As I walked through the streets, my thoughts were filled with Souma-kun and his persistent attitude. It was almost disgusting how he went through all that trouble to talk to me. I couldn't understand why he started obsessing over me so suddenly. All I did was flirt with him a little. I never meant it to escalate so much. That is what I got for being a player. Well, in my defense he came onto me first. All this stress is not worth it. I thought to myself. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a voice beside me.

"I can't help it. You're just so pretty", he joked answering my earlier question. I had almost forgotten I even asked. I knew Tsukiyomi-kun wasn't serious, but I still felt the blood rushing to my face. The way he said things just made me so self-conscious. It bothered me so much how he would toy with my insecurities. I'm not a girl. Everyone, stop saying these things!

"I'm not pretty. My sister, Nadeshiko, she's pretty", I insisted, testing the waters. I was well aware that he had something against my "Nadeshiko" side. I needed, however, to draw a clear distinction between my feminine self, and my true self. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tsukiyomi-kun simply paused for a moment without wreaking havoc.

"You're right. She is very beautiful, but..", he grinned, "you're more beautiful." I hated it. I hated how he did that. I hated how he seemed to dismiss my masculinity in such a roundabout manner. Can he not even say it to my face?

"I don't get it. I am a guy... How can you call me pretty or beautiful?", I demanded. Tsukiyomi-kun took a seat on a bench. That was when I finally took in my surroundings. It was almost nightfall and we were in the middle of Seiyo Park. It was empty save for old couples and a few people walking their dogs.

"Would you look at that? It's a full moon..."

"Yeah, so?"

"Don't you think it's beautiful?" He asked.

"I guess it is quite lovely, but...", Tsukiyomi-kun rose from the bench and that was when I noticed that he was carrying something with him all along.

"What is that?", I asked as he opened his parcel. I received no response. He stood tall with a beautiful violin resting on his shoulder.

No words were exchanged as he began playing a very sweet tune. The sound made me want to dance. Since I was in my sports' clothing, I was able to dance comfortably. I pretended my basketball sneakers were ballet shoes and began with all my body weight on my toes. I remained en pointe as I took a few steps forward. I reached my arms to the sky, attempting to grasp onto the freedom that this piece was searching for. I then did a brise, jumping in attempt to catch it. Then bourre to chase the escaping freedom. The piece became much more allegro, but I was far too tired from basketball to keep up. Tsukiyomi-kun kept playing and I watched in awe. After a few minutes, the piece came to a halt.

"I wasn't aware you danced", he said incredulously. I instantly replied.

"Of course! I'm Fujisaki N- Ah! E-every Fujisaki m-member can dance!", I quickly covered up my nearly fatal mistake.

"Really? I was told only the girls were made to dance." Tsukiyomi-kun grinned and I fought to keep my cool.

"W-well. Nadeshiko-chan needed a partner and s-since we're twins our parents thought it would be perfect!"

"I see".

"You're very talented, Tsukiyomi-kun. Where did you learn how to play like that?", I asked hoping to speak about a lighter topic. He stared at me offering no response to my question.

"You're very beautiful, do you know that?", he said once again, making my face light up.

"Tsukiyomi-kun! Please stop. How can you say such things to a guy?", I repeated. He simply acted as if he heard nothing and continued his staring.

"Tsukiyomi-kun! Answer me.", I called for his attention.


"What?", I asked incredulously. "What are you talking about?"

"Call me Ikuto", he replied nonchalantly. I tried oh-so hard to not overreact.

"I can't just do that.", I retorted.

"Why not Rhythm?", he whispered intimately. Hearing my brother's name uttered so sensually by someone other than me made me nauseous, yet aroused at the same time.

"Tsukiyomi-kun, why are you doing all of this?", I asked my calm demeanor still somewhat intact.

"I don't know what you're talking about", Tsukiyomi-kun said faking a thoughtful expression.

"Yes, you do." I accused.

"Please enlighten me... Rhythm", he whispered once more sending a strange heat straight to my groin.

"STOP! Okay! I can't take this anymore !", I screeched before I did something I'd regret. Tsukiyomi-kun looked surprised. He looked at me expectantly.

"Take what?", he asked, usual smirk gone.

"Just stop sending me these weird mixed signals. You're my enemy! Stop... with all this... nonsense.", I said defeated, willing away the strange feelings in the pit of my stomach. Thankfully, I was mildly successful, but I still felt this strange... longing.

"What nonsense?", he asked.

"You know... all of... this!", I motioned with my hands. Tsukiyomi-kun rose from the bench and grabbed my shoulders.

"I'm just playing with you. Stop taking everything so seriously."

"Well, maybe I don't want to play. Have you ever considered that?", I retorted, feeling slightly embarrassed and slightly disappointed. Is everything I'm feeling now just a bad joke? He let go of my shoulders.

"Well, go then. Go back to your little boyfriend. You're the one who came to me willingly, you know."

"You're the one who came to my school in the first place!", I argued back.

"You're the one who... Just forget it.", he stopped himself and began walking away. The strange feeling came at me tenfold.

"Wait! Tsukiyomi-kun!", I called after him. I want him back here. He ignored me and kept walking. I kept calling after him. What was he going to say? The curiosity was killing me, and this strange feeling was filling me up like hot gas.


He stopped before glancing back at me. He then resumed to swaggering away as if I didn't just shriek his given name out in the streets, completely humiliating myself. Why are you making me feel like this? I thought in frustration.

"...", I ran off in the other direction to Temari's studio. I felt the tears in the corner of my eyes but I held them in. Save them for Temari. I chanted to myself over and over.

"Shout to all my boss boys, sh-sh-shout to all my boss boys, we rowdy..." - Skrillex

After a couple of minutes of running, I let myself in. I took a seat near the doors, catching my breath and waiting for Temari to finish teaching this group of young ballerinas. I tried very hard to hold my tears back just a little longer. She gave me a worried glance and resumed her lesson. She finished after about 7 minutes.

I burst into ugly sobs. She wrapped her arms around me, soothingly petting my back.

"What's wrong, Nagi-kun?", she asked after a couple of minutes.

"It's... nothing. I just... want to dance.", I told her between breaths. She raised her eyebrow at me.

"You don't look like nothing's wrong", she insisted.

"I don't... know what wrong. I just know... I want... to dance", I begged, stray tears escaping. I quickly rubbed my eyes dry.

"We can do one song together. Afterwards, though, we'll talk!", she demanded. I smiled gratefully through the tears.

"Okay", I washed my face, and I hurried to change into sweatpants and sneakers. Temari did the same. We stood in front of the mirrors of the dance studio waiting for the music track to start. At that moment I realized how similar Temari and I look. She's slightly shorter than me, but has the same build. Her hair is about two shades lighter than mine resulting in a lavender color instead of my violet. Her eyes are also bright lavender as opposed to my yellower ones which were now bloodshot. Even so, we look so similar that we could be mistaken for twins!

"Hip-hop, right?", she asked as she tied up her hair in a bun; I fixed my ponytail.

I gave her a thumbs-up and the music began to play. A strong bass began to play and I recognized the genre as dubstep, a new fad among kids our age.

After an hour of dancing Temari stopped the music.

"Okay, we danced it out. Tell me what's wrong." I was contemplating whether or not I should tell her, tell her some, tell her everything, tell her nothing?

"It's complicated, Nee-san...", I whined.

"Don't ya dare give me that bullshit.", she growled angrily switching to her hometown, Hiroshima, accent. I wanted to tell Temari everything, but I was worried she'd make a big deal out of it.

"S-so, there's this person...", I began and I told her about everything that has happened to me these past few weeks. I told her about Ikuto wanting to find Nadeshiko. I told her about him thinking I'm Rhythm. I told her about the gun and the blade and I showed her the scar. I told her about the strange feelings I have been having, but she dismissed it as stress and paranoia.

"Baka!", she smacked me upside the head.

"Nee-san! Why would you do that! I just poured out my heart to you.", I cried. She looked at me with a very serious expression.

"Because Nagi", she began softly, "I'm worried. That's pretty dangerous stuff. You really should have told someone by now."

"Who am I supposed to tell", I asked quietly bringing my head down to shield the onset of tears with my bangs.

"There's me, there's the police, your mother, Rhythm-"

"NO! None of them can help me!", I told Temari and it hadn't solved anything, Tsukiyomi-kun himself said the police couldn't stop him, my mother wouldn't care, and I can't even look Rhythm in the eye after what happened between us.

"Stop being so selfish! Let someone care about you!", Temari began shouting. I noticed that she is crying, too. I suddenly felt very guilty. It took alot to make Temari this openly upset. I began to sob yet again.

"I-I'm sorry", I hiccupped in between sobs. Temari wrapped her arms around me and buried her face into my shoulder.

"Don't apologize you idiot."

"There's something else, Nee-san...", I began after I could speak coherently again. I was debating whether or not I should tell her about my masculinity crisis and about the feeling I was harboring for Rhythm. No, keep the Rhythm story to yourself.

"What is it?", she said gently letting up our embrace.

"You see me as a guy, right?", I asked timidly.

"What do you mean? Of course I do!", she replied quickly.

"Even with my pretty face and long hair? Even if I'm such a crybaby and I blush alot?", I demanded.

"W-where is all this coming from, Nadesh- I mean", she almost called me Nadeshiko. I gathered my stuff and began to walk away.

"Nagi! I'm sorry! It was an accident!", she shouted from behind. That's the point. This shouldn't happen at all. Accident or not. I thought to myself.

"Bangarang! Bass! Take me under!"

"H-hi, Fujisaki-kun", a girl shyly approached my desk after the last bell rang. She was rather short with short black hair and big glasses. Average looking thing, really. Don't tell me its another goddamn love confession. Normally I would have mustered up a great smiley, flirted with her a bit, and taken her up to the janitor's closet, but I was really getting sick of this. All the girls saw me as an idol; the boys saw me as a girl or a closet homosexual. I didn't want to be in the spotlight anymore.

"What do you want?", I replied with a sense of ennui. She was taken back and her nervousness seemed to increase tenfold. She bowed before handing my a pink envelope with a heart seal.

"Please accept my fee-", I snatched the paper from her and ripped it to shreds in front of her.

"No thanks. I have a girlfriend", I coolly replied, leaving the girl to wallow in self-pity from her brutal rejection. Unfortunately for her she chose to confess when there were still a few people in the classroom, leaving her with an unwanted audience to our little spectacle.

"Fujisaki-kun!", I turned around to find none other than the holier-than-thou Hotori-kun defending Chako, or Chika, or whatever that girl's name was. I had so much dirt on him that it would be unwise of him to upset me.

"May I help you?", I asked cheekily, knowing it would further irritate him.

"Why must you act like such a jerk to this girl who has shown nothing but admiration towards you?", he replied in that sickeningly righteous voice.

"At least I don't lead people on like you do with all your love confessions", I smirked. The class let out may "oohs".

"If I remember correctly, you led on many people when you first arrived here, including my best friend", he quieted near the end.

"Don't cross me, Hotori-kun. I promise you'll regret it.", I dared.

"Those are all empty threats", he challenged. I smirked darkly and a pang of panic flashed through his eyes.

"We don't need an audience, Hotori-kun. Shall we step outside?", I suggested.

"Let us.", he said with his princely composure and followed me outside.

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