I remember when he first touched me.

A simple brush of knuckles, walking much too close. His skin felt so hot, it had stopped me dead in my tracks. "Sai?" They had paused, him and her… turned and waited as I came to my senses and followed. That had been the first time… my heart had beat so painfully in my chest. I ignored it then, didn't know, couldn't know… what that thrill had meant. Passed it off as some sort of… malfunction, in my system.

The perfect killing machine. Born and bred to spill the blood of those around me; this was just another order. My feet dragged me forward. But my skin never cooled.

I remember the second time… as innocent as passing over a bowl of ramen, when his blazing fingers grasped mine by mistake. "Sorry." he'd chuckled, going on his way and eating. I just stared at the hands that scorched and betrayed me. What kind of attack was this? I almost assumed at that point that Naruto somehow had poisoned my heart, transferring the disease through his touch. Within moments of watching the blonde slurp childishly at his meal, I knew he could never pull off such a heist.

It had to be in my imagination…

But my heart was still slamming into my lungs.

I had been trained to take on many, many things. From wars to espionage… programmed to be prepared for any attack of any sort.

But I hadn't been prepared for the feelings that overcame me. Out of the dark, they came, and wrapped around me, binding and dropping me to my knees.

The third time had almost cost us a mission. I caught him in my grasp, hand wrapped around his wrist in a desperate attempt to save his life. He had been falling, weak, worn, completely drained form the former battle. I also, had been driven past my limits.

When that fire licked my skin, I couldn't stop myself.

I let go.

Something had slipped through, something blonde and blue eyed. And he fell. I could see the horror in his gaze as he looked up at me with questioning eyes. That stare asked me how I could possibly leave him to die. Time seemed to slow as I regained my senses, practically hurling myself from the cliff side. I fell after him, mustering up the will I wasn't aware I had to summon an ink bird to save us from the sharp waves below.

"You idiot! I can't believe you dropped me!"


His whole body pressed into me as we flew into the night. Again my heart raced. And I knew then what Uzumaki Naruto was…

A glitch…

Yes, a glitch in my programming.

No amount of training could have prepared me for the way he was making me feel.

To put him before anything, even the priorities that had been drilled into my head.

It's sad because I knew I'd never be first in his eyes…

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